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This mod fixes bugs and incorrect settings for Skyrim's weapons and armors, as well as changing values, keywords, and other properties to achieve greater consistency between the different weapons and armors.

The official 1.9 update or higher is required.
The Unofficial Skyrim Patch is strongly recommended, but not required.

This mod was created to compliment USKP. I have not included any changes already made by USKP except when it was necessary due to further edits that this mod makes to the items. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you use USKP with this mod. This mod is intended as an update and replacement for the original Weapons and Armor Fixes by Headbomb and should not be used together with that mod.

Simply download the all-in-one installer and follower the installation options. The mod can be safely uninstalled at any time. This mod should be place near the top of your load order but after the Unofficial Patches.

Recommended load order:
- Unofficial Patches
- Weapons & Armor Fixes Remade
- Clothing & Clutter Fixes
- Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade
- Smithing Perks Overhaul Remade

If using any of the optional "True Weapons" files, load them just after the main WAF file. If using any of the optional patches, load the patch last, after both Weapons & Armor Fixes and the other mod that is being patched.

For compatibility with Guard Dialogue Overhaul, make sure that GDO is loaded BEFORE Weapons & Armor Fixes. As of Version 5.0, Weapons & Armor Fixes has added SPIKE-VE keywords to relevant Dawnguard and Dragonborn items. This allows the changes to guard comments from Guard Dialogue Overhaul to extend to the DLC-added armors and weapons.

The changes this mod makes take several forms. The first type of change is straight and simple bug fixes. These are things that are obviously wrong, such as heavy armor keywords on a light armor cuirass. The second type of change is slightly more subjective and was made to improve consistency and balance between different items. Weapons and armor types were designed to scale in a particular way, and some items rather obviously break from that established pattern. This mod attempts to bring these wayward items into line with the normal progression of value, weight, damage, and other properties.

I'm not going to list every change made by this mod. If you want a complete list, open the mod up in TES5Edit and take a look. You can also look at the provided spreadsheet for many of the changes to item stats. Keep in mind that the spreadsheet does not include changes such as keywords, bash/block data, and equip/unequip sounds.

To get a better idea of what changes are included, here are some examples...

  • Bash and Block data still needed to be fixed for many items. For example, Heavy shields with Light shield data. Likewise there were a lot of instances where the Equip/Unequip sounds, Critical Damage, Stagger, Reach, and other stats were incorrect for a particular weapon.
  • Ancient Nord armor is no longer tied to the daedric perk. The Matching Set perk and the Fists of Steel perk will now also apply properly to this armor.
  • The 1.9 patch corrects many of the armor sets missing from the Matching Set perks. However, it still omits a few sets. The following sets now apply for the Matching Set perk: Fur Armor, Wolf Armor, Linwe's Armor, Summerset Shadows Armor, and Skaal armor (DB).
  • Dawnguard Heavy Gauntlets have been added to the Fists of Steel perk.
  • Matching Set perks for Dawnguard armors now give the correct 25% bonus, rather than 20%.
  • Matching Set perks for Dragonborn armors now give the correct 25% bonus, rather than 20%.
  • Nordic & Stalhrim axes now benefit from the Limbsplitter and Hack & Slash perks.
  • Forsworn Axe & Briarheart Geis now benefit from the Hack & Slash perk.
  • Both Dawnguard and Dragonborn were making changes to the Hack & Slash perk. These changes were conflicting if both DLCs were installed. I've combined the edits, so the changes will now carry through if you have both DLCs.
  • Some previously un-playable armors have been made playable, such as Thieves Guild armor worn by generic thieves, Worn Shrouded Armor worn by Dark Brotherhood Assassins, and Summerset Shadows armor. This was done very selectively and unplayable armors worn by ghosts, dremora, or unique NPCs has been left inaccessible for reasons of either balance or realism.
  • Various "Boots of Muffling" and "Helmets of Waterbreathing" (Chitin Heavy, Nordic, Stalhrim Heavy, Stalhrim Light) from the Dragonborn DLC have been added to the appropriate leveled lists. These items existed in the CK but hadn't been correctly added to the leveled lists, so they would never appear in game.
  • Corrected the Dragonborn shield leveled lists. Bonemold and Nordic shields were on the light shield lists, and Chitin and Stalhrim had been placed in the heavy shield lists.

  • Some items have been renamed for easier sorting or to make it easier to recognize which set they belong to. For example, Fur Boots and Fur Gauntlets were part of the Stormcloak set and not part of the Fur armor set. These are now called Fur Guard's Boots and Fur Guard's Gauntlets, and will apply to both the Stormcloak and the Fur matching sets.
  • Where I felt that the in-game appearance of an item deemed it appropriate, I've renamed certain "bracers" to "gauntlets." For example, all Dwarven Bracers are now Dwarven Gauntlets.
  • Hooded robes have been renamed to indicate that they are hooded varieties.
  • Imperial light armor is now called "Imperial Light Armor."
  • Studded Imperial Armor was renamed "Imperial Studded Armor" to allow it to sort alongside other Imperial gear.
  • Enchanted Chitin & Stalhrim armors were renamed to distinguish between Light and Heavy versions.
  • Renamed "Nordic Carved" to "Nordic" as this is consistent with the way the Nordic weapons and the enchanted Nordic armors are named.
  • Several obviously mis-named items have been corrected. For example "Ring of Minor Striking" is now "Ring of Minor Sure Grip."
  • Corrected Fortify Light Armor items that were mis-named "of the...Knight" to "of the...Squire."
  • Falmer Heavy armors renamed "Falmer Hardened"; Falmer Hardened armors renamed "Falmer Heavy" so that Hardened is now a higher ranked armor than Heavy.
  • Changed the name of "Ancient Falmer" armors to "Snow Elf" armor as this name is more appropriate given the way these terms are used both in game and in lore.
  • However, I did not rename items to the extent that Headbomb's Weapons & Armor Fixes did. If there wasn't a compelling reason to rename an item, I did not rename it.

Beyond straight-up bug fixes, this mod also changes the value and properties of some items so that they conform better to established patterns of progression among different material types. Many of these changes are fairly obvious when looking at a list of item stats. However, in some cases where the pattern was unclear, I had to make judgement calls on how (or if) to change a particular item. In these cases, I considered 1) properties for similar items, 2) the appearance and lore of that particular item and how changing the properties of that item might impact the game, 3) was the item unique, and 4) was the change significant enough to be worth making. If a change was indicated, but was minor and didn't upset the overall progression (for example, repricing Elven shields from 110 to 115), then generally I chose to leave it alone. Some examples of the changes made by this mod include:
  • Glass Greatswords now weigh 21 instead of 22.
  • Orcish Battleaxes now weigh 22 instead of 25.
  • Ebony maces now have a base damage of 15 instead of 16.
  • Ebony war axes now have a base damage of 14 instead of 15.
  • Daedric daggers now weigh 5.5 instead of 6.0.
  • Imperial equipment has been re-priced to match the value of equivalent steel items.
  • All amulets now weigh 0.5. Most necklaces already weighed 0.5 but some, like amulets of the divines, weighed twice as much. Their weight will now be consistent.
  • Skyforge Steel & Nord Hero items now have a much higher value that is more fitting to their properties as well as their presumed desirability.
  • The prices for all Wolf armor has been increased. It was originally valued closer to iron, but it's stats are somewhat better than steel. The price now better reflects its stats.
  • The different variations of the Thieves Guild armors (including Linwe & Summerset Shadows) can now be mixed and matched and still qualify for the Matching Set bonus (this is consistent with how other faction armors, such as the Shrouded Armor variants, are handled).
  • The bleeding damage applied by the Hack & Slash and Limbsplitter perks has been tweaked for consistency (the values used by these perks were really inconsistent and did not follow any sort of logical progression). Both perks now apply all damage over a 3 second duration with an increasing magnitude depending on weapon material. The new scaled damage values slightly increase the maximum damage achievable from this perk, but not enough to significantly alter gameplay. Dragon and Daedric weapons now do different amounts of bleeding damage based on their rank, just like the other weapon materials.
  • Rare and/or unique items now have values much more fitting to their status (though there shouldn't be anything too outrageous). Honestly, I think Daedric artifacts should be valued, much, much higher, but the purpose of this mod is to make values consistent with the conventions already established by the vanilla game, so I've not strayed far from this. Very simply, many of the daedric artifacts had extremely low base prices (Dawnbreaker had a base price of just 10; the Sanguine Rose was valued at 5). The enchantment value then added to this base price. However, the vanilla convention for generic enchanted weapons is to have the base value equal to that of the unenchanted base weapon and the enchantment value is added on top of that base price. Therefore, I've tried to price most of the daedric artifacts to reflect this, with their base value being equivalent to what a similar item with the same basic properties would be. The enchantment value will then increase this cost further, as it would with any other generic magic item in the game.

There are also a handful of changes that I felt were consistent with the appearance and/or lore of the item, but did not strictly conform to the vanilla conventions. These were personal choices that I felt were justified given the item's nature in-game. These changes are very few in number.
  • Given their spectral nature, I decided to make the Drainblood Battleaxe & Drainheart sword silent. I suppose if you really want to sneak around with a battleaxe, this is the one for you.
  • Crossbows make a Normal amount of detectable noise (they are no longer silent like bows).
  • Vanilla Falmer armors have been changed to light armor. There is some indication that this may have been the original intention for this armor, and particularly with the addition of the Falmer Heavy armor added by the Dawnguard DLC, the original armor makes more sense as a light armor.

This mod makes a few changes to the crafting categories to help declutter certain categories such Leather, Steel, and Misc which often get rather crowded with the addition of weapons and armors added by other mods.
  • The "Imperial" category in the crafting menu is now named "Faction" and all faction armors & weapons will appear here (assuming they have crafting recipes and appropriate keywords). Faction gear now included in this category are: Imperial, Stormcloak, city guards, Forsworn, Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, Wolf Armor, Blades, and Nightingale. Many of these items cannot be constructed in the vanilla game. This mod does not add new recipes, so other mods that do add recipes may potentially relocate the armors into other categories. For modders: If you wish your armor to show up in the Faction category, then include the keyword "ImperialStudded" as this keyword isn't used for any of the perks (ImperialLight & ImperialHeavy are used by perks).
  • Studded Armor has been relocated to the Hide category as in appearance, stats, and lore this is merely an upgraded form of hide armor. Likewise, Scaled Armor has also been moved into the Hide category, as again it is an improved version of hide (it still requires the Advanced Armors perk to construct it).
  • The newly vacated "Studded" category has been renamed "Clothing" and will now contain any recipes for items with the keyword ArmorClothing.
  • In addition, a new "Silver" category has been created for silver weapons. While there are only two silver weapons in the vanilla game, they never felt like they really belonged in any of the other categories, and many mods add Silver weapons. So the new category should help give these items a proper place to sort.
  • The "Ancient Nord" category has now been combined with the "Nordic" category added by Dragonborn. This category will now be available regardless of whether or not you have Dragonborn installed, and modders may use the new WAF_MaterialNordic keyword to place their items into the Nordic category.
  • Falmer items now sort into the "Chitin" category. This category can now be made available regardless of whether or not you hav Dragonborn installed. Any items using the new WAF_MaterialChiin keyword will sort into the Chitin category.

Changes have been made to the smithing perks to allow all weapons & armor in Skyrim to be improved further based on one perk or another. The perk tree itself hasn't been altered, but the keywords have been added to the various smithing perks to allow them to apply more consistently to the different types of weapons and armor in Skyrim and those added by the official DLCs.

Basic Smithing (formerly Steel Smithing) - Allows you to improve the following weapons & armors twice as much: Hide, Leather, Iron, Banded Iron, Imperial, Stormcloak, Wood, Silver, Studded, Forsworn, Penitus, Wolf, and Ancient Nord. If using the Dawnguard version, then this perk also allows you to improve Vampire and Dawnguard armor twice as much.

Dwarven Smithing - Allows you to improve the following weapons & armors twice as much: Dwarven and Falmer Heavy (from Dawnguard DLC).

Elven Smithing - Allows you to improve the following weapons & armors twice as much: Elven, Falmer, Chitin Light, and Morag Tong Armor (from Dragonborn DLC). The perk no longer allows improvements to Elven Guilded armor (moved to the Advanced Smithing perk).

Advanced Smithing (formerly Advanced Armors) - Allows you to improve the following weapons & armors twice as much: Elven Gilded, Scaled, Draugr Honed, Falmer Honed, Blades, Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild, Guild Master, Nightingale armor, Skyforge weapons, scimitars, and Nord Hero armor. If using Dawnguard, then this perk also allows you to improve Vampire Royal Armor and Snow Elf armors twice as much. If using Dragonborn, then this perk also allows you to improve Chitin Heavy armor twice as much.

To create an even more balanced smithing experience, check out Smithing Perks Overhaul Remade. While it isn't required, I highly recommend using Smithing Perks Overhaul with Weapons & Armor Fixes as they were designed to work together.


True Orcish Weapons:
This file reorders the quality progression of all Dwarven, Elven, and Orcish weapons in the vanilla game. By switching the stats and progression of these weapons, this mod allows for much better, more consistent, gameplay mechanics. The new progression from low to high quality is: Dwarven --> Elven --> Orcish. This makes much more sense with the way the armor scales in quality, as well as the arrangement of perks.
- Orcish weapons now have all the stats previously associated with Elven.
- Elven weapons now have all the stats previously associated with Dwarven.
- Dwarven weapons now have all the stats previously associated with Orcish.

The vanilla weapon progression is inconsistent with both the armor scaling and the arrangement of the perk tree. This creates several balance and gameplay issues. By the time you get the Orcish perk there's little reason to ever craft Orcish weapons, since Dwarven weapons are superior and you get the Dwarven perk sooner. Orcish weapons require more perks to craft than either Elven or Dwarven but are far weaker than either of these. Orichalcum is also more expensive and more difficult to acquire than Dwarven metal, which further throws off the ratio between the cost of materials and the value of the finished product.

It's also inconsistent with the lore provided by previous TES games. This is what the UESP wiki has for their Morrowind entry on Orcish: "There are very few Orcish weapons available, as they are more well-known as crafters of armor. However, the few that exist are fine weapons indeed, out-classing most other weapons in their respective classes in terms of damage." In Daggerfall, Orcish weapons were better than even Ebony weapons.

This file is not a quick hack job, but a very thorough change that addresses all of the relevant stats and leveled lists. I've changed not only the base weapons, but also every single Dwarven, Orcish, and Elven generic enchanted weapon. The enchantment levels have been made to scale properly for these generic enchanted weapons, and they've also been renamed to properly reflect the correct enchantment levels. All of the associated leveled lists have also been altered so that the weapons will appear at the appropriate time during the game.

True Daedric Weapons:
This file switches the values and stats for Daedric and Dragonbone weapons, so that Daedric weapons are the more powerful of the two.

Again, this change is consistent with both lore and the vanilla armor convention. This was actually a much simpler mod to make since Dragonbone weapons don't have generic enchanted versions, and they don't show up in the leveled lists. However, this change still doesn't address the inconsistency of having the Dragon Smithing perk arranged higher on the perk tree than the Daedric Smithing perk. For one solution to this, see Smithing Perks Overhaul Remade.

Faster Arrows:
This file increases the speed of nearly all arrows and bolts by 50% and also makes them fly at a slightly flatter trajectory. I've been using faster arrow settings in my game for a long time, and finally decided to just include my settings as an optional file. Most of the changes were originally from Faster Arrows by FordPerfect and full credit goes to him for these fixes. Versions have been provided that also include any projectiles added by the DLCs.

If you want more options for arrows and bolts, then check out Arrows and Bolts Tweaks by Kevkas. This is a great mod and offers many options to customize the speed, recovery, and other stats associated with arrows and bolts. At the very least, I strongly recommend installing the Deeper Bolt Impacts part of the mod.

Dragon Priest Masks:
This file changes the stats and keywords for the vanilla dragon priest masks to better balance them with other gameplay options. In the original game, all of the dragon priest masks had the ArmorMaterialDaedric keyword. This had two effects:
1) The Daedric Smithing perk was required in order to get the improvement bonus for any of the masks (even the light armor ones).
2) Despite clearly being made from different materials, every single one of the dragon priest masks fulfilled the requirement for the Heavy Armor Matching Set perk when worn with Daedric armor, boots, & gauntlets.

This file changes the keywords to match the specific material the mask is supposedly made from. This means that each mask will now pair with a different set of armor for the Matching Set bonus. It also means that different smithing perks will apply to different masks. To balance the fact that lower ranking smithing perks can now be used to improve many of the masks, I've also adjusted the armor ratings so they are more in line with the material type they represent. They are still generally several points better than the equivalent helmet of that type. Also, Morokei was changed to Clothing rather than armor in order to provide mages with a no-armor option, and Otar has been changed to Light Armor (both due to the appearance of the material it is made from, and to provide a bit better ratio between the number of light and heavy masks).

The inspiration behind this mod was Headbomb's Weapons and Armor Fixes. I know many have said that Headbomb's mod is no longer necessary and has been fully incorporated into the Unofficial Skyrim Patch. I decided to look at the two mods in TES5Edit to figure out whether or not this was true. What I found was that there were still many fixes that USKP hasn't yet covered (admittedly, some of the changes made by Headbomb aren't technically "bugs", and it's doubtful whether USKP will ever include them). Not surprisingly, there were also many changes that USKP makes that were missed by WAF. Unfortunately, Headbomb's WAF is rather out-of-date and overrides many of the changes from USKP. Sadly, this makes it unsuitable for use in current games.

I started from scratch without using Headbomb's mod and went through all the weapons & armor records, correcting the mistakes I found and making any changes that I felt were needed. I've taken USKP into account and have carried over changes from USKP whenever it was necessary. Afterwards, I did also compare this mod to Headbomb's original and picked up any changes that I hadn't already found. Amazingly, I managed to find mistakes that neither WAF or USKP had yet corrected and also corrected a few mistakes made by these mods. Having such great mods as USKP and WAF to independently corroborate my changes definitely helped, and I feel that the final result, when paired with USKP, is an incredibly thorough fix for Skyrim's weapons and armors.

Q. Does this mod make the same changes as the original Weapons and Armor Fixes by Headbomb?
A. Yes and no. In many cases it does make the same or similar changes. However, while this mod attempts to fix the same bugs and address the same general issues as Headbomb's Weapons and Armor Fixes, it is not meant to be a one-to-one duplication of that mod. This is a new mod and the decisions I made are not always consistent with those made by Headbomb. The Wolf Armor is a good example. Headbomb choose to de-value the Wolf Helmet to match the low vanilla prices of the rest of the Wolf armor set. However, I felt that given the properties of this armor (which is slightly better than steel) the cuirass, boots, and gauntlets were severely under-valued and did not reflect the true rank of the armor, so my decision was to increase the price for this armor (to slightly above their steel equivalents) to maintain price consistency across the larger scale of the game, rather than merely maintaining consistency within the set.

Q. Aren't many of the fixes found in the Unofficial Skyrim Patch?
A. Yes, USKP fixes many of the bugs found in the game. However, this mod is meant to correct bugs and inconsistencies that are not yet covered by USKP. It does not include the fixes from USKP, unless I also made additional corrections to an item, in which case, I've made sure to carry over the changes from USKP. For example, sometimes USKP would correct a mistake in the Equip/Unequip sound used by a weapon but it wouldn't fix an incorrect stagger value. This mod carries over the change from USKP, but also corrects the stagger value as well. I very strongly recommend using both mods together, as I've designed this mod to be used in conjunction with USKP.

Q. Looking at Weapons & Armor Fixes Remade and USKP in TES5Edit, there appear to be conflicts.
A. There are a few cases where I did correct values edited by USKP. These are relatively few, but yes, in some cases, I did change the values used by USKP. I only did this when I felt the value used by USKP was incorrect, or I had a good reason for choosing another value. Some are a matter of opinion, for example when USKP chose to round a value down, while I felt it was more appropriate to round up. Another example: Volendrung is considered Dwarven by USKP, but I've made it Daedric. You can argue that lore states it was made by the Dwemer, but I would argue that the material keywords indicate the type of material that composes the weapon and not the race of the smith who created it. To me, Volendrung does not look to be made from Dwemer metal and very much has the appearance of a daedric weapon (not to mention the fact that it is a daedric artifact).

If there are any further questions about the choices that I made, I have uploaded a spreadsheet that includes all of the new weapons and armor stats. This should provide a handy reference for the new values, as well as allowing you to see how and why I chose to set the values as I did.

A huge thank you to Eckss for explaining how to create the Integrated Compatibility System that this mod now uses.
Credit and thanks for the original mod goes to Headbomb. I can now fully appreciate just how much effort went into creating that mod.
And not least, many thanks to the USKP team for all their amazing work and continuing effort to find and correct so many of the bugs that plague Skyrim.

This mod does alter many of the items in the game. This means that any other mods that also changes these items will overwrite the fixes contained in this mod. I recommend placing this mod close to the top of your load over, after the Unofficial Patches. If you have other mods that overwrite the changes, you can use TES5Edit to carry over the fixes, or you can politely request that the author of the other mod include the bugfixes, though understand that the author may or may not be willing to do this.

This mod makes changes to the Limbsplitter and Hack & Slash perks in order to include axes that were omitted from these perks. If you are using another mod that alters these perks, then it will simply overwrite the changes I've made to the vanilla perks... but the Dragonborn axes are handled separately and won't get overwritten. If you don't want the Nordic & Stalhrim axes to benefit from the Limbsplitter and Hack & Slash perks (for example, if you are using a mod that changes these perks to have a different effect), then you can use the console to remove this effect.
Simply open the console and type: "set WAFLimbsplitter to 0" and "set WAFHackandSlash to 0"

Beginning in Version 2.0, I have introduced a new Integrated Compatibility System. The Integrated Compatibility System requires no separate Masterfile and will allow other mod authors to use the new keywords added by this mod without creating any dependency on Weapons & Armor Fixes.

This article explains how to create compatibility between WAF and other mods:
Weapons & Armor Fixes: Integrated Compatibility Guide
Creating compatibility with Weapons & Armor Fixes is incredibly simple to do and will generally only take a few minutes in Tes5Edit.

I grant full permission to carry over any changes made by this mod into other mods, if the changes they are making would otherwise conflict with this mod.
USKP has full permission to include any of my corrections in its future updates.