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Last updated at 8:29, 3 May 2016 Uploaded at 18:00, 8 Apr 2013

This mod is created to greatly enhance skyrim's dungeons, Dwemer ruins, and falmer caves, by creating much more potent variants of said enemies. but to add spice i also created another group of enemies. known as the guardians. who are much more advanced then said enemies. they master all forms of combat. and have the ability to use many dragon shouts. all 3 mentioned enemy groups are vastly superior to vanilla. and the guardians are on a whole different level.

All enemies that i created or otherwise modded. also have their own perks, unique abilities, special abilities, magic and dragon shouts, and unique gear where applicable.

All guardians also have their own uniquely enchanted weapons and armor as well as a lot of unique loot that they will drop. guardians also have unique spells and abilities, as well as a lot of very advanced summons

Every single 1 of my enemies either created or modified have access to all vanilla perks based on their level. my enemies also have access to stuff that matches them well. for example. i created falmer assassins. which when their is an enemy the falmer will go invisible until the enemy or the falmer have been defeated. falmer mages. have access to advanced magic. and have the ability to summon the guardians. and given the fact that falmer are fallen snow elves. and the fact that snow elves have advanced magic. as seen when you do the dawnguard dlc. i felt it was right that the falmer should also have their own kind of special magic. that a select few have access to. and as falmer have been betrayed by the dwemer. the falmer have been given unique enchantments that would allow them to do extra damage to dwarven automations.

i Created this mod to make the in game difficulty obsolete. i also wanted a lot more diverse challenge options. and thus created 6 difficulty groups of every enemy. each group has more and more special abilities and such. to create an everlasting constant challenge (in regards to the mod lasting your entire play through). and thus the difficulty of my mod will last you, your entire play through. you will never be overpowered in my mod. as at each specific level, new enemy groups will start to spawn, that are greatly increased in both offense, defense and have many new things to further increase their threat level. this creates diversity as well as dynamic difficulty.

this mod also includes a hell of a lot of other stuff. ie very advanced magic based on vanilla spells, a lot of new uniquely enchanted gear, Edit: and now every armor and weapon in the game can now spawn with all 6 levels of enchantments (for example iron weapons can now have peerless level enchantments (ie 70% fire resistance) also every non unique weapon and armor can now spawn with any non unique enchantment (does not mean every armor and weapon will be enchanted however, it just means that i have created enchanted variants of everything), i have also created a lot of unique loot as well as unique potions.

the difficulty of my mod goes way beyond the in game difficulty. everyone of my enemies have their own difficulty, all vanilla perks, all dragon shouts (where applicable), every weapon and armor in both vanilla and its dlc's (based on level). their is no limitation to my enemies. what you can have my enemies can also have. to create a very challenging, fun, rewarding, adventuring experience.

All of my enemies will have the above based on their level. 

If you are new to this mod It is Highly Recommended to start a New Game to allow my edits to work immediately

My mod adds over 3000 new enemies to the game, this includes brand new enemies as well as many more advanced and tougher variants of the 3 mentioned vanilla enemy groups and includes many new advanced conjurations for both the enemies and you, every location mentioned above will only have my own enemies, all vanilla enemies in these locations no longer Exist in the game (not deleted, just removed from the leveled lists).

I highly recommend checking out my sticky posts as well as the change logs for a lot more information about this mod. this information here is a very brief to give you a rough idea of what my mod is all about. my creativity is in my mod, not this main page. :)

*Update Info*

Enemies Covered (this includes enemies i have edited as well as added new variants)

1. Draugr
2. Skeletons
3. Falmer (All varients)
4. Dwarven Automations (All Varients)
5. Guardians (Completely new enemies)

Draugr Dungeons, Falmer Caves And Dwemer locations will never be boring again, these enemies will now truly defend their territory ;) as they are vastly superior in every way. their are many new varients and have many new things, including the ability to spawn with max tier gear (Daedric, Dragonbone, Dragonscale) and have loads of unique spells, enchanted weapons etc etc to create uniqueness and very challenging battles. combined with guardians offers very diverse and challenging battles. as well as many of my enemies have can summon alot of things that have also been greatly buffed and given the same goodies as the enemies.

this mod will make exploring dungeons fun again. :P

Credits goes to: Bethesda for: creation kit, skyrim, dawnguard and dragonborn.
Credits goes to: Restutitor Orbis and karios525 for helping me test my mod.
Special Credits goes to: DJjojo for allowing me to use their Crossbows Basic Collection Assets - (
Special Credits Goes to: Jojjo for allowing me to use their Dread knight weapon set Assets - (