I Am A Tank Too by elite403
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Added: 10/04/2013 - 01:07PM
Updated: 16/10/2013 - 12:48PM

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New in v1.1
- Taunt uses "Throw Voice" sound files for taunts. Thanks to suggestion from twrdrockfan. Functionality-wise, unchanged from 1.0.

Playing as a tank-build but only lacking the ability to peel enemies off your followers? Fret no more! Now you can Taunt Enemy away from any squishy followers! Cast it with the Z key (or whatever key if you have changed the keybinds), the same one you use for voice/powers.

Some notes
This is intended as a modder's resource. Full source code is provided. This mod is not polished, not very much whizz-bang-kapow special effects on-screen. The important thing is - it works!. I made this in about 15 mins or so. You are free to improve and modify it. It's actually a very, very, very lite version of my other mod "Housecarls Are Tanks" but this time the Taunt Enemy spell is available and coded for the player.

Where To Get It?
The spelltome is lying on the table in Jorrvaskr Hall. Just pick it up, read it, and learn new swear words in Draconic and ancient Nordic languages. You can use them to taunt enemies now!

Or yeah you can taunt them in English too. That works. Just yell at your monitor.

Install and Uninstall
NMM - Usual way
Manual - Drag and drop, and/or delete after unchecking from mod load order.

You are free to do with this mod whatever you want. All I ask is just a token mention or credit as the original creator/inspiration for your mod.

Credits and Thanks
Original inspiration for the tank taunt was from the incredible healer companion mod Cerwiden written by Mujuro