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*One day delay beyond what I hoped (ok two) but the Imperial (Vanilla) update is done.*

Hello, and welcome to my mod page. As you can likely tell from the name of the mod, I'm working toward changing all of the NPC's of the playable races (and a few that aren't from the vanilla playable races) into female. That's not the only thing I'm doing, but that's the biggest noticeable change. I'm also working toward 'beautifying' Skyrim as well. In the end, I'll likely have at least touched every single face in Skyrim (except the children and nonplayable races) to some varying degree. And it's still very much a work in progress as the title says, but I do plan on finishing the mod. Just be warned the progress will be slow due to work and such.

Also, I have done (or a better word stole) work on a little more then just the facegen data. I lifted the tint masks off of Pretty face mod to make the eye, cheek, and lip shadings look a good bit better on females. And yes, I checked tktk's permissions, and according to those, I'm allowed to do this. One note though, I haven't really tested it myself, but caliente has recently released a high res lip mask for the body mod, but it'd likely work for really anything. If your interested, I have a link to the mod page below.

Anyway, time for some warnings.


This mod is in no way suitable for players who want their Skyrim experience to be 'real.' That isn't the intention of this mod, nor will it ever be...or could I guess.

This mod, while covering a decent amount of faces you're likely to see, still has a decent amount of work left, and unfortunately, my spare time can be limited. That said, I'm going to venture to give a decent update every two weeksish, but please don't hold me to that because for the time being my life is rather hectic.

The voices are staying male for a long time, if not forever unless someone else wants to tackle that. It doesn't bother me enough to motivate me to change them, but there are ways to do it. I had a link but unfortunately due to circumstances I had to purge my computer of all its files. The link should still be in the comments if this sounds like something you really want to do. Just be warned that it's a LOT of work before you decide to tackle it.

This mod contains no nudity in and of itself, and only will if you decide to have a body mod with such an option.

You might come across the GRAY FACE. It's a simple fix, but there's a draw back. Basically, I'm uploading my own export files, which will be installable through the easy to use mod manager. There's some steps to it's installation if you have conflicting mods though. My best advice, is this. If you want to use my mod without fear of the gray face, install my mod first, overlapping everything, then reinstall the mod that alters npcs that you want to use afterward. I know it's not ideal, but that's the easiest way to blanket out gray face issues. If you're having a persistent issue, and have exhausted your resources on how to solve the problem, just throw up a comment and I'll make sure to help you, but be warned that I might not be immediately available.

Lastly, to all of those who wish to flame this mod, or do something similar to press your superior masculinity upon us, or whatever, I'm just going to type this as a catch all for those comments. I personally, am straight, as I assume would be evident by the fact I'm repopulating the entirety of Skyrim with females, but just in case you needed a push in the right direction there it is. Further more, there isn't anything wrong with people who aren't, cause they're just people, and typing hateful things to the internet isn't going to make your views on the matter anymore right. All it will do is make you look stupid and ignorant. Lastly, and most importantly, nobody cares. Trust me, you aren't going to change the world by flaming the comment section with your idiotic ideas, since a majority of the time, I'm rather sure I'm the only one who reads them, and anyone with a brain would just ignore them.


Unfortunately, they're just a part of programming and modding other people's programming. What I do isn't really programming, but eh. I am expecting bugs, mostly in the form of mismatched character data, weird floating scars, or just ugly ass NPCs that I cross over but didn't finish on accident. All that aside, I'm still beginner level when it comes to modding (though much, much better than I used to, you should have seen the first mod, it was...something) so if what I've done has any unexpected results, I'll do what I can to fix them. That said, with what I've done I can't see how this mod would do anything other than visually affect NPCs, but you never know. Also, one more aside, is that I can't know about/fix your problem unless you tell me AND you keep up communication with me. While I may not have a ton of time, I do enjoy helping people, so if you ask me a question thinking that it's related to my mod, I'll likely try to help you out even if it isn't.


Something I just found out myself is that ALL vampires (or most) that I've altered in the vanilla game will likely have persistent and incurable gray face. This is because Dawnguard gives the vampires a huge face lift (for the most part) and I'm working on the vanilla vampires. Because I don't have dawnguard loaded with I work on the mod (for now) even if you export the facegen data, the conflicting data between the vanilla edits and Dawnguard will cause a bunch of the vamps to have gray face issues. If you have Vanilla this shouldn't be an issue beyond having to do your own exports, but Dawnguard users will have this issue until I get to the DLC (or you get proactive and load the dlc and patch for yourself, but that's a pain [I'll be amending the gray face guide for it when I get there])

Alrighty, now that's out of the way, I'll move on to requirements (a much smaller list than before).


Inherently, this mod requires no actual other mods. The only thing you really need for this to run smoothly is the export data I already included in the mod (which is why the file size exploded, if you were curious).

Calientes body mod:

tktks Pretty Face:

ratraces Orc Enhancer:

Alright, there are a couple things that are possible beyond what I'm doing, and when I'm done with this, some of what I'm about to say will definitely be done by me. Others...well, ya. I'll just say what I will and won't be doing here.

Finishing Vanilla Skyrim-In progress

DLC: When I'm done with Vanilla

Replacing Argonians and Khajit with more physically appealing races: When I'm done with the DLC

Work on a majority of the non (vanilla) playable races (i.e. giants, etc.): Likely never. I am doing Dremora, only though because they're easy to manipulate in the creation kit. Prolly why you see so many different race mods for them.

Voice work: Uh...ya. I'm not tackling this by myself. I'm willing to help out, and integrate it with my mod, but a large chunk of the work will have to be tackled by someone else. Sorry, but the voices don't really bother me all too much, and I have a big enough job just changing the faces as it is. If your interested, send me a PM about it so we can talk it out, but be warned. It'll be a lot of work.

And now, for CREDITS!

Tktk, for his awesome tintmask that I totally stole, but it's alright since his permissions allow it.
Caliente, for the awesome face model, that I use while playing with the many, many faces of skyrim.
Apachii, for the hair mod that's in the previous wonky version I took down
Ratrace, for the orc race enhancer, that I love and program this mod using (but isn't necessary to the mod mind)
Humplus, for making the original mod and pushing me into creating my own.

And, to finish it up, PERMISSIONS:

I don't care what you use my mod for, or if you alter it, or whatever else, as long as I get a mention for laying the ground work, and you throw a mention to tktk for making the tintmask if you decide to use that.