Dragonborn Dragon Priest Masks Reworked by Scyantific
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Added: 08/04/2013 - 03:29PM
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Last updated at 15:29, 8 Apr 2013 Uploaded at 15:29, 8 Apr 2013

This mod changes the three new dragon priest masks added by the Dragonborn expansion, both graphics-wise and gameplay-wise, in order to better fit mage classes and others who like using them. I got the idea from this mod, which is pretty damn useful, and I decided to take what that author did and do it with these masks, taking a step further.

Note: I did NOT change how Miraak's mask at all, I only changed the three lesser masks. I will probably Miraak's mask in a different mod, and then only gameplay-wise

Gameplay changes:
--Removes the armor rating from each mask, allowing mage classes to benefit from the Mage Armor perk, considering that these masks were definitely geared mainly towards magic users.
--The masks now take up the face slot (unnamed slot 44 in the CK), allowing for free use of both circlets and helmets.

Graphical changes:
--The masks no longer have a hood, leaving only the mask itself.
--The masks have been reskinned, to reduce clipping. I used the dragon priest masks from vanilla Skyrim to achieve this. The graphics in the item menu have also been changed to reflect this.
--Azhidal now uses Volsung's graphics.
--Dukaan now uses Morokei's graphics.
--Zahkriisos now uses Nahkriin's graphics.

Installation is easy, just extract the esp and bsa into your Skyrim data folder, or use NMM to install it.