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What It Is:  Alchemy Redone provides an alternate potion crafting system without replacing vanilla alchemy.  Use one, use the other, use both, with no conflicts!

* Portable crafting stations!  Alchemy Redone adds five new crafting stations which you can carry with you.  The Crucible turns raw materials into poison reagents, the Alembic turns raw materials into beneficial reagents, the Retort turns reagents into concentrated potions, the Flask turns reagents into concentrated poisons, and the Mortar and Pestle reduces some minerals to reagent powder.  You can buy these tools at alchemy stores, or craft them at the forge.
* New potions!  Alchemy Redone adds new, powerful potions and poisons.  Higher alchemy skill unlocks new formulas.  These new potions are more concentrated than the vanilla potions, but also require more raw materials and more work at the laboratory bench.  Use your time and resources wisely.
* Non-replacer!  Use the vanilla Skyrim potion system at will, including portable alchemy kits from other mods!
* Convenient!  Distill raw ingredients into light, portable, multi-use reagents!  Alchemy Redone's super-concentrated potions and salves are a fraction of the weight of vanilla potions, and since they're new items, they're fully compatible with anything that alters vanilla potions.
* Full vanilla functionality!  If your perk tree includes Concentrated Poison or Green Thumb, you'll still have those benefits with Alchemy Redone.
* Safe and stable!  Scripts run just when you activate the Alchemy Redone apparatuses, then end. Scrubbed squeaky clean with TES5Edit 3.1.1!
* Compatible with mods that change the vanilla alchemy system!  Completely separate intermediates and potions ensure that you can use your favorite overhaul alongside Alchemy Redone.

You can buy Alchemy Redone items and perks at any apothecary and some court wizards who (according to game canon) should have an interest in alchemy.  You may also buy perk tomes at these places--they're expensive, because they're powerful.  To help you out, you can also find Alchemy Redone perks on a few high level generic magical enemies.  Again, they're quite rare. In addition, you can find a full set of equipment and perks in the Fort Kastav Captain's Quarters, for testing ( coc FortKastav02 ).  Once you have access to Malachite or Dwarven Ingots, you can make your own apparatuses at the forge.

Can't find perk tomes on enemies or at apothecaries?  You may have another mod overwriting the leveled list changes from Alchemy Redone.  Solve this with a bashed patch, by moving Alchemy Redone below the suspect mod in your load order, or accessing the perks from either the Fort Kastav chest or the console.

Bought all the perks but feel you should have more formulas available?  Many are unlocked by your alchemy skill level--to keep rich dilettantes from being able to match a dedicated student of alchemy.

Are the perks too expensive, or too cheap?  Let me know!  Also, there are a few Alchemy Redone recipes available for sale in the game, which allow you to make that formula without the perk investment.  I can expand that capability, if people like it.

Fully compatible with PerMa.
Fully compatible with SkyRe.
Fully compatible with Requiem. (thanks, ThPassenger!)
Fully compatible with Radiant and Unique Potions and Poisons HD
Fully compatible with SPERG, ERSO, Skyrim Unleashed, Phitt's Alchemy Overhaul, and any other mod which affects alchemy.  Alchemy Redone uses entirely new, custom constructible objects!

If you have an elaborate or custom load list, please let me know how Alchemy Redone works for you, so I can update the compatibility information!

Open season on bugs!  
Have you found a bug?  Let me know in the comments! To help me fix problems quickly, please give as close to the exact name of the problematic potion as you can.

Balance problems?  Are certain concoctions too powerful/not powerful enough?  Are formulas too easy to make/too hard?  Let me know!  When you make balancing suggestions, please also report if you use mods that make the game easier or more difficult.

Compatibility problems?  If you encounter problems, please report them in the comments so I can update the compatibility list for our fellow players.

Load order:
AlchemyRedone.esp should be loaded with the "Alchemy" group in BOSS. OR trust LOOT to set the load order.  Works great for me!

Alchemy Redone and Alchemy Redone Perk Tomes were cleaned by TES5Edit Version 3.1.1

FOEnthusiast for the original Chemistry mod, which was the inspiration and the blueprint for this mod.  If you don't like Alchemy Redone, check out Chemistry; it's fantastic!  
IndigoNeko and Is This Display Name Taken? for Skyrealism Crafting Kits and Crafting Complete, respectively, the tool scripts of which were super-helpful in making the portable alchemy stations.
Oaristys and Tony67, whose Modders Resource Pack provides the meshes for the Crucible and Alembic.
Blary's Alchemy Clutter Resource provides the mesh for the new Scholar's Flask.
Hat tip to Volvaga0 for the awesome Dwemer goggles in the screenshots.  Always wear gloves and goggles when performing alchemy.  Safety first! 
Hat tip to Exray Catt for Radiant and Unique Potions and Poisons HD, as seen in the screenshots.  Beeyoooootiful mod. for the wonderful title image.

Change Log:

4.2:  Fixed perk notes giving the wrong perk. So if you couldn't find your favorite Hermetic Circle potion, that's why. Hope you found out before you were facing Mephala Death Knights, like I did :-)   Fixed master-level healing potion mass production recipe. 
v 4.12:  Edited leveled lists.  Super special unique Grandmaster level recipes added to--random bandits.  Oops.  I mean--a gift! To you!  For trying the mod!
v 4.11: Don't ask.
v 4.1:  Finalized custom constructible object and perk system.  New leveled lists to add Alchemy Redone objects, formulas, potions, and reagents to the world.
v 4.0 BETA:  Created new standalone Alchemy Redone perks.  Switched all crafting formulas to use the new perks.  Changed Alchemy Redone restore health/mana/stamina potions to create the vanilla potions, so followers will use them.
V 3.2ML: Added recipes for crafting potions from GenghisBob's More Interesting Loot.  Requires that mod, found here: 
v 3.2: Carried over an additional Unofficial Skyrim Patch change, to the weather in a cell in Forelhurst
V 3.1: Carried over change to Grave Concoctions from Unofficial Skyrim Patch, miscellaneous bugfixes.
V 3.0: Various name changes and fixes. New formulas. Different recipes for existing formulas. New crafting station, Scholar's Mortar and Pestle. New powdered minerals as reagents. Added the ability to craft potions otherwise available only to the thieves' guild questline. Removed craftable scales, as they were difficult to place. Removed ability to make apparatuses into static workstations. New buyable formulas; buy Alchemy Redone recipes from Alchemy Shops to bypass perk requirements.
v 2.0: Added recipes for synthetic Fire, Frost, and Void salts, available with the Experimenter 1, 2, and 3 perks, respectively.  Changed the names for Umbra, Carry Weight, Hush, and Frostbite to avoid name redundancy which can be confusing with the Favorites menu.
v 1.9: Added two new formulas, Umbra and variously named leveled Carry Weight potions.  Added an immersive tutorial book and a box of alchemy tools in Fort Kastav Captain's Quarters. Various adjustments to reagent formulas, so intermediaries are available neither too early nor too late to make formulas as they're unlocked.  Every intermediary should have at least one common ingredient which can be processed without perks.  Added craftable clutter items.  Fixed magicka regen on Magician's Unguent.
v 1.8: Made it possible to use Alchemy Redone apparatus outside your inventory.  Drop the tool, then go into sneak mode to turn it into a static crafting station.  When you're done crafting, go into sneak mode again to move it back to your inventory.  Added a new, craftable mortar and pestle for vanilla alchemy which uses the same script, for completeness' sake.
v 1.7: Added new elemental and magic resistance potions Flameward, Frostward, Shockward, Spellward.  General rebalancing, making some reagents easier to access.  Fixed some formulas which were assigned to the wrong crafting stations.  Fixed the Flask being crafted using an Alembic kit.
v 1.6 : Moved poison formulas to the new Scholar's Flask object to unclutter the crafting menu.  Added new Druid's Unguent which pacifies nearby animals for a time.  Added more versions of some poisons to be available at lower alchemy skill.  Made Calamine easier to craft.
v 1.5 : Tweaked Alchemy Redone reagents so they can be used at the vanilla alchemy bench, too.  Tweaked tool recipes to use malachite ingots instead of ore (thanks for the feedback, Nofumasa!)
v 1.41 : Removed tools from blacksmiths and added tool crafting kits at Alchemists'. Because it was bugging me that you couldn't buy glassware at an alchemy shop.
V 1.4 : Added a new set of alchemy tools which can be favorite'd (thanks, HoleyGrail!).  Added new formulas for Healing Poultices, which give a 1 unit/second health regeneration for 10 minutes, plus a leveled Fortify Health effect.  Added a recipe for Charcoal in the Crucible, for convenience.
v 1.31 : Added a dummy effect to Spiritus Vini to avoid a CTD when tasting the ingredient (Thanks, LittleFighter!).  Alchemy vendors weren't carrying AlchemyRedone tools in their inventory; thanks MattBison for reporting this!  I changed the method of adding tools to vendors; instead of relying on keywords, the tools now have their own leveled list which is added to apothecaries.  This shouldn't interfere with other mods which add items to vendor chests, but if you do run into problems, please let me know!  
v 1.3 : Added new potion formulas Holy Water (six strengths) and Hermetic Circle (three strengths, available starting at a medium Alchemy skill).  Thanks, ThPassenger, for the idea and feedback!
v 1.21 : Split Sal Sapientie into two potions, because the visual effect with SkyRe was giving me a headache.  Changed Doom-Drum from an acute to a chronic effect.
v 1.2 : Added new potion formulas Burning Heart, Thunder Heart, Frozen Heart, Burning Blood, Frostbite, Thunderstruck, Bezoar, Ethereal.  Added two epic-level formula, Aqua Benedicta, Aqua Maleficarum, and the apparatuses and notes required to make them.
v 1.1 : Fixed duplicates in Soldier's Liniment and Sorcerer's Unguent.
V 1.0 : Initial Release