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Hi All. Welcome To version 4.0 of this mod

The aim of this mod is to be a complete enemy overhaul focusing on all undead enemies that are found in draugr dungeons/nordic ruins and now focuses on falmer, dwarven automations, and in the full release will cover vampires and dragonpriests

Making them smarter more challenging and rewarding

This mod is aimed at those seeking a harder more rewarding challenge from the undead. falmer, and dwemer 

Note: Their Is Alot More Enemies then what you see in the images. i only uploaded a few to give you and idea of what to expect :)

Their is actually now over 1000 new enemies
This mod will provide a constant challenge all throughout your entire skyrim playthrough(s)

Every single enemy will scale all the way to level 100. from level 50+ the dungeons, caves and ruins will get dramatically harder

this mod will give you alot and i do mean alot of goodies. however you will need to work for it :P

this mod also adds alot of variation in the dungeons, and now caves and dwemer ruins as their is alot of new and improved enemies in said locations. including falmer assassins, falmer vampires, extremely powerful falmer bosses, loads of guardians, that are more advanced and powerful that fight along side the draugr, alot of new draugr vairation, so basically entering in any location where the 3 enemy types are will prove very challenging and diverse battles, the aim of this mod is to dramatically increase the challenge, diversity, and fun factor of entering and fighting inside dark dangerous places. these places will completely live up to the expectations of entering a dark dangerous place.

Note: I highly recommend you leave your in game difficulty on adept or lower. as all of my enemies have their own difficulties :P (so pretty much dynamic difficulty levels) however if you play on master or legendary with this mod. then you sir or madam are a badass :D

This Mod Adds alot more then new enemies however. as i have created loads of new magic spells, unqiuly enchanted loot, added recipes for every weapon and armor type in the game to be improved past flawless, etc. so much new stuff exists in version 4. 

Notes: you can get a taste of the new destruction spells. i have placed 6 free spelltomes in the torture chamber rooms. in helgen keep. all 6 are in the other 2 locked rooms next to the sparks spelltome.

Mod Infos:

- If you are new to this mod. the way i name my enemies is. they will have 3 words, which let you know how tough they are

- 1st word is their threat level, 2nd word is their material type in which they specialize in, and the 3rd word will be thier fighting style

- I am pretty literal when in comes to naming my enemies. so if an enemy has death in their name or words that are very serious. then you can expect a very powerful enemy who will not go down easily

- my mod is very high risk high reward. as i am very generous when it comes to rewarding the player. with goodies. and as you can expect. the harder the enemy the better rewards you will get.

- i have created alot of unique loot that the player can earn, aswell as several new summon spells, and magic spells

- it is very possible to make alot of gold in my mod, as alot of loot is worth alot of gold, and it is also very possible to have alot of higher level gear earlier

- as all my enemies use and can drop every single weapon and armor from both vanilla and the 2 dlc's. so you could end up with daedric armor at a much lower level. however i like to keep my mod balanced. so if an enemy does have daedric armor. they are going to be extremely challenging

- An increasingly challenging, rewarding and fun unique battles from the undead, and now falmer, dwemer, and Vampires, their is alot of variety in the nordic dungeons, so you will not be fighting the same draugr over and over again

- the nordic ruins, now have alot of new enemies, that is the guardians, these enemies are very advanced masters of all fighting styles, including magic, they are fearless, and are very organized warriors and wizards, they fight along side the draugr. to protect the ruins.

- they also train the draugr, to be more powerful undead. and thus their is now alot more draugr varietion who are much tougher, the draugr will now give you a run for your money, as they have been trained by the guardians, to be vastly superior, the draugr can and will use every dragon shout

- they can use all magic, and can use alot more weapons, they have increased health, and can tank damage, the high level draugr have uniqely enchanted weapons

- The draugr bosses are now much more powerful, the draugr bosses will also very nicely reward you for defeating them. every draugr boss will now drop a random piece of enchanted armor and a random enchanted weapon. the armor and weapon will be based on what the draugr boss is using (so basically you will always get 2 enchanted items from the bosses)

- all 4 enemy locations (Draugr, Falmer, Dwemer, Vampires) are now very dangerous places, with very tough enemies who will protect their locations until the very end.

- The Falmer and Vampires will be unique battles as i have done special stuff to both of them. the falmer are much more advanced and organized as their are special falmer, and the vampires in general are much much tougher (See "New Enemies document" for alot more info on these enemies)

- Most of my enemies, Have the abilitiy to use all dragon shouts, They all have uniquely enchanted weapons based on the enemy, they can all use every magic spell in the game, including my new magic, and have several new enemies that they can summon, they all have special abilities,

- All of my enemies are given perks based on their fighting style, My enemies have everything the player could have and more For "Real Difficulty"

- You will be greatly rewarded with unique loot, special loot, and vanilla loot, for proving that you are the ultimate warrior, archer or wizard.

- The Dungeons, Ruins, Caves, and Dwarven Locations are now truly very dangerous places. that you would expect. the new and improved enemies now truly match their gifts. ;)

- Their is currently 27 different enemy varitions in each enemy group (Applies to guardians only). all of my enemies will have a prefix in their name. which indicates how powerful they are. their is 6 enemy groups in total (Applies to all enemies)

- All of my enemies scale up to level 100. for an increasingly challenging experience. you will never be overpowered in my mod. as the higher level you are. the more powerful my enemies become

- Each 1 of my enemy groups not only increase in strenght. but the higher groups also get new abilities, new weapon enchantments, and alot of stuff that would increase their difficulty, including more powerful summons, but they also drop better loot, and better unique loot

- Each enemy group goes as follows From Weakest To Hardest: Normal, Supreme, Elite, Ultimate, Ancient and Legendary

- The main reason for enemy groups is to make my mod very dynamic when its comes to difficulty. and to add alot more diversity to the challenge

- for example supreme enemies and beyond become immune to paralysis, stagger, they cannot be knocked down (so things like unrelenting force will not blow them away)

- and they get new abilities, spells and so on

- the ingame difficulty is what i like to call "artificial difficulty". and the reasoning for that is. its not real difficulty and is used by alot of games as a cheap way to make their game harder. as all it does is make you do alot less damage and make the enemies do way more damage via multipliers. now this to me is not real difficulty at all. it just makes battles way more tedious

- i was not happy with this. and so i decided to make the game harder. by giving the enemies everything the player could have. which i believe creates real difficulty. and more fun and rewarding experiences

- For example. every single 1 of my enemies have every perk in the game, new abilities, spells, they can use healing potions, they can use alot of dragon shouts, they can use my new magic spells, which are more advanced then vanilla spells (Only certain enemies can however). they have unique enchanted gear, and so on

- in vanilla very few enemies have perks. and even then they have very few perks, and again have hidden perks which allows them to do double damage (briar hearts for example have a perk that allows them to do double damage) and very few enemies can use dragon shouts. or healing potions. or higher level spells. etc etc. draugrs dont get any healing spells

- so yea even given enemies healing potions in it self increases their survivability. which in turn makes for a more fun and intersting battle (atleast for me it does :P )

- but ovcourse balance is always in mind. so every enemy will have stuff that is on their level. so for example a level 10 enemy is not going to have perks like warmaster (Two-handed max level perk) or shouts like ice form shout. every single 1 of my enemies have stuff at their level. for pure balance

- ovcourse your the dragonborn. so you should be pretty beastly. but to be gifted with such a unique and powerful gift. in my eyes you need to prove that you are worthy of such gift. and by proving that. you fight equally challenging enemies. after all dragons are supposed to be some of the most powerful and feared beings in existence. and 1 being should not be able to kill them with minimal effort

- My warrior mod. will be covering dragons. as they are extremely fragile. and are nothing of what you would expect from a dragon. so yea in that mod. dragons will be the feared and powerful beasts they should of been

- So yea. Their is now alot more enemy varietion in all enemies that i have aimed for.

- their is roughly over 500 new enemies in my mod. which cover all 4 enemies (Falmer, Draugr, Dwemer, Vampires), this mod strictly focuses on all undead enemies. with dwarven automations and Falmer thrown in to the mix. dragon priests will be covered in the full version 4.0. as i am still thinking of what to do with them. so in the full release expect the dragon priests to be some of the toughest enemies in this mod. as they are meant to be the most powerful undead

- When i have fully completed version 4.0. then this mod will be finished with. and i will start on my warrior mod. which will cover every single other enemy in the game

- with both of my mods together will cover every single enemy in its entirety


This mod is currently in testing phase so please check it out and leave me some feedback. for bugs. and if you like or dislike my mod. as i appreciate all feedback given. within reason :)

I highly Recommend starting a new game. as every single dungeon has been edited.
Also i highly recommend putting this mod last in your load order. or close to as this mod edits all draugr leveled lists

Note: This mod no longer uses the dreadknight weapons and new crossbows. as i wanted to keep this mod close to vanilla as possible.

Credits Goes to Bethesda for Skyrim, Creation kit, Dawnguard And Dragonborn
Credits Goes to you also for checking out my mod :)