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This mod is created to enhance skyrim's dungeons, Dwemer ruins, and falmer caves, by creating much more potent variants of said enemies. but to add spice i also created another group of enemies. known as the guardians. who are much more advanced then said enemies. they master all forms of combat. and have the ability to use many dragon shouts. all 3 mentioned enemies are also much tougher. and more advanced.

All enemies that i created or otherwise modded. also have their own perks, unique abilities and magic where applicable. and have access to every dragon shout in the game and its dlc's. only if it makes sense however. for example guardians own realm is a huge battleground where dragons do also exist. so the thuum is a very common thing their. millions of different species fight in the guardians own realm. as guardians are born to fight. the species that fight in their own realm consist of many different power levels from warriors all the way up to god tier levels and beyond. i will be creating my own lore for my enemies in my next mod. to make my enemies feel apart of skyrim.

Every single 1 of my enemies either created or modified have access to all vanilla perks based on their level. so already that goes way beyond vanilla. my enemies also have access to stuff that matches them well. for example. i created falmer assassins. which when their is an enemy the falmer will go invisible until the enemy or the falmer have been defeated. falmer mages. have access to advanced magic. and have the ability to summon the guardians. and given the fact that falmer or fallen snow elves. and the fact that snow elves have advanced magic. as seen when you do the dawnguard dlc. i felt it was right that the falmer should also have their own kind of special magic. that a select few have access to. and falmer being betrayed by the dwemer. falmer have been given unique enchantments that would allow them to do extra damage to dwarven automations.

to take it even further. all of my enemies including draugr. have healing potions. aswell as the ability to use healing magic. (which is pretty cool. to watch the draugr heal them selves :P) so yea. my enemies have no limitations. which i believe creates real difficulty. and in return means more fun battles. as the enemies will challenge you. constantly.

i Created this mod to make the ingame difficulty obsolete. i also wanted alot more diverse challenge options. and thus created 6 difficulty groups of every enemy. each group has more and more special abilities and such. to create an everlasting constant challenge. and thus the difficulty of my mod will last you. your entire playthrough. you will never be overpowered in my mod. as at each specific level. new enemy groups will start to spawn. that are greatly increased in both offense and defense.

this mod also includes alot of other stuff. ie new magic, alot of new uniquely enchanted gear. and is created to, create diversity, challenge, and fun.

dont let the lack of fancy details or videos turn you down. as my mod will furfill your needs for a more advanced challenging and rewarding adventuring experience.

the difficulty of my mod goes way beyond the in game difficulty. everyone of my enemies have their own difficulty, all vanilla perks, all dragon shouts, every weapon and gear in both vanilla and its dlc's. their is no limitation to my enemies. what you can have my enemies can also have. to create a very challenging fun rewarding, adventuring experience.

Enemy difficulty Ranks (From weakest to most deadly) - (These will be prefixes in their names) - (normal will not be used as a prefix)

Normal Enemies = Nothing really special here. but are much tougher then vanilla

Supreme Enemies = Immune to paralysis, Inmune to stagger, have resistances against all magic.

Elite Enemies = Immune to paralysis, Inmune to stagger, have resistances against all magic. have new unique enchanted gear, and special abilities

Ultimate Enemies = Immune to paralysis, Inmune to stagger, have resistances against all magic. have new unique enchanted gear, and even Greater special abilities, also have access to new powerful magic (these are the strongest of the basic enemies)

Ancient Enemies =  Immune to paralysis, Inmune to stagger, have very high resistances against all magic. have new very powerful unique enchanted gear, and even Greater special abilities, also have access to new very powerful magic (Advanced Magic) (these enemies are much tougher then the ultimate enemies), these enemies also have access to every single dragon shout.

Legendary Enemies = Immune to paralysis, Inmune to stagger, These Enemies Are Immune to all magic. have new Extremely powerful unique enchanted gear, and the greatest special abilities, also have access to extremely powerful magic (Dark Magic) these enemies are the most powerful that you will encounter.

All Enemies from Supreme and above. have modified dragonshouts that are more powerful then vanilla. the greater the enemy group. the more potent the dragon shout.

Ancient And Legendary enemies. will attack alot faster then ultimate and below. the ancient and legendary enemies are not in the same class as ultimate and below enemies. and have access to new magic. and much faster weapon speed multipliers. however for balance reasons these enemies will not spawn until you are a fairly high level.

Credits bethesda for: creation kit, skyrim, dawnguard and dragonborn.