Honeyside smithing room by Shawk
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Added: 12/12/2011 - 03:09PM
Updated: 31/12/2011 - 11:39PM

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Last updated at 23:39, 31 Dec 2011 Uploaded at 15:09, 12 Dec 2011

My Mods:
Hillside Home - Adds a completely new home to the game in the Wilderness.*Beta*
Bookshelf Patch - Fixes Collision issues with some Bookshelves.*Beta*
Breezehome Bookshelves - Adds two new Bookshelves to Breezehome/Riftrun.*Beta*
The Maze: Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 of the Giant Maze.*Alpha*
Riftrun - Total Breezehome conversion. Changes walls/everything. *Alpha*
Honeyside Smithy - Adds Smithing Room to Honeyside. *Beta*
Breezehome CE - Adds Collector's Edition to Breezehome. *Complete*
Honeyside CE - Adds Collector's Edition to Honeyside. *Complete*
Book of Treasures - Two new Treasure maps *Alpha*

Installation + Description:

0.7 - Fixes most issues and adds more racks.
- adds more racks.
- fixes storage eating items issues.
- make sure to zone in then out to get racks to work properly.

0.6 uploaded, check notes in game, should be a note on your table in the smithy room.. If not,

0.6 changes:
- Moved chopping block
- Added Smelter
- Moved Grinder
- Two pouches added, Ench/Alch rooms
- Chests should be working now, lemme know if not.
- Mannequins and Racks still messed.
- Some people say the one rack is working for them, I activated it for testing, does the weapon actually get placed on the rack or in the air. Lemme know.
- Let me know if you want the Mannequin out till he gets fixed.

Honeyside Smithing Room! Not just thrown in, Properly lit, given some decoration and style, ENJOY! :) Check out my other mods and more info below. Mannequin works and racks are coming, I will try to recreate this in all the other houses.. I plan to have each one with rooms of 40+ racks in them soon I get them working right.

***Sorry weapon racks broke on me, I should have them fixed by tomorrow, check back here for updates, Mannequin still works but you need to activate him at his spot and zone in and out for him to be standing properly, after that he should work, hopefully.. Unfortunately those things are very hard to perfect atm.***

- Entire Smithing Room.
- Blacksmith, Woodcutter, Grinder, Workbench, Woodcutter, etc.
- Fully lit with candles etc.
- Table for all your creations.
- Mannequins and Weapon racks.

- Some bugs with racks and Mannequin, lemme know if you notice others. This isn't a perfect art yet unfortunately ;)

Next Update:
Forge will be connected.