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Many may not know, but true Skyrim chickens are actually distant relatives to Dragons. They may not possess the thu'um, fight or look as ferocious as a Dragon, but they match Dragons in size, speed, and their bones are equally strong enough to forge Dragonbone armour and weapons.

*This was my first mod attemp, so please be nice! My brother(Pat the uncreative-gineer) helped me out with most of this so i give a bunch of credit to him as well. All this mod does is make all chickens in skyrim have way more health, make them faster, and sound like dragons and they have dragonbones you can collect after you kill them. This is just for mere fun and commical purposes. It's also in the steam workshop as well if you can't download it here, it has the same title as it does here. I hope you guys enjoy this mod!

*And if you cant find any (even though they're hard to miss now) you can spawn them with:
player.placeatme 000A91A0 "number of chickens you want"
click somewhere in the distance if you want to see them spawn a ways off: placeatme 000A91A0 "number of chickens you want"
*Don't add quotation marks though.