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--------October 27, 2016--------
Been working in the Creation Kit on version 5.0! I have NO idea when it will be finished, but it will require a new play-through because there are lots of changes. Old versions of Elysium Estate will always be available in the files section though.

PSA on the Skyrim Special Edition for this mod: Do not use this version in the Skyrim Special will not work. At some point, I do plan on releasing this mod for the SSE, which will have it's own new page on the SSE Nexus site.


--------October 17, 2016--------

Hi everyone! I have taken a long hiatus from mod making, playing Skyrim or making mods. I apologize to people who messaged me that I didn't respond to. Here are a few answers to common messages:

Q: "Can you help me with the creation kit?"
A: You don't want my help... I haven't touched the Creation Kit in over a year, and to get back into it is going to be a feat for me (as I have been using Unity for a year now...similar but a totally different challenge.) There are tons of awesome tutorials and youtube videos out there to help you though! And they are more thorough and better at explaining then I will be for you. Try for instance. He is awesome. Or  Or just search Youtube, Google or the Nexus forums. It's hard, but if you really care about learning, you will get there and create awesome things.

Q: "Will you add this or that or whatsacallit, or all of my favorite things?"
A: "Maybe! I love suggestions from people, and I do try to listen to the community. Ultimately, it comes down to what I want to add, but there have been many things added in the past to Elysium Estate that weren't my idea at all."

Q: "I can't move my kids in, the basement is laggy so can you make it more performance friendly, can you make it all one room so there are no load screens"?
A: Elysium Estate does come with some issues...mostly because I had my real life job to attend to, and I had to stop working on the mod. I apologize if you experienced issues, and you can ask people on Elysium Estate forums for help as they are more up-to-date on how to fix this issues for now.

Anyways, those are a few questions or comments I get from people often. If I didn't reply personally to you, it's because time is fickle and flies like an arrow (to the knee, hehe...)

AS for future updates...I very much still have ideas I'd like to implement. I'm kind of waiting on Skyrim Remastered to release, to see what that is all about. (I personally am going to get the upgrade). I'm not sure what that means for Elysium Estate yet. Leave comments and I will be watching the forums more closely from now on.

See you around soon!


Old Updates:
Important: (Updated originally 4/24/2015 & also 4/5/2016) Hello! This mod is on hiatus for the time being. I have real life to attend to at the moment (taking some courses, working at my career job, moving to a new city etc). I just wanted to let y'all know that Elysium Estate will always be free to download. I don't currently have it uploaded to Steam Workshop and have no plans to do so. I believe the best system is free modding and sharing our experiences and resources to create better mods. I made this mod for my own use and to create memories for other users. I hope I can continue to accomplish this in the future. Thank you for your support and endorsements. They make my day! Hope to be back working on Elysium Estate soon as I have lots of plans. <3



For General Stores Support:
If you experience floating land, tables, missing items, scripts not working:
  • Try a clean save:
  • Make sure load order is correct. Mod Organizer, NMM, or LOOT may not sort properly. (load order shown below)

Video Reviews:
Thanks for the review, Geeky Gaming:

Elysium Estate 4.1.1
Updated video for 4.1.1 by insaneohflex! 

Elysium Estate is medium-sized home located near Whiterun. The Hearthfires addon allows you to move your family into the home. Read below for descriptions and help using the home.

Elysium Estate is free, but locked. Read the note on the door. The key is to the right in the nursery.

  • Labeled Storage throughout the house for organization (all containers safe, no respawn)
  • If a container has "- Linked" on it's label, it links to another container in the home. (example: ingredients can be accessed from kitchen and alchemy station, potions can be accessed from basement, bedroom and entrance etc)
  • Navmeshed for NPC's with Idle Markers
  • Interior zones are "NoResetZones"
  • Using the Books of Elysium in the home allows you to toggle on/off certain features
  • Hundreds of hours spent on decor and placing of items

  • Exterior Highlights
  • Outside lanterns respond to day/night cycles
  • Vegetable garden and flower nursery, with harvestable plants and a bug jar display shelf
  • Cow and goat pen and hen house - custom markers keep the animals active throughout the day and sleeping at night
  • Medium-sized horse stables
  • Private porch with hot springs
  • Turn on/off fire pit
  • Chimney smoke toggles on/off depending on state of fireplaces inside

  • Interior Highlights
  • Sell and drop-off chest at doorway
  • Window lights respond to day/night cycles
  • Kitchen with cooking spit and storage
  • Dining area fountain, seating and a dining table 
  • With activators in the kitchen, serve 1-8 meals, serve drinks and change centerpiece
  • Follower's room for 5 and a beautiful spa
  • Living room with fireplace
  • Dovahkin's study/library with desk, display for Elder Scrolls and 8 bookshelves (+2 in the living room)
  • Dovahkin's bedroom with fireplace, custom bed and a custom Amulets of the Nine Divines display
  • Dovahkin's private spa with perfume/cologne bottles (adds a temporary bonus of +20 to Speechcraft)
  • Visit the loft for treasures storage, and an optional vampire or werewolf area

  • Basement Highlights
  • Beautiful alchemy station and enchanting station with all shrines, and display for azura's star/black star/paragons
  • Treasury room with Dragon Priest Mask display, Dragon Claw display and various weapon and shield racks
  • Book of Elysium: Enable/disable 16 mannequins in the Treasury
  • Book of Elysium: Enable/disable Daedric artifacts display in the treasury room
  • Book of Elysium: Enable/disable dagger/arrow display in the treasury room
  • Book of Elysium: Enable/disable Dawnguard and Dragonborn display in the treasury room
  • Crafting room with forge, smelter, workbench, grindstone, tanning rack and plenty of storage
  • Book of Elysium: Switch the weapons/armor displays in the crafting room from low-end to high-end

  • Optional Hearthfire Addon Highlights
  • Kid's room replaces follower room with 6 or 2 single beds
  • Book of Elysium: Enable/disable oven in kitchen
  • Hearthfire assets throughout house
  • Bee apiary outside
  • Milk your cow daily for milk (uses Berts Hearthfire Dairy Goods Upgrade)
  • Use your milk to make butter with the butter churn
  • Book of Elysium: Enable/disable 18 empty planter plots 

ELYSIUM ESTATE (Requires Dawnguard+Dragonborn DLCs)
Requires Skyrim version or higher
  • Download the Main Elysium Estate file
  • Extract the .esp and .bsa files to your game's Data folder
  • ElysiumEstate.esp is required
  • Extract the .esp to your game's Data folder
  • If you want kids: Hearthfire multiple adoptions. If you don't use this mod, you can't move your kids into Elysium Estate.


Here's an example of proper load order. Without proper load order, you may experience bugs/missing items/landscape issues. I also recommend keeping Elysium Estate near the bottom of your load order.

  • Dawnguard.esm
  • Hearthfires.esm
  • Dragonborn.esm
  • ElysiumEstate.esp
  • ElysiumEstate-HF.esp


  • Dawnguard.esm
  • Hearthfires.esm
  • Dragonborn.esm
  • ElysiumEstate.esp
  • ElysiumEstate-HFNoKids.esp


I will be watching the comments section and reading any requests. I may update this house again whether from my own new ideas, or ideas received by others.
  • There is a lot of greenery inside and outside of this house. It was the atmosphere that I wanted to create.
  • Most items in Elysium Estate are static items, so they won't fall over.
  • I did my best to create a working house. Just remember to backup your saves! I'm not responsible if my mod messes up your Skyrim save game.
  • If you leave me a comment, I'm a calling me dude or a sir or a guy or him...isn't correct. :P


February 21, 2014
Uploaded 4.1.1 files to fix the following bugs. Sorry for the troubles!
-Removed fountain sound in living room
-Fixed the bug causing all Dragonborn DLC items to not be displayable

February 20th 2014
4.1 is live. This version should stick. Major rewrite of all the display scripts with the awesome help of the friendly peoples of the forums.
Now, onto more surprises! Updating this page, making a brand new complete guide to Elysium Estate, and I have a few more surprises up my sleeves. Off to more work!

 View Changes tab at the top to see version history. 

Thanks to Bethesda for The Elder Scrolls and Creation Kit!
Thanks to Nexus sites!
Thanks to my husband, who helped me test this mod and give me feedback!
Thanks to my awesome followers and supporters on the Nexus!

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