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February 21, 2014
Uploaded 4.1.1 files to fix the following bugs. Sorry for the troubles!
-Removed fountain sound in living room
-Fixed the bug causing all Dragonborn DLC items to not be displayable

February 20th 2014
4.1 is live. This version should stick. Major rewrite of all the display scripts with the awesome help of the friendly peoples of the forums.
Now, onto more surprises! Updating this page, making a brand new complete guide to Elysium Estate, and I have a few more surprises up my sleeves. Off to more work!

4.1 Changes:
-Redesigned lighting to be brighter and less saturated
-Changed some decor
-Added more doors to stables to make them more open
-Fixed texture issue on stone walls at entrance
-Deleted foliage near bookshelves
-Deleted white dagger rack on dagger display in basement
-Fix a reference error with a static horse hide
-Combined all scripts into one script for display objects
-Moved "items" and "treasures" displays to loft
-Each interior cell now has it's own Elysium Estate Options Book to control that cell 
-Certain displays with lots of items now have their own storages, to be accessed by corresponding signs near the display
-Combined the DG+DB displays and moved the Daedric Display elsewhere
-Replaced fountain in 'den' with a chairs and a table setting (my own preference)
-Added the following items in displays:
--Draw Knife
--Red Eagle's Bane
--Drainblood Battleaxe 
--Drainspell Bow
--Drainheart Sword 
--Champions Cudgel
--Staff of Jyrik Gauldurson
--Nightingale Bow
--Nightingale Blade
--Firiniel's End
--Imperial War Horn
--Nordic War Horn
Removed the following items in displays:
--Crown of Barenziah
--Thieves Guild Skeleton Key

HF Addon
-Updated lighting to match main file
-Added option for a kids room for 2 or 6 kids using the EE Options Book
-Released optional no kids version

    4.1 is best used on a new save game or on a game that has never used Elysium Estate. However, if you want to update from previous versions, follow these tips. Keep in mind that clean saves don't always fix everything. 
    If updating from older versions, version 4.0 requires a clean save.. If you have odd bugs, the bed is out of place, the dining table is off or activators aren't working etc.... you can fix this by using the following guide:

Elysium Estate
Elysium Estate is medium-sized home located near Whiterun. The Hearthfires addon allows you to move your family into the home. Read below for descriptions and help using the home.

Elysium Estate is free, but locked. Read the note on the door. The key is to the right in the nursery.

  • Labeled Storage throughout the house for organization (all containers safe, no respawn)
  • If a container has "- Linked" on it's label, it links to another container in the home. (example: ingredients can be accessed from kitchen and alchemy station, potions can be accessed from basement, bedroom and entrance etc)
  • Navmeshed for NPC's with Idle Markers
  • Interior zones are "NoResetZones"
  • Using the Books of Elysium in the home allows you to toggle on/off certain features
  • Hundreds of hours spent on decor and placing of items

  • Exterior Highlights
  • Outside lanterns respond to day/night cycles
  • Vegetable garden and flower nursery, with harvestable plants and a bug jar display shelf
  • Cow and goat pen and hen house - custom markers keep the animals active throughout the day and sleeping at night
  • Medium-sized horse stables
  • Private porch with hot springs
  • Turn on/off fire pit
  • Chimney smoke toggles on/off depending on state of fireplaces inside

  • Interior Highlights
  • Sell and drop-off chest at doorway
  • Window lights respond to day/night cycles
  • Kitchen with cooking spit and storage
  • Dining area fountain, seating and a dining table 
  • With activators in the kitchen, serve 1-8 meals, serve drinks and change centerpiece
  • Follower's room for 5 and a beautiful spa
  • Living room with fireplace
  • Dovahkin's study/library with desk, display for Elder Scrolls and 8 bookshelves (+2 in the living room)
  • Dovahkin's bedroom with fireplace, custom bed and a custom Amulets of the Nine Divines display
  • Dovahkin's private spa with perfume/cologne bottles (adds a temporary bonus of +20 to Speechcraft)
  • Visit the loft for treasures storage, and an optional vampire or werewolf area

  • Basement Highlights
  • Beautiful alchemy station and enchanting station with all shrines, and display for azura's star/black star/paragons
  • Treasury room with Dragon Priest Mask display, Dragon Claw display and various weapon and shield racks
  • Book of Elysium: Enable/disable 16 mannequins in the Treasury
  • Book of Elysium: Enable/disable Daedric artifacts display in the treasury room
  • Book of Elysium: Enable/disable dagger/arrow display in the treasury room
  • Book of Elysium: Enable/disable Dawnguard and Dragonborn display in the treasury room
  • Crafting room with forge, smelter, workbench, grindstone, tanning rack and plenty of storage
  • Book of Elysium: Switch the weapons/armor displays in the crafting room from low-end to high-end

  • Optional Hearthfire Addon Highlights
  • Kid's room replaces follower room with 6 or 2 single beds
  • Book of Elysium: Enable/disable oven in kitchen
  • Hearthfire assets throughout house
  • Bee apiary outside
  • Milk your cow daily for milk (uses Berts Hearthfire Dairy Goods Upgrade)
  • Use your milk to make butter with the butter churn
  • Book of Elysium: Enable/disable 18 empty planter plots 

ELYSIUM ESTATE (Requires Dawnguard+Dragonborn DLCs)
  • Requires Skyrim version or higher
    • Download the Main Elysium Estate file
    • Extract the .esp and .bsa files to your game's Data folder
    • ElysiumEstate.esp is required
    • Extract the .esp to your game's Data folder
    • If you want kids: Hearthfire multiple adoptions. If you don't use this mod, you can't move your kids into Elysium Estate.
    Here's an example of proper load order. Without proper load order, you may experience bugs. I also recommend keeping Elysium Estate at the bottom of your load order.
    • Dawnguard.esm
    • Hearthfires.esm
    • Dragonborn.esm
    • ElysiumEstate.esp
    • ElysiumEstate-HF.esp

      If you want to move your spouse in, use Spouses Can Live Everywhere

      Multiple Floors Sandboxing will allow your followers to use the interior spa. Use your favorite follower mod (search the nexus) to ask you follower so to live at Elysium Estate.

      Hearthfire multiple adoptions. If you don't use this mod, you can't move your kids into Elysium Estate.

      If you have problems with floating grass or rocks! Source:
      Open up both Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini and at the bottom of the [Grass] section add/alter this:


      1. Was it tested with TES5Edit?
      A. Yes, it was tested and cleaned of any dirty edits. There are some references in ElysiumEstate-HF.esp that should not be cleaned (that only affect ElysiumEstate.esp).

      2. My armor disappeared on my mannequin, I have mannequin problems.
      A. This is a Bethesda problem; try this fix: Vanilla Mannequin Script Fix

      3. Why don't you have Automatic Storage?
      A. There is no one Automatic Storage mod that I find perfect and writing my own would take me longer than I'd like to spend right now. I may add an Automatic Storage someday, but no promises.
      If you really love or need Automatic Storage, you can try this: Craftable Cloud Storage.
      Or use this approved General Stores patch for Elysium Estate, but there may not be an updated version. Created by xanthumn.

      4. I messaged you or left you a comment and you never responded:
      A. Sorry about this! I get a lot of messages and comments, and some can get lost in the midst. I also may not have responded if you answer was on this page already. But if you feel it is important, just message me again.

      5. Why can't I harvest the plants and fish inside the home?
      A. Because the interior is a noresetzone, meaning if you harvested them, they would not come back. I have placed collision on these objects and/or they are static.

      6. Why don't you have a quest/automatic storage/bard/more scripted features/etc etc etc etc?
      A. Time restraints. Adding some of these features takes a lot of time. I have to teach myself how to do these things before I add them. So I don't know if or when I'll add new features like these. There are a thousand things I'd love to do with the mod, but life happens. 

      7. Why aren't the plants in the garden respawning?
      A. Vanilla plants respawn in 10 days time, but you must be out of the cell. Hearthfire plants respawn in 2-3 days, but you must be out of the cell.

      8. Can you make a Master version so I don't have to use so many .esps?
      A. Elysium Estate is now paired with Dawnguard and Dragonborn. But Hearthfires is a separate addon because of the many features it adds. 

      I will be watching the comments section and reading any requests. I may update this house again whether from my own new ideas, or ideas received by others.
      • There is a lot of greenery inside and outside of this house. It was the atmosphere that I wanted to create.
      • Most items in Elysium Estate are static items, so they won't fall over.
      • I did my best to create a working house. Just remember to backup your saves! I'm not responsible if my mod messes up your Skyrim save game.
      • If you leave me a comment, I'm a calling me dude or a sir or a guy or him...isn't correct. :P
      View Changes tab at the top to see version history. 

      Thanks to Bethesda for The Elder Scrolls and Creation Kit!
      Thanks to Nexus sites!
      Thanks to my husband, who helped me test this mod and give me feedback!
      Thanks to my awesome followers and supporters on the Nexus!

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      Ayleid Textures

      Scripting Help
      Nexus Forums - Item Display and Storage
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