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Added: 12/12/2011 - 05:29PM
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Last updated at 15:58, 7 Jan 2014 Uploaded at 17:29, 12 Dec 2011

This mod replaces many of the textures that are used in villages and towns, such as Riverwood and Morthal. Apart from that, they also seem to affect a number of other objects such as the tanning rack, fish rack, various benches and tables, etc.

As usual, I've tried keeping true to their original look.

All textures are double the original resolution, making them 2048^2 max. Any constructive criticism is welcome! :)



As any texture file, simply unpack the .rar file and merge the data folder with the one in your Skyrim directory.

To uninstall, remove these files from the farmhouse folder in Data/textures/architecture/farmhouse:

You could of course also use the Nexus mod manager.



-Changed the thatch roof textures. It's now more detailed and it blends better with the ridges on the roofs. (I love how it looks from up close, but I am aware that it looks less detailed from a distance compared to the original. Fair trade-off if you ask me.)
-Made some minor adjustments to various textures. This includes, among other things, a change to the wood posts. They now make the incessant repeating of textures less apparent than they did before (in an inn, for example).
-Woven fences now look slightly different. I overlooked the horizontal seamlessness that the original texture had. That's now fixed.

-Another small edit to the woven fence. Altered the alpha map to make the ends of the fence less square.
-New texture for the wooden floors. I didn't like the previous one enough, it was still a bit too blurry. Now nice and sharp :)
-Added a new texture replacement for the remaining stone walls (though it's just really some stone details used on steps and inside the inns).
-Minor edits here and there. (I'm still working on the stone floor. I'll also edit the stonewall01 further in the future. These take a lot of time because I'm a noob and need to learn more :p).