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After a month of hard, nearly non-stop work, I'm proud to present to you the next installment in the Forbidden Magic series! Thanks to everyone for getting my last Forbidden Magic Pack so popular. Seriously, over 10,000 views in a MONTH!? I didn't expect it to get more than 1,000! I freakin' love you guys!

I'd also like to give a special thanks to my friend Sleepy LOCO, he was a HUGE help in making this spell pack! :D

The goal of this mod series is to add unique spells and powers to Skyrim, while still staying lore-friendly and balanced. Each spell pack contains 10 spells and powers. The content of each pack is largely influenced by your suggestions -- so speak up! If there's something you want added, changed, balanced, or just plain deleted, tell me!



All spell tomes can be found in the College of Winterhold, inside the Arcanaeum (Library). They are just outside the main room, on a small table near some shelves.

Quietus: Does damage normally, but when the target is below 20% health, it does twice as much damage, and when the target is below 5% health, it does triple damage!

Fire Bomb: A big, giant fireball that you can launch through the air and just watch it sail over the walls of a keep, crashing onto the ground and sending your pathetic enemies flying.

Bloodcurdle: Absorbs Health from an enemy, but if that enemy is using magic, then Stamina and Magicka are also absorbed.

Ethereal Lightning: Purple lightning is SO mainstream. I only use green lightning that knocks back power attacking targets.

Purify: Cures your diseases and unpoisons your poisons!

Ball Lightning: Shoots a big ball of electricity that explodes for high damage.

Emerald Blast: Green thingy made of polygons that does damage instantly and over time.

Ice Burst: Fires three ice spikes that can rip through multiple targets. Triple ice spike powah!

Tremor: Creates an earthquake that knocks down opponents directly hit by it and staggers everyone else.

Rejuvenation: Regenerates the caster's health really fast for ten seconds, but costs a pretty big chunk of Magicka.



-Gave Fire Bomb a much more awesome explosion effect. The spell itself is not changed.
-Decreased the impact force of Ball Lightning to a more realistic level.

-Added the tomes to their respective leveled lists. They can now be found in loot from monsters, chests, etc.
-Changed Ice Burst into an Expert level spell, like it was supposed to be.

-Moved the tomes just outside the entrance to the main library in the Arcanaeum, on a table near some shelves. They are free now, but must be stolen.

-Fixed a glitch causing Urag gro-Shub not to sell the tomes.

-Added the Rejuvenation spell and tome.
-Gave Urag all the spells so he could sell them. No more freebies!

-Added the Ice Burst spell and tome.
-Added the Tremor spell and tome.
-Gave Emerald Blast a much cooler impact effect.

-WIP release.