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Added: 08/04/2013 - 06:00PM
Updated: 24/03/2015 - 08:14PM

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Last updated at 20:14, 24 Mar 2015 Uploaded at 18:00, 8 Apr 2013

This mod is created to enhance skyrim's dungeons, Dwemer ruins, and falmer caves, by creating much more potent vairants of said enemies. but to add spice i also created another group of enemies. known as the guardians. who are much more advanced then said enemies. they master all forms of combat. and have the ability to use many dragon shouts. all 3 mentioned enemies are also much tougher. and more advanced.

this mod also includes alot of other stuff. ie new magic, alot of new uniquely enchanted gear. and is created to, create diversity, challenge, and fun.

Note: This mod will no longer be updated as is. as i am now implmenting it into my other planned mod.

Credits bethesda for: creation kit, skyrim, dawnguard and dragonborn.