FIERCE HOUSECARLS Skyrim Facelifts by RavenSylphe
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"As you will, my thane. I will protect you with my life."

I originally started working on each housecarl, one by one, planning on releasing them individually, which I might still do, but after some thinking, I thought it might be a good idea to release them together in a package. With each housecarl, I tried to enhance their character while trying to make them look like I believe a housecarl would; strong, fierce. These are men and woman willing to give their lives to protect you. I wanted them to look determined, fierce, strong, hardened. I hope I achieved that.
Includes the five vanilla housecarls;
? Argis the Bulwark, Markarth
? Calder, Windhelm
? Iona, Riften
? Jordis the Sword-Maide, Solitude
? Lydia, Whiterun
Hearthfire Housecarls:
? Rayya, Falkreath
? Valdimar, Hjaalmarch
? Gregor, The Pale

No extra mods.
Hearthfire required for Hearthfire Housecarls.

Mods I used when creating these facelifts;
? Covereyes
? Nuska Real Skin for Women
? Gizmodian Scars
? Better Males by Chris57
? Caliente's Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition -CBBE-
? Sporty Sexy Map - Athletic muscle mod
? Sporty Sexy Sweat - wet body skin texture
? HN66s Long Eye Lashes

? Installation : Use NMM or extract the files into the skyrim root folder manually. Make sure that the .esp is below mods that affect followers such as UFO
? Uninstallation : Use NMM or delete all of the files manually.

? My facelifts should be compatible with all mods, including follower overhauls, face/skin retextures, etc, etc. Just be sure to place the .esp at the end of the load order after all other companion mods.