Ash Yams as Ingredients by Candlepin
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Ash Yam as Ingredients
by Candlepin




This is a very simple mod that changes ash yams from a food to an alchemical ingredient to be more in-line with Elder Scrolls lore (Morrowind). This mod replaces the food item ash yam that is in the unmodded game, replacing every instance (please let me know if you find otherwise!) with
the ingredient version. The alchemical ingredient uses the same mesh & texture as the food ingredient.

Ash yams have a weight of 0.1 and a value of 10. In terms of the leveling lists, which determines what items spawn in containers, sellers of alchemy reagents, etc ash yams are set to common. And by common, I mean Dragonborn common. This means ash yams shouldn't be available from
vendors in mainland Skyrim unless you have mods that alter their inventory list. This mod is compatible with "Morrowind Imports" by Nazgar,
which I highly recommend.

This mod also replaces the harvestable food version of ash yams with the harvestable ingredient version (again, no change in appearance).

For a spoiler-alert list of the four alchemical properties of ash yams, scroll to the bottom of this file.

This mod also adds a new alchemical property (see bottom) that currently doesn't exist for any other ingredients (see possible future changes).
All alchemical properties were chosen to be lore-friendly.

I also made sure to modify the recipe for Horker and Ash Yam Stew to require the ingredient version of ash yams instead of food version.


1. Put the CP_AshYamIngredient.esp file into your Skyrim/Data folder (default is Steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/Data).
2. Click "Data Files" from the Skyrim launcher and check the ESP on the list.
3. Play the game.


Remove the CP_AshYamIngredient.esp file from your Skyrim/Data folder or uncheck the ESP on the data files list from the launcher.


None that I know of. Please let me know if you have any issues.


I may, at some point in the future, add or modify other ingredients with the same new alchemical property (see bottom).


4/14/2013 1.0
Initial release.

**Spoiler Alert** Do NOT scroll any further unless you wish to know the alchemical properties of ash yams.

Ash Yam Alchemical Properties:

1. Fortify Enchanting
2. Fortify Stamina
3. Resist Disease*
4. Fortify Magicka

*This new alchemical property was chosen to be lore-friendly and, frankly, because I thought it was strange that it wasn't included in Skyrim to begin with.