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Spell Crafting For Skyrim

Create and save your own custom spells during normal play by combining over 40 different magic effects. With the ability to vary the duration, the target type, the amount of damage, the level of targets affected, and more for each magic effect, there are literally thousands of possible combinations.

Each crafted spell can have up to five magic effect. You can combine Destruction effects with Illusion to make a Fury spell which also damages its target. Or combine Restoration effects with Alteration to make a spell to increase a follower's armor and fortify their one-handed and block skills. Or add a Conjured Bound Bow to an archery fortification and a muffle effect to craft a perfect assassin's spell.

The only limit is your imagination!

Featured in Skylight #11. Thanks Gopher, very cool!

** Requires SKSE 1.6.6 (or greater) and SkyUI 3.0 (or greater, to use the MCM menu)

Version 0.9.5

Version 0.9.5 increases the number of effects each custom spell can have from three to five. Now your custom spells can be bigger and badder than ever!

To update from any previous version:
  • A clean save is required. See the Updating section below for detailed instructions.

Continued thanks for all the feedback, suggestions, and endorsements!

A Russian translation of Spell Crafting for Skyrim is now available, check it out here.

Thanks to DJ_Kovrik and MobyArt for all the hard work to make this available!

How It Works

An Altar of Spells has been added to the Hall of Attainment in Winterhold. Activating the Altar will allow you to pick from the list of magic effects you have mastered and combine them into new spells. You can have up to 25 custom spells at a time. Once a spell has been created you will be able to name your new spell and have it appear in your spell menu with that name.

Magic effects are mastered by learning Cantrips. There is a Cantrip for each magic effect; learning the Cantrip for a magic effect will allow you to use that effect when creating new spells. Cantrips can be learned in two ways. You can purchase Cantrip Tomes from Melrin Amborsius, the keeper of the Altar of Spells -- a new vendor who has been added to the Winterhold staff. Or you can learn Cantrips during normal play by casting spells from the original game which use a similar magic effect. Each time you cast Sparks or Chain Lightning, there is a chance you will learn the Shock Damage Cantrip if you don't already know it. However, not all magic effects can be learned in this way -- so be sure to see what Melrin is selling from time to time.

A complete library describing each magic effect, all of its possible variations, and their associated casting costs and perks has been provided. Check the shelves around the Altar of Spells for these Tomes.

The Spell Crafting Journal

The first time you use the Altar of Spells, be sure to pick up your Spell Crafting Journal. The Journal will let you review the Cantrips you have currently mastered, examine the details of the spells you have crafted, and forget custom spells. Reading the Journal will activate menus to guide you through each activity. The ability to forget a crafted spell lets you get rid of spells that you aren't happy with, or create more powerful versions of your favorite spells when your Magicka level increases.

New Magic Effects

Spell Crafting for Skyrim adds several new magic effects not available as spells in vanilla Skyrim.

Absorption -- Craft spells which absorb health, magicka, or stamina from a target and add it to your own.

Damage Attribute -- Craft spells that directly damage the health, magicka or stamina of a target. Requires less magicka than Absorption, Fire, Frost, or Shock damage.

Weakness -- Craft spells which give the target a 25%, 50%, or 100% weakness to Fire, Frost, Shock, Poison, or Magic.

Conjure Dragon Priest -- Craft a spell to conjure a Dragon Priest for 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 120 seconds, or permanently.

Slow -- Craft spells that slow a target's rate of movement.

Detect Life and Detect Undead -- New versions have been added that do not require a constant magicka drain.

Resistance -- Craft spells that provide 15%, 25%, or 35% resistance to Fire, Frost, Shock, Poison, or Magic for 30, 60, or 120 seconds.

Fortification -- Craft spells that provide 15%, 25%, or 35% fortification to Marksman, Block, Light Armor, Heavy Armor, One Handed, Two Handed, Health, Stamina, Alchemy, Speechcraft, Enchanting, Lockpicking, Smithing, Sneak, or Carry Weight. The fortification lasts for 30, 60, or 120 seconds.

Cure Disease -- Acts like a Cure Disease Potion without the need to carry potions.

Magic Ward -- Create a barrier to absorb damage or effects from spells without a constant magicka drain.

Weapons Ward -- Create a barrier to block physical damage without a constant magicka drain.

All Magic Effects

The complete list of magic effects that can be mastered and combined is:

  • Absorb Health, Magicka, or Stamina
  • Damage Health, Magicka, or Stamina
  • Fire Damage
  • Frost Damage
  • Shock Damage
  • Weakness to Fire, Frost, Shock, Poison, or Magic
  • Flame Cloak
  • Frost Cloak
  • Lightning Cloak

  • Calm
  • Courage
  • Fear
  • Fury
  • Invisibility
  • Muffle

  • Conjure Familiar
  • Conjure Atronach
  • Conjure Dremora Lord
  • Conjure Dragon Priest
  • Conjure Skeleton
  • Conjure Draugr
  • Bound Sword
  • Bound Battle Axe
  • Bound Bow
  • Banish Daedra
  • Command Daedra
  • Soul Trap
  • Reanimate

  • Armor
  • Become Ethereal
  • Detect Life
  • Detect Undead
  • Slow
  • Paralyze
  • Waterbreathing

  • Resist Fire, Frost, Shock, Poison, or Magic
  • Heal
  • Fortify skills
  • Cure Disease
  • Turn Undead
  • Magic Ward
  • Weapons Ward

MCM Configuration Menu

Through the MCM Configuration menu you can:

  • Adjust the time interval between magic effects
  • Adjust the speed at which Cantrips are learned by casting spells
  • Adjust the number of Rune spells which can be active at the same time
  • Enable or disable Cantrip learning
  • Deactivate or reactivate the entire mod
  • Enable or disable all Cantrips in a school of magic with one click
  • Enable or disable Cantrips individually


Recommended: Download with NMM and activate.

For a manual installation, download and extract the contents of the archive to your Skyrim/Data folder.

If you are not starting a new game, install Spell Crafting for Skyrim, load your save game, once loaded save again immediately, and then reload the save to ensure proper initialization.

Be sure to back up your saves (as if you haven't been told that a hundred times).


Recommended: Deactivate with NMM.

For a manual uninstall, delete:
  • Skyrim\Data\_tck_SpellCrafting.esp
  • Skyrim\Data\_tck_SpellCrafting.bsa

  • Skyrim\Data\Sound\Voice\_tck_SpellCrafting.esp\*

** Once uninstalled, performing a clean save is highly recommended.


Updating to version 0.9.5 from any previous version will require deactivating the mod and creating a clean save. This will cause you to lose all of the custom spells you have already created and to lose all of the Cantrips you have learned. I'm sorry about this inconvenience, but it is the only way to clear out the old scripts. You will be able to use the MCM menu options to give yourself any Cantrips you may lose once version 0.9.5 has been activated. Any lost spells will have to be recreated.

Before you begin, be sure to make a save of your current game in case something goes horribly wrong -- backups are your friend.

Updating to version 0.9.5:
  • Leave the Hall of Attainment, if you happen to be in it.
  • Open the MCM menu and go to Spell Crafting -> General and Deactivate Spell Crafting for Skyrim (you will have to scroll down a little to find the option).
  • Exit the MCM menu and make a new save -- don't save over a previous game, this should be a new save.
  • Quit to Desktop and uninstall Spell Crafting for Skyrim using NMM (or your favorite uninstall method)
  • Start the game and re-load the new save you just made. It will report missing content but continue with the load anyway.
  • Once the game is loaded, immediately make a new save. This is your "clean save".
  • Quit to Desktop and download and install versions 0.9.5 using NMM (or your favorite install method)
  • Start the game and load your "clean save". Once loaded, immediately create a new save (this is the last one!)
  • Quit to Main Menu and reload the new save you just created. Saving and reloading ensures that the new dialogue will be active.
  • You are ready to go!

If anyone has any problems with the update, please let me know.


Has been cleaned with TES5Edit.

Has been tested with other custom spell mods with no conflicts found.

What Is Not Supported

  • Spell Crafting for Skyrim currently does not support concentration spells or spells that target locations. Creature Conjuration (which does target locations) has been included by not allowing Creature Conjuration effects to be combined with other effects.

  • Dual Casting of crafted spells is currently not supported. You can cast the same crafted spell from each hand at the same time, but no Dual Casting benefits are gained.

Change History

Version 0.9.5:
  • Increased the number of effects each custom spell can have from three to five.

  • Fixes the projectile and impact effects for fire damage spells that do damage over an interval.

Version 0.9.4:
  • Updated spell name entry process
  • Added an MCM option to vary the number of active Rune spells allowed
  • Added an MCM option to completely deactivate/reactivate the mod

Version 0.9.3:
  • Added Skeleton conjuration spells
  • Added Draugr conjuration spells
  • Added Become Ethereal spell
  • Fixes a potential navigation bug in the spell construction menu
  • Fixes a typo in the Cantrip Vendor's dialogue
  • Adds a configuration to the MCM menu to disable Cantrip Learning.

Version 0.9.2:
  • Fixes the zero magicka/no spell effects bug.
  • Should add full support for game pads.

Version 0.9.1:
  • Fixed the creature conjuration absorption bug.
  • Change all instances of "Alter" to "Altar" -- I think I got them all.
  • Changed the Carry Weight Fortification to use weight points instead of a percentage.
  • Corrected the descriptions for self targeted magic effects.

Version 0.9:
  • Original release

Future Plans

I plan to continue developing and adding new magic effects and functionality.

If anyone has suggestions for new magic effects, let me know. If they're cool, I'll do what I can to add them. (What am I saying? Of course they'll be cool!)

Thanks and Credit

Thanks go to:

scrivener07 -- I would never have figured out the upper/lower case character bug for custom spell names without your hints.

Bethesda for make such a cool game.

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Please do not upload this work to any other sites without my permission.

Comments And Feedback

As always, comments, both positive and negative, are welcome.