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There is a little bug with the nexus mod manager, if you had the mod before v3 and didn't get the new features of v3 then do these quick steps:
1. Uninstall the mod.
2. Remove the mod from your nexus mod manager!
3. Go back to the download page and re-download the mod with the nexus mod manager.

The mod adds a chicken companion to the game. So far he can do everything a normal follower can do except fight.
He can be found standing in front of High Hrothgar. He can be used with a normal follower and does not effect stealth.

Video made by Svaalbard.

[NMM user]
Use the NMM the same way as always.

[Manual Install]
Copy Data folder to your Skyrim Directory.

[NMM user]
Use the NMM the same way as always.

Delete the files from the date folder.
- Data/ChickenCompanion.esp
- Data/meshes/actors/Ambient/Chicken/Character Assets/ChickenCompanion.nif

Known Issues:
- If you can't talk to chicken open the console, by hitting the "~" key, and type "set playeranimalcount to 0".
-The conversation box might get stuck and not work. FIXED!

Future Plan:
- Add a dismiss dialogue. DONE!
- Teach Chicken to use the unrelenting force shout.
- Let chicken do something.
- Give Chicken a backpack. DONE!
- Fix Known issues.

Change Log:
- v3 Adds dismiss in dialogue and fixes the dialogue bug!
- v2.2 Adds a leather strip to the backpack.
- v2.1 Chicken can lay eggs, Chicken can turn faster.
- v2.0 adds backpack!
- v1.1 Fixes minor stuff.

Svaalbard for making the nice video.

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