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---Cleaned by TES5Edit---

I loved the original Christmas Bikini by LoverBr so much, but when CBBE v3.2 was released, Caliente delivered some very nice underwear for females.

I still wanted a Santa's girl bikini though so I redid the texture by hand using the base of the original underwear by Caliente with inspiration from the original by Loverbr so it was similar.

Everything is standalone so you can keep whatever underwear texture you like -or lack thereof :P!

Everything can be found in the present above the mine in Dawnstar (see the picture). I've included two sets of each, one for him and her.

No .bsa for v2.5, I couldn't get Skyrim to load textures when I tried to pack everything up nicely. Sorry :(



1. Extract the archive to your "steamappscommonskyrim" directory.


2. Install using the Nexus Mod Manager.


If you used method 1. delete the files you extracted.
If you used method 2. uninstall via Nexus Mod Manager.

There are no inventory models for the underwear, so please do not drop it!

Thanks to Caliente for permission to work with her body models to make this standalone.