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Here is a Supergirl costume I made for myself. It is a retexture of Lollipop Chainsaw Outfit - UNP by ThomasR100 .

I had requests to publish it, so I did. Your welcome.
If you really like this, download and endorse the above link. His meshes are great and his permissions allow me to release this.
I made this Supergirl costume stand alone. His mod is so good I didn't want to interfere with it, either.
The boots are standalone Nightingale retexture.

Craft at the leather rack with leather and strips.

The cape is an optional file that is a texture replacer for the Nightingale cape for use with UNP - Hmm What To Wear by Nightasy and Brokefoot.
This optional file will replace all Nightingale cloak textures
That is why it is optional.

I recommend UNP - Hmm What To Wear by Nightasy and Brokefoot .
The panties and armor maskings lend themselves to this nicely. The armor slots for the skirt and top are to the same standard as theirs.
This mod is made with it specifically in mind.

Top is slot 46

Skirt is slot 49


Let me see them!
Just keep it SFW.

Apparently my character is ugly.


I use NMM.

Just merge my Data folder with yours.
Everything is in supergirl folders in meshes and textures, and the Supergirl Costume.esp is easy to find for removal.


ThomasR100 for the meshes and permissions
Nexus forums
MurdermiesteR (me)

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