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Have you ever had the desire to roleplay as a member of a certain faction? Also, what's the point of roleplaying as a faction member if you have no faction mates to come along on your journeys? Patrol the roads with fellow Vigilants of Stendarr, fighting the daedra at every turn! Join a merry band of Orcish mercenaries! Recruit some Stormcloaks or Imperials to fight alongside you in valiant battle! Employ some Thalmor justiciars to quell the worship of Talos all over Skyrim! Hire Alik'r Warriors to help you find that mysterious Redguard woman! Of course there are many more possibilities, because I plan to flesh out followers for every faction in Skyrim, as well as non-canonical ones! (This modification is perfectly augmented by any follower mods and Live Another Life)


Factions included: Version 1.2.2 currently has 11 factions:

Imperial Legion - Solitude, Castle Dour Courtyard

Stormcloak Rebellion - Windhelm, Palace of the Kings

Alik'r Warriors - Rorikstead, Frostfruit Inn

Vigilants of Stendarr - Windpeak Inn, Dawnstar

Companions - Whiterun, Jorrvaskr Hall

College of Winterhold - College of Winterhold, Hall of the Elements

Orcish Mercenaries - Dushnikh Yal, the Orcish Stronghold

Thalmor - Thalmor HQ, Solitude

Thieves Guild - Riften Ratways Cistern

Nightingale Agents - Nightingale Hall

Hold Guards - Barracks of the town or city

In the next update:
The Silver Hand
Dark Brotherhood
Penitus Oculatus Agents


Can be installed with Nexus Mod Manager or manually placed into Skyrim's data folder.




Added guard followers of every city and town in Skyrim.
Dark face bug is actually fixed this time.
All followers now respawn if killed. Certain followers are protected and some are not, like the Imperial troopers, stormcloak soldiers, and hold guards. Change their importance with a follower mod if you wish.
Random hostility between followers and townspeople fixed.
Stormcloaks moved to Palace of Kings



Dark face bug fixed



Moved Thalmor spawn location from Northwatch Keep to the Thalmor Embassy in Solitude
Added the proper crime factions to most followers
Changed stats and various other things
All followers are made unessential
Moved Vigilants of Stendarr followers to the Windpeak Inn, Dawnstar (For Dawnguard users)
Added an archer to the group of Stormcloak followers
Added a beserker to the group of Alik'r
Added torches and food to all the followers' inventories
Changed every Imperial Legion soldier to ImperialRace

Factions added:

Thieves Guild and Nightingale Agents

Useful Mods:

Alternate Start - Live Another Life:

UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul:

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