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Control the world around you with Phase Spells! Transport yourself and your opponents through space instantaneously. Render your enemies immobile and helpless before crushing them into the ground.

This mods aims to bring much more powerful spells to the alteration school of magic.
Currently this mod contains to following spells:

Phase Portal - Spawns a portal which acts as an exit point for the Phase Step and Phase Warp spells.
Phase Step - A power which transports you to the nearest Phase Portal.
Phase Warp - A spell which transports an NPC to the nearest Phase Portal.
Phase Lock - A spell which raises a target NPC and holds them in place for several seconds.
Phase Crush - When used, forces any Phase Locked NPCs into the ground causing damage.
Phase Leap - Propel yourself great distances extremely quickly
Phase Blast - Channel the air around you into a gust of wind to blast your opponents away

Phase portals are one use affairs, once you or an NPC has been transported to one it will disappear. However you can have more than one portal active at any one time. Phase portals can be used to reach areas which otherwise would be inaccessable. As a result care should be taken not to get yourself or any important NPCs trapped anywhere.

More Phase Spells on their way.

These spells can be bought from Tolfdir a the College of Winterhold. Alternatively here are the codes:
Phase Portal : xx001835
Phase Step : xx002306
Phase Warp : xx001836
Phase Lock : xx000D64
Phase Crush : xx00182F
Phase Leap : xx002872
Phase Blast : xx002DE5

If you have any suggestions, compliments or problems please feel free to leave a comment.