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Okay, yes. Before you start throwing full sujamma bottles at the computer screen shouting "JKalenad, why do you have no creativity!", let me explain this mod.

My favorite armor in the Elder Scrolls is Bonemold Armor. The idea is brilliant, and when I found out that it was going to be featured in Dragonborn, I was excited beyond belief. The Dragonborn Bonemold Armor looks absolutely amazing, but I was a little disappointed that it was limited to heavy armor, unlike Chitin and Stalhrim.

There are problably ten billion Light Bonemold Armor mods out there (I found three, I think), and some of them have their own textures and so forth, but none of them perfecly fit my idea of true, lore-friendly Light Bonemold Armor.

So I made my own Light Bonemold mod. And it it literally lighter. Because I modified its texture. And Kyim made some great new meshes for the helmets! They only appear when worn. In the inventory, the helmets look like normal bonemold helmets.

The mod adds a new kind of armor: Light Bonemold. The two cuirass variants, boots, gauntlets, helmet and shield are in loot and vendor lists, so you can find it being sold in Raven Rock, or on Reavers and bandits in Solstheim after you reach level 14. You can craft it yourself, provided you have the Elven Smithing Perk. The recipe uses quicksilver Instead of iron ingots (hence the Elven Smithing perk) and a little less bone meal. It is also worth about 20 septims more than normal Bonemold Armor because of the quicksilver.
There are two variants of the cuirass, one using the original Bonemold Armor mesh, and one using the Light Stalhrim mesh. Both have the same crafting recipes and are equal in armor rating.
There is also an Improved Light Bonemold version, which you can craft after finding the bonemold formula on Solstheim.

This Light Bonemold Armor has the same armor rating as normal, heavy Bonemold Armor, making it equal to Scaled Armor, but heavier.

I considered requiring the Advanced Armors perk to craft the armor but since the Elven Smithing perk allows for the forging of Gilded Elven Armor, which is stronger than Light Bonemold, I left it at Elven Smithing.
I left the Redoran Guard alone because they seem to be pretty content with the armor they have.

Compatibility: Leveled lists are modified and added, but that should be all.

Let me know if you have any problems, and I'll try to help.