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Merchants of Morthal

Merchants of Morthal is the first of many mods which plan to bring some more customization into Skyrim by giving the player the ability to add new merchants of their choosing to different cities in Skyrim. Merchants of Morthal will start by giving the player two lots in which to build a new merchant store on. You will be able to add a Blacksmith, Book Store, Jewelers, Weapons Store, Clothes Store and a General Goods Store.

In addition to this I will be adding travel merchants which you will see appear at different locations around Skyrim at different times. The first of these will be a Khajiit Trader named J'Ghata who will be included in Merchants of Morthal.

I may be a adding a little more to this mod as time goes on and, as mentioned, I will be creating more merchant mods. This mod was created to replace my old and dated Merchants Pack which was very buggy and I did not have sufficient knowledge of the Creation Kit to bring out its true potential, until now.

Full Details


No DLC is required to use this mod but you may be best checking you are on the latest version of Skyrim for the best performance from this mod.


- Build two stores of you choice
- Five vendor types to choose from
- Additional Khajiit travel merchant on the docks
- Easy to build
- Merchants have a social life and sleep times
- Minimal changes to the Morthal landscape
- No faulty dialogue lines
- Lore friendly
- Works well not to conflict with Morthal missions

Getting started

To began changes to Morthal you will need to be the Thane of Hjaalmarch, this is achieved by helping the people of Morthal and speaking to the Jarl. You will also be required to complete the quest "Laid To Rest" if you wish to modify lot 7 on the Morthal map provided.

When you feel you are ready to proceed with changing the landscape of Morthal head into Highmoon Hall. On the left as you enter is a table with a ledger on it for adding stores to the town.

You can read the guide provided on the table to view a map of Morthal which shows the two lots in question so you know what you are building and where.

Areas Edited:

- Solitude Docks - Added a single boat and disabled an unused boat in the area
- Two lots in Morthal as shown in the guide on the images as well as the part of the dock for J'Ghata

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Thanks for viewing this and I hope you download it and enjoy the new additions you make to Morthal. Please feel free to leave feedback in the comments and any suggestions you may have to further better the mod in the future.