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What Is This...?

This is not really a "mod" in the conventional sense... it is a rather large compilation of batch files that I made myself. Batch files are nothing more than simple .txt documents that you may use in the game to execute hundreds of console commands at once. They can have very powerful effects on your game and can speed up gaming considerably.

I have 119 separate batch files that I cobbled together myself. Initially this started out as just something I did in my spare time for my own game play, but then it evolved and I decided to publish it in a mod. All you have to do is click download (Nexus Mod Manager really IS preferred, but you can do it manually if you choose), and everything I have is located in one simple file called "BFG". Located C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonSkyrimData

Included in "BFG", are all the files, as well as a couple word documents that organize everything alphabetically. You may print these off if you like, that's what they're for. No other work is required. In-game, simply punch bat "BFG/FILENAME" --with quotes and slash, into the console and the file will be activated.

Note: I am on a temporary hiatus from batching because I am too busy with my personal life at the moment to make any new files. I have not abandoned this mod, but it will be a little while before I am able to make any fixes or new batches. If you wish to create your own and share, please feel free; just note any of my original work. Thanks for the endorsements! Happy gaming!~

So what does this batch file mod offer?

Well, almost.

Here's the breakdown:

  • Contains a printable Microsoft Word document that categorizes and contains a description for each batch file contained in this mod.

  • Full support for both Nexus Mod Manager installation and Manual Installation.

  • Weapons and armor of most varieties for each faction, alloy, type, category, and player archetype.

  • One enchanted item from each magic-effect type that may be disenchanted at an Arcane Altar.

  • One of each ingredient to eat and learn the effects from--or hundreds of them! Your choice!

  • Any item ever possibly needed for normal gameplay: ingredients, building materials, smithing materials, food and drink, dragon priest masks, arcane clothing and equipment, gems and coins and flowers and body parts, ...sweetrolls? All instantly distributed into containers or added to the player's inventory with ONE simple console command!

  • Spells and perks and shouts and racial/birthstone/Solstheim abilities, and more.

  • Vampire and Werewolf items, spells, perks and powers.

  • Ability to pay off all fines in all holds with one simple command.

  • Does your wife or husband just not do it for you anymore?? Divorce them! The real world does it all the time! So why can't we in Skyrim? Sever things off with wifey or hubby and restart the marriage quest!

  • Over-powered OR very level-appropriate starter sets for different character archetypes!

  • Level up every skill, gain every shout, gain every spell, gain every perk--all at once or pick-and-choose!

  • Wreak havoc by spawning a myriad of different enemy types at your location--even 10 Legendary Dragons of different types! (Please note that this feature will be GREATLY expanded upon in the near future)

  • Kick your character into overdrive mode by amping up their unarmed damage, Regen rates, movement speed, weapons speed, jumping height, magic absorption, damage resistance, and shout cooldown, and return them to normal with a simple console command!

  • Bring certain NPCs to your location or move yourself to them, from anywhere in the gaming world (This feature is still a work in progress)

  • Easy-to-remember weather commands, such as "clear", that will alter the atmosphere and free up your time so you don't have to hunt for individual weather form ID's. (This feature will also be GREATLY expanded upon in the near future.)

  • And of course, the ability to undo or remove, all spells, perks, etc.

Best of all, installing this pseudo-mod will not have any impact on your game performance until you decide to execute a batch file in-game. Most of my batches are capable of running even with a heavily modded game; just keep in mind that if you spawn tons of items in one location, for example, you'll likely crash it. ;-)

Will this sh*t break my game?!


Many of my batch file effects are either temporary or completely reversible and all have been carefully crafted so as not to risk breaking any quest lines or game saves. Nothing has been recklessly added that will corrupt your game and I use them myself on all my playthroughs.

So I urge you all to download the file and see if you like them!


Use Nexus Mod Manager to install. Folder will appear in DATA as "BFG". No other work is needed. To use in-game, type bat "BFG/FILENAME" --Use quotes.

If downloading manually:
Download the zip file, extract with Z-Zip, and read the text document in the README file entitled, "Manual Download Special Instructions".


With Mod Manager: Uninstall from Nexus Mod Manager.
  • Done and done. All files will be cleanly removed.

Manual: In Program Files (x86)-->Steam-->Steamapps-->Common-->Skyrim folder, highlight all of my .txt files [as of version 2.5, all manual version batch files will start with the letters "BFG"] and then delete the files from your folder.
  • Note: As of version 2.5, I now have a fully-supported Manual Version. All files in this version will begin with the letters "BFG". This ensures that they may easily be searched for and removed from the Skyrim folder with minimal effort or risk. By using the manual download option, however, you will not be alerted to any changes or updates in the mod as you would be with Nexus Mod Manager installed.

All my batch files are based on only the original version of Skyrim plus the three official plug-ins released: DG (Dawnguard), HF (Hearthfire), and DB (Dragonborn). No custom mods or content included.

Please note: The only prerequisite to using these batch files effectively is that your official plug-ins or expansions are listed first and in this order:
1)SKYRIM (Obviously)
2)UPDATE (Bethesda Update; doesn't affect the load order in-game but should be right below Skyrim)

Any custom content you have installed won't matter, so long as it's placed after DRAGONBORN in your load order.

If you're missing one of the official plug-ins a lot of these will still work but batch files such as "ingredients" or "BrotherhoodOfTheMoon" will have a chance of failing if the item/perk codes are not executed in the proper order. For example, you can't get DRAGONBORN ingredients if you don't have DRAGONBORN installed, or it's in the wrong order. The vanilla Skyrim ingredients will still work, but you'll get error messages for the rest. I've noted all the files with a "DG/HF/DB" to indicate which of these files are affected by the order of expansion packs. THESE ARE NOTATIONS ONLY! Don't include them in the console command. I've excluded them from the quotations for this reason.

DISCLAIMER: Using batch files is exactly the same as executing hundreds of console commands! Console commands have a potential to corrupt questlines, screw up saved games, or do otherwise really funky stuff. Make backups of all your saves before using!

I've done my best to restrict and minimize the game-crushing cheats like the "WordsOfPower" batch file and "Grandmaster" batch file, each awarding shouts and spells, respectively.

I also encourage everyone to visit the "qasmoke" cell--which is Skyrim's tester cell and has virtually every single item in the game in there. Simply punch in the console "player.coc qasmoke" to get there and something like "player.coc riverwood" to get out.

I've also included in my README file a method for making your own batch files in case there are people out there just starting to play Skyrim or otherwise don't know how.

To execute in-game, type: bat "BFG/FILENAME"

Example of using these files in-game; bring up the console command and type in:

  • bat "BFG/Grandmaster"
  • bat "BFG/CriminalImmunity"
  • bat "BFG/DragonsToFight"

So What's Next?
This mod is on a temporary halt, until I find the time to update it again. But when I have the time, here are my future plans:
  • Complete weapon and armor equipment batch files to include all character archetypes and factions. I estimate it's about 90% complete as of update 2.4.
  • Expand on the NPC batch files and make more characters that the player can summon or teleport to.
  • Create a new category: Location batch files. Easy-to-remember names that will take the player to obscure cell names around the different holds. The idea is so that you can get around quickly without burning in-game time or using mods.
  • More weather ID files. So far, I just have "Clear", which changes the weather to look like Sovngarde. This is pitifully underdeveloped, though, and I'd like to include other files, like "Rainy", or "Snowy", or "SoulCairn".

If anyone has any suggestions or requests, feel free to ask and I'll see what I can do.


It may just be a simple mod to you, but I put a lot of work into it and had an intense focus on functionality and detail for the benefit of others, not my own.

My thanks to those who have already endorsed. It's a simple button click, but it's greatly appreciated.

Happy Gaming!

[Credit to character and overall game appearance in several screenshots goes out to the authors of well-known mods like: ApachiiSkyHair, High Res Face Maps for Men by Geonox, SKYUI, Inhabitants of Skyrim - NPC Overhaul, Expanded Jewelry Crafting, Better Vampires, Royal Bloodline, Tales of Lycanthropy, Moonlight Tales, Bat Travel, and others]