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In the vast and complex Elder Scrolls games, small gameplay and balance changes can yield a cascade of side-effects through seemingly unrelated systems. In my experience modding Oblivion, it became progressively harder to maintain balance even between my own mods, since I assumed an unmodified game as the basis for each. Add mods by other authors, and all bets were off!

Skyrim offers a clean slate, so I'm adopting a different basis: Borealis.

Borealis is a family of mods. When designing each of them, my assumption is that you're using them all. This doesn't mean I'm throwing all external balance considerations out the window; but when I'm forced to choose between playing nice with an unknown multitude of other mods, versus creating the most cohesive and consistent experience possible within my own work, I will choose Borealis.

You can, of course, use some components and not others. That's why they're kept separate, instead of merged into a true overhaul: I can't expect anyone to use nothing but my mods! If you have compatibility issues or simply prefer someone else's take on a particular game aspect, it's perfectly safe to skip over some Borealis components while using the rest; it just becomes your responsibility, not mine or another author's, to ensure balance between the mods you've picked.

See the Nexus Readme tab for full details!

- Big Parts -
Blessings of the Nine
Racial Adjustment

- Small Parts -
Armor Scaling, Falling Damage, Soul Values, Trade Rates.