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WEBS extended:

This completely retextures all the webs and cobwebs that appear in dungeons and other parts of Skyrim and the DLCs (DLCs not a requirement).
I thought the default spider webs looked too much like rope, for my personal taste and liking.
In the optional section there is a retexture of the spider egg sacs, should you wish to change the appearance of them.
Check out the screen shots to see the differences this mod makes to the default textures.

All textures are 1k, so they shouldn't cause a noticeable fps drop if any, unless you have a very old machine with very low specs and fps drops even with the default game.

Version 0.1
Updated textures and particle effect to what I think improves the webs over my original ones. Added egg sac as optional. I've left the original up in case you prefer that one.

Version 0.2 Final
Updated textures and particle effect to a higher standard (I think it gives them a more creepier feel), check out screenshots for a comparison with v0.1. I've ironed out all the bits which I wasn't very happy with in v0.1, especially after living with them for a while. I don't think I can improve on them any further with my level of texturing skill, so this will be the final release (unless any errors or problems are discovered). I'll leave the previous versions up in case you prefer them.

Thanks for all the endorsements (totally unexpected and appreciated), downloads and all the positive feedback. Thanks very much.