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Perpetual Obscurity is an ENB preset that I made last September, initially just for personal use. The idea was to create a visual style that is different from the others, while resembling the dark style of some of my old Oblivion pictures.

In short, this ENB will not make your game look better, brighter or more colourful; plenty of others are available that do just that. Instead, it will make the game dark, colourless and moody. Unfortunately, this does mean you will have a hard time actually playing the game, it simply wasn't made with that in mind.

I haven't been working on it for quite a while, and I don't know if I will ever continue the project. For now it does what it's supposed to do and I'm not sure what should be changed. It was made for the sole purpose of creating gloomy, dark pictures.

Because I recently noticed that some people are still using this ENB, I finally decided to upload it to the Nexus; making it easier to find for anyone interested.

- Monochrome ENB based on an older version of Winterheart
- Vignette effect, intensifying the dark atmosphere
- Optional white, grey and sepia vignettes
- Optional sepia palettes, ranging from subtle to intense
- Optional Dark Skies addon (.esp and .bsa file), making the clouds darker

The ENB is turned off by default, press shift + F12 ingame to activate it.

1. Download ENB v0.117
2. Place the d3d9.dll file, found in the zip archive from the link above, in your Skyrim directory
3. Extract the contents of the Perpetual Obscurity 7zip archive
4. Move the contents from the Perpetual Obscurity folder into your Skyrim directory
5. Optional features can be found in the Optional folder
6. [Optional] Vignettes and palettes have to be placed in the Skyrim directory, replace original files when asked
7. [Optional] Dark Skies' files should be placed in the Skyrim\Data folder
8. [Optional] Activate PO - Dark Skies.esp

[30-03-13] 1.0 Release

Boris Vorontsov - Developer of ENB Series
WoodManGamer - Winterheart - Atmospheric ENB

Additional Winterheart credits

HeliosDoubleSix - enbeffect.fx
PMind - enbeffect.fx
Matso - enbeffectprepass.fx