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FF Race quick fix
A quick fix for all the races from the FF Race mod by Ayuyu~.

Basic description
After posting a comment with my frustration on the FF Race mod, I was absolutely inundated with messages from people who shared my same pet peeves, and they have all been requesting a copy of my .esp. I am happy to oblige, although this .esp is by no means perfect. It simply does some temporary fixes until the full race is fixed.

This mod fixes several issues with the Elvaan, Viera, Mithra and Miqo'te found at

1. This mod fixes all of the issues with the text being nonsensical and nonexistant. It also gives the races logical, working powers that have descriptions. All races now have correct names and correct racial flavor text.

2. Something with the body was giving me CTDs upon startup of the mod. I have removed the offending body parts and it now no longer crashes. Occasionally the body will not appear correctly when selecting the race. Move to a different race and back, and the problem will be fixed.

3. I have removed the ugly ears and tail from the Viera, Mithra and Miqo'te races. You will need to provide your own ears and tails to have a true kitty or bunny girl. Elvaan ears are attached to the headmesh and cannot be removed.

Racial information:

=====Elvaan Female======

Racial Bonuses:
Restoration: 10
Heavy Armor: 10
Two-Handed: 5
Destruction: 5
One-handed: 5

Racial powers:
60 second berserk ability (same as Orc)
Battle Skill: Fortify melee damage 25 points

=====Miqo'te Female======

Racial Bonuses:
Sneak: 10
Archery: 10
Alchemy: 5
Light Armor: 5
One-handed: 5

Racial powers:
60 second night eye lesser power (same as Khajiit)
Miqo'te Pugilism: constant fortify unarmed and melee combat damage (similar to Khajiits, but also affects weapons)

=====Mithra Female======

Racial Bonuses:
Sneak: 10
Archery: 10
Alchemy: 5
Light Armor: 5
One-handed: 5

Racial powers:
60 second night eye lesser power (same as Khajiit)
Mithra resist disease and poison each 50%

=====Viera Female======

Racial Bonuses:
Destruction: 10
Archery: 10
Sneak: 5
Restoration: 5
One-handed: 5

Racial powers:
60 second night eye lesser power (same as Khajiit)
Viera magic resistance: constant resist magic 33%

This mod REPLACES Ayuyu~'s original .esp. Please back it up in case you do not like the changes.

Manual Install
1. Extract this archive to any folder and then copy the contents to Skyrim's Data
folder (Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim)
2. Start Skyrim Launcher, click Data Files, and enable the .esp file.

Follow uninstall directions from original mod.

Known bugs
The offending body parts that have been removed sometimes cause the remaining parts to look pixely or warped. Switch to a race and back again to fix it.

These are the questions I am most commonly asked. If you have a problem or question, please read this first. Chances are, it has been addressed. If you ask me any of these questions, I will ignore you. As a last note, English is not my first language. I can understand it usually, but when you type without vowels, use excessive abbreviations or contractions, create run-on sentences, and fail to use grammar in general, it makes you nearly impossible to understand. For my sake, please type legibly.

-There are missing parts of my body, black parts of my body, pink things, exclamation points, help!
These would be issues with Ayuyu~'s original mod. Double-check your installation.

-Why does the face look discolored/ugly/weird?
Some people had this problem with Ayuyu~'s old mod. Be sure you have the latest version before downloading my fix.

-Will you make add (x) to this mod?
Probably not. I am not new to modding, but I do not have a lot of experience with the Skyrim creation kit yet. This is just my quick and dirty fix that people were asking for. Feel free to ask anyway, but don't be sad if I say no.

-Where did you get the armor in (x) screenshot?
The links for the armors are in the relevant links section.

Please see Ayuyu~'s original mod for all included credits. They have done the vast majority of the work, I have just made a few changes.

Relevant links:
Original mod:
Female armors from:
Ears and tails available from:
Bunny ears are not allowed on Nexus, for whatever reason. Please Google Tera Mod Collection to find.

Tools Used
Skyrim Creation Kit

Please edit this .esp freely with credit to Ayuyu~, but let me know what changes you make to it. This is by no means a perfect fix, and I will be happy to support a better version if you have one!

To contact me for any reason, you can PM me on Oblivion Nexus/Skyrim Nexus/Nexus Network under the nickname KitsuneMitsukai.
I can also be contacted by email at: