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Last updated at 23:14, 13 Dec 2014 Uploaded at 18:00, 8 Apr 2013

Hi All. Welcome To version 3.0 of this mod

The aim of this mod is to be a complete enemy overhaul focusing on all undead enemies that are found in draugr dungeons/nordic ruins

I am now working on version 4.0 which will focus on every enemy in the game.

Making them smarter more challenging and rewarding

This mod is aimed at those seeking a harder more rewarding challenge from the undead.

Note: Their Is Alot More Enemies then what you see in the images. i only uploaded a few to give you and idea of what to expect :)

Their is actually almost 500 new enemies

This mod will provide a constant challenge all throughout your entire skyrim playthrough(s)

Every single enemy will scale all the way to level 100. from level 50+ the dungeons will get dramatically harder providing you are using the complete or higher difficulty levels

this mod will give you alot and i do mean alot of goodies. however you will need to work for it :P

this mod also adds alot of variation in the dungeons as their is alot of summons that the draugr warlocks, mages and marksman can summon. aswell as the guardian, warlocks and battlemages. and the special enemies also get their own summons. so expect powerful dwarven automations, death hounds, gargoyles, seekers, lurkers and other enemies to appear in the dungeons :D

Note: I highly recommend you leave your in game difficulty on adept or lower. as all of my enemies have their own difficulties :P (so pretty much dynamic difficulty levels) however if you play on master or legendary with this mod. then you sir or madam are a badass :D

- All Draugr now have the same stats as their guardian counterparts

- The Aetherial Warrior Will no longer drop 2 daedric swords (its not meant to be part of his loot) he will however drop an enchanted daedric sword :)

- Normal, Supreme, Elite And Ultimate Guardians now have a 50% chance to drop their unique items (armor, weapons and spelltomes) Much higher chance

- Ancient Guardians Now Have A 70% Chance To Drop unique Items

- Legendary Guardians Now Have 100% Chance to drop unique items

- All Special Enemies Now have a 50% Chance to drop their unique Items

- The Guardians Are Now Weak against electric but highly resist fire and frost

- The Ancient And Legendary Guardians are immune to fire and frost damage. and are also neutral to shock damage

- Fixed the leveled lists. All enemies will now appear at the correct levels. and never higher

- This mod is much more balanced and generous.

- i have also lowerd the amount of health that the higher level guardians and draugr have

- Each draugr will now appear 5 levels higher then each other. to further improve the balance

- Replaced The Guardians vanilla health, magicka and stamina potions with their unique standard potions (Loot)

- The Guardians can now drop new powerful unique Potions (25% Chance)

- Created Even more special enemies.

- Created Death Reapers. Very powerful skeletons. that are completely immune to magic. they are desighned to cripple both mage and warrior playstyles. both through shouts and their unique weapons. (Do not let them get to close to you :P ) recommend using the bow to dispatch these guys

- Created loads of powerful unique potions

- Every enemy now has both resistances and weaknesses against magic. to make magic much more effective (Optional)

- Elite Draugr Will now have a 100% chance to drop enchanted weapons

- Supreme Draugr will now have a 50% chance to drop enchanted weapons


This mod is currently in testing phase so please check it out and leave me some feedback. for bugs. and if you like or dislike my mod. as i appreciate all feedback given. within reason :)

I highly Recommend starting a new game. as every single dungeon has been edited.
Also i highly recommend putting this mod last in your load order. or close to as this mod edits all draugr leveled lists

Note: This mod no longer uses the dreadknight weapons and new crossbows. as i wanted to keep this mod close to vanilla as possible.

Credits Goes to Bethesda for Skyrim, Creation kit, Dawnguard And Dragonborn
Credits Goes to you also for checking out my mod :)