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I Apologize that updates take so long but between work and my 2 year old i dont gewt alot time =most of my moding is done late at night on my days off

(if you preveisly downloaded the weredova esp plz redownload ass the first one the werewolves are showing up as weredovas the new on is fixed but is still v2.1 thx )
*Howl of brother hood summons drakes and with perks drakess then Weredovas
*Howl of fear is fire breath for weredovas
* plz use the flame of curing to cure your self not the flame of the harbinger as that is now ment for only curing kodlak vilkes and farkes
(I did this so that if you would like to try the weredova or werecat there would be no need to get infected all over again)

1) MUST USE NMM to download TBMCxMain and install
2) MUST USE NMM to download TBMC-WW and install
3) USE NMM to switch between esp's if you have an esp active deactivate it and active one of the other ones always deactive first and if asked to update say no
(this is for when im done with the werecats and weredovas)
The_Bloodmoon_Calls.esm <= Must be first in load order (between Skyrim.esm and Update.esm)
The_Bloodmoon_Calls.esp <= Should be last in load order, but must be present and loaded
Uninstall all old mod competely make clean save be for install new version


WEREBEAST EVENTS AND PLAYER MOON PHASE CHANGE: New werebeast events will take place the will happen regaurdless of weather you are infected or not
-Event Chances
* Full moon events chance 100%
* 3/4 Events chance is 25%
* New moon events chance 0%
* any other time is a 10% chance

*Weredova (DONE)
*Werewolf (DONE)

There will be 3 diffrent esp's to choose from each one will change witch werebeast will be able to infect you but once you are infected if you want to change you wererace all you have to do is switch Esp's. Due to the extenciveness of this mod i found it near imposiable to implement all 3 in to 1 esp so this was the next best thing it dose

* TBMC_WW (Werewolf/Sanies Lupinus)
* TBMC_WC (Werecat/ Sanies Felinus)
* TBMC_WD (Weredova/ Sanies Draconus)

*Both Werecats and Werewolves will drop a werebeast pelt
*Weredovas will drop dragonscales
*Beast hearts

To cure you Lycanthropy you will have to make your way to Glenmoril Coven and in the Back were you find the amults is a Sconces labeled Flame of Curing you will need to throw a beast heart into it to be cured but you can get infected again if you contract the Disease again

The werebeast that drops the hearts will depend on witch esp you are using.
*TBMC_WW.ESP-Werewolves drop Beast Hearts
*TBMC_WC.ESP-Werecats drop Beast Hearts
*TBMC_WD.ESP-Weredovas drop Beast Hearts

(you will still need to collect the witches heads and got to Yasgmors tomb for the companions quest to cure Kodlak,Vilkas, or Farkas)

Each Werebeast race will be able to change howls with the totems but Each race will have one howl that is Unique to that race
*Werewolves : Howl of fear (only for WW now)
*Werecats : Howl of Stalking-Turns werecat invisible and muffles movment for short time
*Weredova : Howl of Scorching- Weredovas can breathfire

To change your howl simply pray at on of the werewolf totems simple huh OH WAIT did i mentuion that they are now in the back of glenmoral coven on the shrine acrossed from the Flame of healing

Companions text and dialog will be changed to reflect you current Werebeast Choice
ganeric chariter yells form npc will be alterd to werebeast insted of werewolf to help enshure compatablity with round robin esp setup

WEREPERK TREE : the name of the perk tree and perks will depend on your esp ( during the intal release wereperk will all be the same but will be updated over time to be more unique to that one werebeast race.

Credit for Werecat/Weredova texture and meshes go Dogtown1 and newermind
See the the monster mod here:

So after a long time of playing skyrim and playing a werewolf i felt very underwhelmed at the lack of traditional lore that we all know and love that make being one of these brutes both a blessing and curse.

THEN Tales of Lycanthropy came out (and up until they switched to the modgaler version i loved it) but once the modular came out the old version fell into obscurity and many of the great features of the older version were lost.

After talking with Brevi the original creator of T-o-L witch can be found here:

I got his permission to use his source scripts and Have rebuilt this long lost mod from the ground up!
So here it is i hope you all like it and i will be implamenting this mod in to
Werebears of Skyrim:

ORIGINAL FEATURES :One scratch from a werewolf will stain you with the disease Sanies Lupinus. If not cured within 3 days the corruption will develop into lycanthropy and you will become a beast yourself upon the next full moon. This mod features Sanies Lupinus disease, moon based werewolf transformations, 2 new werewolf archetypes, 3 new types of transformation scenes, detailed bloodlust system, NPC werewolves and werewolf hunters, werewolf followers and NPC infection, stat and howl re-balance and more.

NEW FEATURES: This mod is now completely compatibal with Dawnguard!! The werewolf perk tree has been redone. Stand alone New cannibalism perk and Werewolf blessings. The Amulets must be located on your own (I wont tell you were but i will tell you they are found in werewolf lore friendly cave you were made to visit for a quest)

HOWL: when using your howl button (default Z) Tap it quickly to activate night eye or Hold it to use your howl. If you use any of your howls (excluding night eye effect) your shout bar will activate and you must wait yo use it again

WEREWOLF CANNIBALISM: Ring how hidden in a cave you must find on your own but if you do find it there is 3000 gold with it (All frostmoon rings back to normal)

AUTO SHIFT CHANCES: the default chance to change is currently 0%/5%/25%/50%/100% in order to change this you must locate the amulets. The reason for this is as a true werewolf you always feel the pull of the moon no matter how little of it might be in the sky and with each passing night you inner blood lust gets stronger and stronger you are always fighting to stay in control. Only on the night of a full moon will you change no matter what


Purebred lycanthrope blood:

As a purebred lycanthrope you maintain higher control over your condition then most hence you will have the power to trigger your transformation once per day. Companion werewolves will always be purebreds at start, and feral werewolves can 'go clean' if they don't feed on humanoids for 2 full nights and survive. When you trigger your transformation, it will last for 180 seconds real-time (like in vanilla Skyrim) and each feeding (animals and humanoids) will extend it by 30 seconds. You must be careful however as feeding 3 or more times on humans during a single transformation will result in loosing your ability to stay in control of the wolf and you will become a feral werewolf. The reason why feeding on humanoids can strain you is because you don't just devour your poor victims earthly remains... when a werewolf feeds it desecrates the very soul of your prey and your conscious will have to pay the price. Purebreds also gain bloodlust upon transformation but they can get away by feeding on animal corpses.

On the nights of the full moon even purebred werewolves will be transformed whether they like it or not, unless they obtain the Serenity amulet and wear it to prevent the beast from taking over. Feeding on animals will have no consequences on your condition.

Feral lycanthrope blood:

If you embrace the lust for carnage and walk the path of the feral lycanthrope you will be able to feed on human souls as many times as you want as you never hold back anyway. There is a price however as you won't have the ability to trigger transformation at will (as you are not in control of your condition) and only humanoids will settle your bloodlust. You embrace the big bad wolf inside hence you will gain 50 points of fortified health compared to normal humans when you are not transformed (the beast would not want to loose such an eager host). There is a way to regain control even for the most bloodthirsty werewolf but it won't be easy. You will have to survive two full nights in the row without feeding on humans at all. You will be under the effect of bloodlust (loosing health continuously) and you will have to feed on animal corpses to maintain yourself. Feeding on a human would of course settle the bloodlust but that way you cannot overcome your animal nature. Feral werewolves cannot wear the Amulet of Serenity.

Being a werewolf
If you already have the blood of the beast yourself, then your life and soul will be bound together with the moon. After 6pm each night you will receive a message telling you the current moon phase as you can feel it in your veins. If the screen flashes during your regular moon phase message then you will shift into a beast that night at 8pm (unless saved by Amulet of Serenity). The Amulets Must be Found. You will shift back into a man or women each morning at 5am as the moon fades away. Put them on just once their effect will stay until you put another one of the lycanthropy necklaces on.

Encountering werewolves in Skyrim:

WEREWOLF EVENTS: if you are starting a new character you will not encounter any werewolves until level 6

PACK EVENTS: You will not trigger any pack events until level 20

There are two types of new werewolf encounters added in the mod: infected hunters and event based werewolves.

Infected hunters are huntsman who contracted lycanthropy in the wast wilds of Skyrim. They will transform into werewolves on each night of the full moon, while if the moon is only almost full (3/4) then their transformations will be very rare (1% chance every 2 real-life seconds). During any other moon phase they will not turn. In their normal human appearance they will be natural to travelers while as beasts they will attack everything but other werewolves on sight. They share their spawn points with normal hunters isolated from civilization and in their human form it will be impossible to tell them who is infected and who isn't (exception to this is the Scent of the Pack power but you may only possess that if you are a lycanthrope yourself). Infected hunters can be male and female, their race may be Nord, Redguard, Imperial or Wood Elf and they will use the configured transformation animation setting just as the player would. There are around 25 locations where they may be present.

Event based werewolves can appear anywhere in Skyrim outside of settlements and dungeons, if the player is not already infected with the disease him/herself. They will hunt for prey on almost every night of the full moon (100% chance per night), if the moon is almost full (3/4) then the player may still be unlucky enough to be hunted (25% chance per night). During any other moon phase except the new moon chances are slim (2%). On the new moon you will get reprieve from being hunted as event chances are 0% so relax enjoy the time because come the first night of the Waxing Crescent moon you may be hunted again and will not get a reprieve again until the next new moon. If they start to hunt you, the message 'A sinister shiver runs through you as the moon rises' will appear on your screen and you will start to hear them howling.

FENDING OFF A WEREWOLF ATTACK: Just like traditional lore werewolves have weakness to silver weapons and can kill them very quickly. However if you are carrying anything other then Silver prepare to have major fight on your hands as regular weapons do little damage to werewolves if you get pack event and have no silver weapons I'd run fast

Spreading the disease
From now on if you are in werewolf form, you can talk to your current follower (but only him/her and no other NPCs). If he/she is not using a custom race, then you will have the option to bite him/her spreading your disease to the follower.

The bite does massive damage (50 health points) so you better make sure your follower has high enough hp. Your follower will be shocked by the pain and will be knocked out for 1 hour in-game time. You can either guard him/her through this duration or just wait. IMPORTANT: Do not try to give your follower commands while he/she is stunned from the initial bite. If possible don't interact with him/her at all.

Once your follower stands up again, she/he is taken over by the disease completely and will transform into werewolf form when you do (only if he/she is your active follower). On moon based transforms he/she will use the longer animation (also the customization setting) while on Ring of Hircine / Beast Form triggered transformations the follower will also use the quicker shift. When you turn back to being human your follower will do the same.

Make sure that you DO NOT DO the following things (in theory they would still work, but can create problems):
- DON'T try to give your follower commands while he/she is stunned from the initial bite. If possible don't interact with him/her at all.
- DON'T dismiss / send your follower away in werewolf form. Wait till he/she fully becomes human again. (Waiting is no problem.)

Companion followers will be already infected so you won't need to bite them. If the player would be cured from lycanthropy the werewolf followers will remain cursed and will start to shift according to the moon phases instead of when the player transforms (only if they are set as current follower).

Werewolf hunters
Every day that you spend as a werewolf (even when you are not transformed) there is a very small chance (2% on default every 1 hour in-game time) that an old seasoned order of warriors that know all about your dark secret will come looking for you. They are always out there... searching...


Due to the extensive changes this mod will NOT be compatible with most mods that affect werewolves and/or the Companion guild. Sorry but that's just the way it will have to be.

Special thanks & credits
Brevi- Creator of T-O-L and the sorce scripts
NsJones-creator of Heart of the Beast - Werewolf Sound and Texture Overhaul:
(meshes glowing redeyes, and more agressive sounds)

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