-WIP- Morrowind Immersion Project by GendunDrup and Adventfather
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This is a project to give solstheim and windhelm a more Morrowind feeling. It's starting out as just a texture replacement mod but it will become much more later. Message me if you want to do anything in the project, I'm open to ideas. I also am going to need help with this mod with some CK work. It will be very simple and you will be credited.

What is included in this mod?
-Morrowind style Dremora and eyes
-Symbols of the great houses on Dunmer clothes
-Cliffracers in Solstheim
-Cliffracer food you can cook
-Two familiar NPCs from Morrowind, Krazzt and Anhaedra. They're guarding a new temple now. The Raven Rock temple. They're the two Dremora temple guards from Morrowind. They're equipped with Morrowind style Daedric armor and a Daedric katana.
-A player owned Telvanni settlement south of Bloodskaal Barrow which will soon be populated.

What's new in 1.6?
-Tel Drath now has two guards
-Ash Ghoul follower at Tel Drath.

Planned for next update:
-Vivec's Ashmask, an artifact from Morrowind is now hidden in Solstheim
-Telvanni guards in Tel Mithryn and Tel Drath
-Scamp merchant Creeper
-Tel Drath fully navmeshed
-Reclamation Ordinators wandering Skyrim and a Reclamation High Ordinator in the Raven Rock Temple.

Raven Rock Expanded:

I've added an add-on for the mod Raven Rock expanded which adds symbols to the clothing included in that mod so it matches the rest of the edited dunmer outfits. This requires Raven Rock expanded which is available here:

Future plans:
Adding Telvanni guards to Tel Mithryn.
Dunmer children in Raven Rock and Windhelm
Morrowind creatures in the leveled list like Dreughs, Guars, Durzogs, Goblins, Ash Zombies, Ash Ghouls, and Ascended Sleepers.
More Great House themed replacers
Adding a Raven Rock Dark Brotherhood sanctuary with companions
Adding a Morrowind themed mount for solstheim
Add an illegal slave camp with Khajiit, Dagi, Pahmar, Argonian, Imga, and Sload slaves.
A Durzog pet
A Guar pet
Some Solstheim unique weapons becoming truly unique.
A player owned Telvanni settlement.
Scamp and mudcrab merchants.

Requirements: Dragonborn and Dawnguard DLC

Q and A:

Q: Vivec's Ashmask is worth too much gold and I can exploit it easily.
A: Then don't exploit it, the mask of a god made to cure the illness of the poor isn't going to be worth 200 gold.

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