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My Home II

Optional file, locate the house in Whiterun.

My Home


A new home for the player, with all the necessary and moore, but respectful and balanced.
East of Whiterun, has marked on the map, is the ground level and no undergrowth.

That is the mod

- 55 secure containers.
- A follower, without the dark face.
- 10 mannequins, with human aspect, of both sexes and without the dark face.
- 6 Weapon Plaques.
- 10 Weapon Racks.
- Whole crafting, tables, kitchen, 2 beds and wood cutting pit.
- Interior light control.
- A good Nav Mesh.
- Changes in the textures of some furniture and rugs.
- 10.000 arrows, retouched with light and extra power.
- Zone archer.
This is the most important, but there is more.


Copy the entire contents of the rar to the data folder in the game directory.


-Delete My Home. esp file from Data folder of the Skyrim installation directory.
-Delete the folder: Meshes-actors-character-FaceGenData-FaceGeom-My Home.esp
-Delete the folder: Textures-Actors-Character-FaceGenData-FaceTint-My Home.esp
-Delete AAASanchez.pex file from Scripts folder.


- Save the game when you come into your home, (no kick save) and reload.
- - Better Females by Bella
- - Ultra Realistic World Lighting, just a color.