Ancient Falmer Crown HD Re-texture and In Game Placement by Barneq
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Added: 21/03/2013 - 09:50PM
Updated: 08/04/2013 - 11:31AM

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You can download now whole armor here

Ancient Falmer Crown HD Re-texture and In Game Placement


Hi all, its my first mod on nexus and first re-texture that i made so go easy on me with comments :P. I like the design of this armor but the textures are blurry so i decided to make this mod.
Comments whit suggestions and bug's notices appreciated.

Go download , try and if you like it , endorse. If not uninstall and don't flame :P .

The crown placement file are optional to download as there are many mods already to Ancient Falmer Crown.

Texture Size 1024x1024 (Vanilla size 512x512)
Normal Map Size 1024x1024 (Vanilla size 512x512)
Specular Map Size 1024x1024 (Vanilla size 512x512)

Crown now give 16 base armor and also benefit from the Elven Smithing perk like rest of Ancient Falmer Armors. Crown go to circlet slot so the hair are not gone in 3rd p.w. but it self is a light armor item so you have bonus from light armor set.
You find Ancient Falmer Crown now equipped on Arch-Curate Vyrthur head. I think it's pretty lore friendly.

Use NMM to install or place the files in data folder