Solstheim Skaal and Hunter Tropical Outfits for Tropical Skyrim by sa547
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Requires Tropical Skyrim, Skyrim Update and the Dragonborn DLC -- may NOT work with older versions of Skyrim.
This mod also works best if your Skyrim is a legal Steam-enabled copy.

Nexus Exclusive Mod -- Do NOT upload this file to other sites without my consent.
Anything you see missing or something that doesn't look right, just leave a detailed comment (if English isn't your native language, use Google Translate before posting your comment). Thank you.

What is it?
Sure, you have Tropical Skyrim installed, and then you decide to pay Solstheim a visit. More specifically, the Skaal Village.

Once you get there, you're stunned at the greenification of the northern half of the island. However, to your dismay, the Skaal folk are still WEARING their thick winter coats. Same thing with the netch hunters you see often and gathered before asking you to come with them and kill a netch.

The solution? I just have to swap their coats for looser, lighter clothing or armor appropriate for their roles:
* Hide Armor -- Edla, Baldor Iron-Shaper, Morwen, Deor Woodcutter, Nikulas
* Iron/Hide Combo Armor -- Wulf Wild-Blood
* Regular Farm Clothing -- Finna
* Regular Child's Clothing -- Aeta
* Monk's Hooded Robes -- Storn
* Hunter (Hide/Pelt) Armor -- Netch Hunters

The exception is Frea, because she's a potential follower and her personal armorset is left untouched for a good reason.

Caution: any other mods that changes Aeta's default outfit (because of the underwear bug) should be deactivated prior to installation of this mod.

* Nexus Mod Manager: After downloading, find the mod and activate it to install.
* Manual: open the 7zip folder, then drag and drop the .ESP file into Skyrim's Data folder.

* On the loadlist, this mod should be loaded after Tropical Skyrim and associated modules.
* This mod will not take effect if you're at the Skaal village, so best to be someplace else before installing this mod and then fast-travelling to see the change.

Quit the game, and then deactivate and uninstall the mod from NMM, or manually delete the mod.

Any planned changes to this mod will require my express permission, but redistribution or uploading of this mod to sites other than Nexus and without my authorization is prohibited.

Soolie and his Tropical Skyrim. The game wouldn't be interesting without his mod.