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If updating from older versions, version 3.2.1 requires a clean save. Read below in the Installation section on how to do a clean save. If you have displays not working, or items in strange places, it means you didn't make a clean save and will need to make one.


Things to finish before I can release the update....

Test kids adoption
Test followers and idles in house
Final check and clean mod

Elysium Estate

Elysium Estate was originally created as an alternative to using Breezehome. It is located near Whiterun and is based on the Breezehome design. It is a medium-sized home that was decorated to please the eye. The Heathfire version allows you to move your family into the home. If you use the Dragonborn and Dawnguard addons, you will have additional support in the house.

Elysium Estate is free, but locked. Read the note on the door. The key is to the left in the nursery.

  • Included background story if you read the Elysium Estate Journal provided inside the entrance
  • Labeled Storage throughout the house for organization (all containers safe, no respawn)
  • Linked storage on certain containers (example: ingredients can be accessed from kitchen and alchemy station)
  • Navmeshed for NPC's with Idle Markers
  • Interior zones are "NoResetZones"
  • Books of Elysium - Customize parts of your home
  • Exterior Highlights
  • Outside lanterns respond to day/night cycles
  • Vegetable garden and flower nursery built into the side of the home, with harvestable plants and a bug jar display shelf
  • Cow pen and hen house - custom markers keep the animals active throughout the day and sleeping at night
  • Medium-sized horse stables
  • Private porch with hot springs
  • Turn on/off fire pits
  • Interior Highlights
  • Sell and drop-off chest at doorway
  • Kitchen with cooking spit
  • Window lights respond to day/night cycles
  • Living area with fountain, seating and a dining table (set the table by using the recipe book)
  • Follower's room for 4 with beds and a beautiful spa
  • Dovahkin's living area/study with fireplace and 12 bookshelves
  • Dovahkin's bedroom with vault for Septims and treasures and a custom Amulets of the Nine Divines display
  • Dovahkin's private spa with perfume/cologne bottles (adds a temporary bonus of +20 to Speechcraft)
  • Loft located above the living room
  • Book of Elysium: Switch between the Elysium Estate blue bed and the default Skyrim green bed (for those people needing the default bed for other mods such as See You Sleep or Immersive Beds)
  • Basement Highlights
  • Beautiful alchemy station and enchanting station with all shrines, and display for azura's star/black star
  • Treasury room with Dragon Priest Mask display, Dragon Claw display and various weapon and shield racks
  • Book of Elysium: Enable/disable 17 mannequins in the treasury (1 goes in the crafting room)
  • Book of Elysium: Enable/disable Daedric artifacts display in the treasury room
  • Book of Elysium: Enable/disable treasures display in the treasury room
  • Crafting room with forge, smelter, workbench, grindstone, tanning rack and chopping block
  • Book of Elysium: Switch the weapons/armor displays in the crafting room from low-end to high-end
  • Optional Hearthfire Addon Highlights
  • Children's room with 2 double beds (sleeps up to 4 kids)
  • Oven in kitchen
  • Hearthfire assets throughout house
  • Bee apiary outside
  • Milk your cow daily for milk (uses Berts Hearthfire Dairy Goods Upgrade)
  • 8 empty planter plots - 4 in the nursery and 4 in the garden
  • Optional Dawnguard Addon Highlights
  • Book of Elysium : Enable/Disable vampire coffin in loft
  • Book of Elysium : Paragons display
  • Book of Elysium : Elder Scrolls display
  • Dawnguard assets added as decor
  • Optional Dragonborn Addon Highlights
  • Book of Elysium : Black Books display
  • Dragonborn Dragon Priest Masks and Claw added to displays
  • Dragonborn assets added as decor

Book of Elysium means you can enable/disable the item

Requires Skyrim version or higher
ELYSIUM ESTATE (no addons)
  • Download the Main File - REQUIRED for ALL VERSIONS
  • Extract the .esp and .bsa files to your game's Data folder

  • Main file is required
  • Extract the .esp to your game's Data folder
  • If you want kids: Hearthfire multiple adoptions. If you don't use this mod, you can't move your kids into Elysium Estate.

  • Main file is required
  • Extract the .esp to your game's Data folder

  • Main file is required
  • Extract the .esp to your game's Data folder

Here's an example of proper load order using all addons. Without proper load order, you may experience bugs.

It is not recommended to update your current version with a new version if your current savegame is inside/near the exterior of Elysium Estate. A clean save helps eliminate glitches caused from having a save in an old version.
  • Remove all items/followers from home, make a NEW save game away from the interior and exterior of Elysium Estate.
  • Delete ElysiumEstate.esp and ElysiumEstate.bsa and replace with updated .esp and .bsa files to your game's Data folder.
    If you want to move your spouse in, use Spouses Can Live Everywhere. However, your spouse will not leave the first floor unless you use My Home Is Your Home (or similar mod) and assign their sleep area upstairs to fix this.

    Hearthfire multiple adoptions. If you don't use this mod, you can't move your kids into Elysium Estate.

    If you have problems with floating grass or rocks! Source:[/color]
    Open up both Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini and at the bottom of the [Grass] section add/alter this:


    No Quest Items - Use this mod to be able to display items like Elder Scrolls, Black Books etc (quest items) in the house
    Unlimited bookshelves
    Vanilla Mannequin Script Fix
    Extensible Follower Framework or Followers can Relax or Ultimate Follower Overhaul

    Convenient Horse Herding
    Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM
    Skyrim HD - 2K Textures
    Skyrim Flora Overhaul
    Radiant and Unique Potions and Poisons HD
    Female Mannequins

    • RCRN may be dark in the interior. I will add a patch for this at some point.
    • Navmesh may not be perfect - take screenshots and send them to me if you want something fixed.
    • If you download with NMM install and objects are missing, download the mod manually.
    • There is a high amount of detail with this mod. Depending on how many mods and texture replacers you use, performance may suffer.
    • Some of the weapon racks or displays are designed for a “specific” type of weapon. It is a Bethesda bug. If a weapon doesn't fit or work, try another.

    Below are the mods I've tested specifically with Elysium Estate. (I don't guarantee 100% compatibility with anything though!) Also, if you are using multiple mods from the list below with Elysium Estate, I can't guarantee the the outcome.

    • The Classier Luxury Suite
    • Immersive Settlements (tested with version 0.55) : Elysium Estate should be loaded last.
    • Ebonvale (tested with version 2.7): Elysium Estate should be loaded last. Just a small terrain quirk here or there, nothing major.
    • Immersive Beds (tested with version 1.01): Compatible, but you must switch out the Elysium bed for the default Skyrim bed (you can do this in-game using the Elysium Estate Options Book).

    • Frostfall : You can warm up at the fires in the house, but it is possible to die if you become cold and stay way from fires too long. Also, this may be a glitch with Frostfall for now, but make sure you are warm before you sleep, as you will wake up cold.
    • Tropical Skyrim (tested with version 1.1) : Semi-compatible because it does work, but there is some tree/foliage clipping. You can disable trees that clip using the in-game command console.
    • Dynamic Things - Many containers in Elysium Estate are linked references to hidden containers, and Dynamic Things doesn't seem to register these containers. They should be ignored through the menu.
    • Whiterun Outskirts Market - Overlaps in terrain and assets but can technically be used. Load Elysium Estate last.

    • Whiterun Mansion (tested with 3.32test): While technically Elysium Estate can be used with this mod, there is a lot of overlap and ugly terrain tearing.
    • Buy_Whiterun2 (tested with version 2.0) : Technically Elysium Estate can be used with this mod, but buildings from the mod block the road entrance and there is overlap around the Estate. Not recommended to be used with this mod, but it is possible.
    • Dragon Lord Castle (tested with version 2.4) : Overlap with Elysium Estate grounds
    • Four Seasons Inn (tested with version 1.02) : While technically Elysium Estate can be used with this mod, there is a lot of overlap and ugly terrain tearing.
    • Springberry Manor (tested with version 1.9): Technically Elysium Estate can be used with this mod, but there is overlap and ugly terrain tearing. Elysium Estate should be loaded last.
    • Project Flintlock Rifle - Sequel to Musket Mod: Technically Elysium Estate can be used with this mod, but there is a lot of overlap and ugly terrain tearing.

    1. Was it tested with TES5Edit?
    A. Yes, it was tested and cleaned of any dirty edits.

    2. My armor disappeared on my mannequin, I have mannequin problems.
    A. This is a Bethesda problem; try this fix: Vanilla Mannequin Script Fix

    3. Why don't you have Automatic Storage?
    A. There is no one Automatic Storage mod that I find perfect and writing my own would take me longer than i'd like to spend right now.
    If you really love or need Automatic Storage, you can try this: Craftable Cloud Storage

    4. I messaged you or left you a comment and you never responded:
    A. Sorry about this! I get a lot of messages and comments, and some can get lost in the midst. I also may not have responded if you answer was on this page already. But if you feel it is important, just message me again.

    5. Why can't I harvest the plants and fish inside the home?
    A. Because the interior is a noresetzone, meaning if you harvested them, they would not come back. I have placed collision on these objects.

    6. Why don't you have a quest/automatic storage/bard/more scripted features/etc etc etc etc?
    A. Time restraints. Adding some of these features takes a lot of time. I have to teach myself how to do these things before I add them. So I don't know if or when I'll add new features like these.

    I will be watching the comments section and reading any requests. I may update this house again whether from my own new ideas, or ideas received by others.
    • There is a lot of greenery inside and outside of this house. It was the atmosphere that I wanted to create.
    • Most items in Elysium Estate are static items, so they won't fall over.
    • I did my best to create a working house. Just remember to backup your saves! I'm not responsible if my mod messes up your Skyrim save game.
    • This mod has been cleaned with TES5Edit.
    • If you leave me a comment, I'm a calling me dude or a sir or a guy or him...isn't correct. :P

    V 3.2.1
    -Balanced lighting and glow even more
    -Added cooking pot to outdoor spa area with links to food and drink storages inside
    -Fixed display so either Blade of Woes are accepted
    -Moved Pelagius's hip bone display to a more obvious spot
    -Added a dagger display case and 2 larger displays in basement
    -Added activator for Ansilvund Ghostblade in basement
    -Add 3 storage chests around forge in basement
    -Added Clothing Rack storage near front door
    -Hearthfire version - moved location of options book
    -Dawnguard version - moved location of options book
    -Dragonborn version - moved location of options book

    V 3.2
    -Removed Dwemer assets in basement (they take up a lot of memory) and replaced them with more Whiterun inspired assets
    -Added Dawnguard Addon (see new additions in description)
    -Added Dragonborn Addon (see new additions in description)
    -Balanced lighting (again)
    -Created a new separate optional display for Thieves Guild treasures
    -Treasures Display (now called Artifacts Display) and Daedric Display were re-designed
    -Added loft room
    -Hearthfire Version: - (updated with Elysium Estate V 3.2)

    V 3.1.1
    -Changed lighting to fix many issues (fixed bright orange when using RCRN)
    -Fixed noble bookshelves that were wonky in the study

    V 3.1
    -Balanced sounds such as chimes in basement or waterfalls
    -Changed a few decorations to optimize performance slightly
    -Added more rugs
    -Raised Dovahkin's spa to account for room below (when using hearthfire)
    -Elysium Estate is compatible with Frostfall now. The house will keep you warm.
    -Elysium Estate is more compatible with Enhanced Lights and FX
    -Added room bound and portal to house interior to help with lag
    -Replaced shield plaque with default shield plaque (it was breaking due to Unofficial Skyrim patch)
    -Fixed various small bugs throughout mod
    -Fixed idles in exterior hot springs - they were "off"
    -You can no longer "jump" through the basement glass walls into the grotto and get stuck
    -Added gate to exterior entrance and fixed navmesh in this area
    -Moved enchanting/alchemy to basement
    -Added azura's star/black star display next to enchanting area
    -Changed "creation room" into a study/library
    -Added/fixed follower idles inside house
    -Add trapdoor from backyard into basement
    -Added Hearthfire Addon

    V 3.0
    -Performance has been improved.
    -Entire house has been uplifted with a new design of my preference. The house has been optimized for the player as well as up to 4 companions.
    -Turn on and off the fireplaces or fire pits with the Fire Lever
    -Elysium Estate has been moved back towards the mountains so it is compatible with Immersive Settlements, Whiterun Markets and other mods that use that space. This new location allowed me to fix some other bugs as well.
    -Added an exterior door to the back of the house
    -Larger stables for horse
    -New chicken coop with named chickens and a cow
    -Updated and elevated exterior hot springs with porch deck
    -New training area
    -Added extra house keys inside
    -Elysium Estate Options Books - control different options around the house by activating the menus in these books
    -You can now switch between the Elysium Estate blue bed and the default Skyrim green bed (for those people needing the default bed for other mods such as See You Sleep or Immersive Beds)
    -You can now choose from three dinners for the dining table by activating the recipe book in the kitchen
    -You can now choose between low-end and high-end display weapons in the basement
    -Enable/Disable 16 mannequins in the treasury room
    -Added activator for wood dragon mask
    -Added activator display for Daedric artifacts (optional)
    -Added activator display for various Treasures (optional)
    -Added collision to walls that were ghosted
    -Crafting room is located in a new grotto environment
    -Companion suite is located on main floor now, with 4 beds
    -New spa room connected to the companion suite

    V 2.2
    -Enhanced performance as much as I could before 3.0
    -Deleted the double mannequin in basement

    V 2.1
    -Fixed double bed upstairs - followers can sleep in it now
    -Changed Glass armor in crafting room to a static item
    -Fixed some architectural issues
    -Found a fix for the mannequins walking around - they mostly should stay put. And there should be no more invisible barriers because of their movement
    -Fixed the invisible mannequin near the dragon claws
    -Moved shield/weapon racks above mannequins higher up
    -Added water feature to follower's fountain
    -Added recipe box to alchemy table
    -Spa storage container is now under sink in spa room
    -Removed display case in bedroom

    V 2.0
    -Added livestock and livestock pen to the side of the hen house
    -Added an exterior hot springs pool and deck near the fire pit
    -Swapped the crafting room & companion room - made changes to each room as I felt needed in their new places
    -Removed GeneralStores mod and created my own storage containers
    -Added a hidden trapdoor from back of exterior yard down to the basement
    -The memory requirements became too great and I had to split the house into two sections with a load door
    -Added a backstory and locked the house when you first arrive
    -Made optimizations for memory performance
    -Created custom claw, dragon priest mask holders, bug display and amulet display
    -Fixed all mannequins and weapon racks
    -Added one mannequin to crafting room
    -Deleted the two mannequins near the door - they would *not* stop walking around. Replaced with display cases.
    -Fixed the three stone faucets from dimming when you move a certain distance from them
    -Fixed the seats in the spa room so that companions could actually activate them - didn't work before
    -Added a few misc extra storage containers around the home
    -Added some more candles around the home
    -Changed and/or added a fair amount of decor in the house
    -Added collision to the vault bars when they are closed - you can only access your vault if bars are up now
    -Tweaked alchemy and enchanting stations so companions would not clip into table when using them
    -Tweaked the forge fire as it was clipping
    -Added follower idles and markers around home exterior and interior
    -Added activators so sink faucets can be turned on/off.
    -Added external emmitance to all exterior lights around the house (lights will now respond to daylight)
    -Added interior location data such as "LocTypeDwelling", "LocTypeHouse" and "LocTypePlayerHouse"
    -Multiple other changes or fixes not mentioned in this log
    -Fixed deleted navmesh error

    V 1.1
    -Fixed location persistent references in WhiterunLocation that had been accidentally tweaked
    -Restored original WhiterunBreezehome door - it had gotten moved. WhiterunBreezehome cell should be clean now
    -Removed changes to cells that didn't need changing
    -Deleted EBMiscStorage as it affected other wardrobes of the same kind - replaced with unique cabinet
    -Added a DragonPerch to exterior of home
    -Added two books to home
    -Switched out flame above dining table to something smaller

    V 1.0
    - Release


    Thanks to Bethesda
    Thanks to Nexus sites
    Thanks to my husband, who helped me test this mod and give me feedback!
    Ceano - Ayleid Textures
    mrpdean - Lakeview Manor
    Oaristys - Modders Resource Pack
    stoverjm - Open Books Library
    DanielCoffey and doccdr - Book Covers Skyrim
    berticus0001 - Berts Hearthfire Dairy Goods Upgrade
    Narmix - Silly Level of Detail - Potions and Poisons
    exray catt - Radiant and Unique Potions and Poisons HD
    Blary - Openbooks - Booksets -Alchemy Clutter - Ingredients Wall Art
    Modder's Resource List from TESAALLIANCE and their amazing custom meshes/textures from:
    For scripting help and ideas - tutorials-without-youtoob
    Inspiration for starting this mod - Belda Elysium