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Added: 12/12/2011 - 03:37PM
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There are two files named AutoAim.esp and NoAutoAim.esp.
AutoAim.esp: increases the AutoAim effect to the point where it could be called cheat.
NoAutoAim.esp: eliminates the AutoAim effect.

Note: Do not use both files, they modify the same thing and will conflict!
Note2: AutoAim works only on enemies/animals which means it will not target the friendly NPCs.

1. Copy the AutoAim.esp or NoAutoAim.esp in Data folder withing game folder.
2. In the Launcher, go to Data Files and make sure the AutoAim.esp or NoAutoAim.esp is checked.

1. Delete AutoAim.esp or NoAutoAim.esp from Data folder.

Arindel. That's me :)

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