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::::::::::::::::: What is this? ::::::::::::::::
An outer player home placed in the skyrim world directly, no loading doors as of v1.0 (a basement was added in v3.0 which I made to house your followers and wife, you could also use it during the day if your character doesn't like the sun)

It's a watchtower, located north east of whiterun, should be pretty far from the locations that most other modders use.

This watchtower is also perfect for hoarders

::::::::::::::::: Why? ::::::::::::::::
Because I collect valuable stuff so I get incumbered pretty fast, hate having to go through 2-3 loading screens just to store the loot after every single mission so I made this tower, 1 loading screen (fast travel) from anywhere in the open world of skyrim to the tower and I'm at my home with all my chests, equipment and pretty much everything I need, all in 1 convenient place, no extra load doors or running around in a huge castle hallways and so on..

I made it for personal use in my current playthrough but decided to share it, pretty sure some1 else will find it useful..

I also don't like player homes that use scripts, I try to always minimize script usage as much as I can in my game, too many things could go wrong when using a lot of mods that require scripts, I'm well aware that there are several player homes out there that allows you to store all your crap in specialized chests with 1 click on a button but obviously they use a lot of scripts which is why I made this for myself and any other player who doesn't like relying on scripts too much..

::::::::::::::::: What is special about it? ::::::::::::::::
It's not a jaw dropping player house, it's simple, has all the necessities but not in a lavish way (you won't feel like a nobleman entering his mansion, plenty of other houses out there are available if you want that), so go check it out yourself, if you don't like it, that's fine!

Has a lot of organized named chests, a few satchels, a couple of bookcases, several 4-row bookshelves for storing pretty much anything you come across in skyrim, books, weapons, armor, clothes, bones, ingots, hide, leather, journals, masks, claws, staffs, all types of potions and so on..

An Alchemy table, an enchanting table, all blacksmithing equipment except the forge and the smelter (you can use the anvil on the roof to craft instead), 1 double bed, a basement that you can use to house your followers and/or wife, I made this basement for those who use a lot of followers and need to assign a home to them and for those who don't like the sun.

Disabled the animal spawners near the watchtower to minimize pointless combat encounters while you are inside your new home.

All chests, safes, strongboxes, wardrobes are safe for storage, including the mail box.

The barrels and the Dwemer chest called Trash* are not safe, you can use the trash Dwemer chest to get rid of any crap you don't want, it's much better than throwing stuff away in the world because throwing stuff away increases your save file size.

It's clean, fully navmeshed, no ITMs or UTDs, no navmesh errors, follower friendly.

::::::::::::::::: How do I gain access to the watchtower? ::::::::::::::::
Look at the mod images, you should see where the map marker for the tower is and travel there, once you are there and discover the watchtower, try to lockpick the metal door or open the small mail box instead, in it you will find a note that points you to where you need to go, once you retrieve the tower's key, come back and open the watchtower doors and enjoy.

Make sure to read Namaof's Journal if you want to know the lore behind this watchtower, this poorly written journal took over 4 hours to write, it should give you a laugh or 2, it cracks me up honestly, if you find any grammatical errors, let me know ..

Video review of v1.0 of this watchtower (The watchtower has changed a lot in newer versions)
Special thanks to Misalen

::::::::::::::::: How to install ::::::::::::::::

Download the main file either with NMM or Manually, then activate or extract into your data folder

Load order: it worked fine when I placed the esp around the same spot where BOSS places other player homes so my esp should be placed after any armor mods you have (which is where BOSS usually places player home mods). If you encounter any issues then try to place it last in your load order.

::::::::::::::::: Recommended Mod ::::::::::::::::
Real Shelter (google Real Shelter tesalliance)
Note: Real Shelter is NOT required but if you have the latest version of it installed, rain should no longer go through the watchtower if you use v3.0RS of my watchtower

::::::::::::::::: How to upgrade to v3.0 ::::::::::::::::
How to Upgrade:-
1- Take your followers from the watchtower and travel to somewhere else like inside whiterun
2- Save and exit the game
3- Uninstall v2.0 then install v3.0
4- Travel back to the watchtower and enjoy the changes

::::::::::::::::: How to uninstall (Forever) ::::::::::::::::
1- Take everything you have stored in there
2- Travel to somewhere else, perhaps whiterun then go into another cell like the Bannered Mare or something
3- Save and exit the game
4- Deactivate with NMM or if you want to do it manually delete the following files
Data\FM - Namaofs Watchtower.esp
Meshes\Foaman\Abandoned Tower\ Meshes\Actors\Character\Facegendata\Facegeom\FM - Namaofs Watchtower.esp\ < Delete this folder
Textures\Actors\Character\Facegendata\Facetint\FM - Namaofs Watchtower.esp\ < Delete this folder
5- Done

::::::::::::::::: Credit ::::::::::::::::
Blary for his modder resources
Robinsage for figuring out the problem that was preventing RealShelter from protecting the watchtower from rain