Transmogrification - Copy Armor Stats by Dienes
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Added: 25/03/2013 - 03:51PM
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Last updated at 15:54, 31 Mar 2013 Uploaded at 15:51, 25 Mar 2013

This mod allows you to specify a set of armor to copy stats (AR, weight, value, and enchantment) to and then specify armor pieces to copy from. The intended usage is that you can set mod added armor as the copy to armor and adventure in it and adjust the values to whatever armor you find/buy. This lets you looks stylish while still having progression in your character's equipment.

Requires SkyUI 3.1 or greater and SKSE.

To use it equip your mod added armor and open the SkyUI MCM menu. Click the Do it button. Then as you find armor you want the stats of equip it, open the MCM menu and click the button next to the armor type to copy the stats. You can then remove the armor and put your mod added armor back on.

Note: This mod changes the stats of the base armor and not just the items you happen to be carrying. If the armor is used by NPCs they will have the same stats you do so use it with care.

Thanks to Bonnie Lass for the inspiration/motivation to make this.

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