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This mod is for all people who like to collect books. You probably noticed that the vanilla player houses don't offer enough storage space for the hundreds of different books you can find in the game. This mod will fix that issue once and for all.

Mod Features

  • Collect and display all your books in one place.
  • 32 ( thirty two ) large bookshelves forming a library
  • Each shelf can hold up to ~45 books
  • Assign a librarian to the library
  • Flexible sorting of your book collection

The Library

The library's main hall contains 32 bookshelves. One for each letter of the alphabet plus some extra shelves for special categories like spellbooks.
Add books to the empty bookshelves by 'activating' the shelves. All the books which fit the activated shelf will be removed from your inventory and placed automatically.

The Librarian

You can assign one of your followers to work as a librarian in the library.
The librarian can handle the placement of new books which you bring to the library. To do this choose the appropriate dialog option and hand over the books. The librarian will then start placing the books. If a book doesn't fit it will be dropped in a separate chest.
The librarian can also copy books for you. Just drop the book on the desk in the librarian's room. It will take one ingame day until the copy is completed.

The Location

I like the dwarven architecture and Markarth is still my main base of operations. So I decided to build the library beneath Vlindrel (the player house in Markarth). You can buy it from the steward like all the other house decorations. The door will replace two of the original bookshelves but no worries the contained books will be moved to the library. The library is of course compatible with my other mod: Vlindrel Secret Treasury.

Perhaps I will port the library to the other holds/houses later. But don't count on it. For now it's available in Markarth only.

New in V2

It's now possible to make copies of certain rare quest books before you turn them in to Urag of Winterhold College.

Also, using the business book on the table in the librarians room you can now count the books in your library. Be patient please. Counting can take a while especially if you have lots of books in your library. I got 300 of 470 books and it takes about 1~2 minutes for the script to crawl through all the lists. I recommend reading a book while it is busy counting.

Installing the Library

Download the main zip ( ) and extract files as usual

Optional: select a plugin from the optional section to change which books will be displayed on the shelves or to adjust the sort oder of your library (see below)

The Sort Order Plugin

The sort order can be customized through a separate plugin ( library_listings.esp ). This is optional but highly recommended because the default listing will just place the books like they appear in the creation kit.

NOTE: This also defines which books will be displayed on the shelves and which go to the trash chest.

If you want to change the order in which the books appear on the shelves or if you want to add certain books to the library, you can load library_listings.esp in the creation kit and change the form lists to your likings. There is one list for each shelf and one master list which contains all the other lists. Here is how to do it: If you plug in a secondary display it can be done in about 10 min.

Having the listings in a separate plugin allows to change the order more easily without editing the main library esp. You can change the sort order plugin anytime. Just reenter the library and make your librarian sort the books.

I can only provide a listing for the german version (which will sort alphabetical by title). If someone with the english version creates a listings esp then it would be nice if you upload it somewhere and post a link in the comments or send me the file and I will put it in the dl section here for the other english people.