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this mod is being moved to another Nexus Upload, this mod will remain for those who prefer 'Replacer' Armors, but the new version is for Standalone, Named and in levelled list armors, its Called 'Tartan Stormcloaks Plus'

This has become an on-going project which seems to evolve rather fast... so please continue sending request and endorse the file if you like it! at least that way i know its worth the effort i put in! anyway...

Version 2.4:

another Update :D i was meant to stop this at Version 1.0... this was my second ever mod! and yet its my most well know and my top file!? thanks to this Mod and all its lovely supporters ive pretty much unofficially become King of Tartan on the Nexus! Thanks Guys!

anyway, the bit you actually care about...

this update includes 3 new Optional Files, the much awaited Blackwatch No.2 Tartan Pattern, the Grant Red OC Tartan Pattern, and the Henderson OC Tartan Pattern, all on the Default Stormcloak Padded Linen Underarmor, if anyone wants one of the Other Underarmor Variations or even a totally new one! then please, please PLEASE! private message it as a formal request! as i have 19 Mods on the Nexus, i very rarely check ALL the comments pages... so a simple comments may never even get noticed.

thanks for all the support guys! keep it coming!


Version 2.3:

Version 2.3 is up! after a long lack of activity due to an extremely depressing series of events which concluded in a full system restore (loss of photoshop and ALL my current WIP's) im finally posting an update! yay me!

due to laziness and sheer annoyance at said loss of WIP's i've decided i will only make one of each new tartan pattern until another variation is requested, so now, under optional files are 2 WIP's, these are:

RobRoy Tartan Scalemail
Hannay Tartan Scalemail

the Hannay Tartan is my latest update, check the screenshots (which f*****g rock!) and see what y'all think. also, the Imperials in the Screenshots are part of a Mod im currently working on, let me know what you think of them too! if people want it enough i'll seek permissions to use the Awesome Shields made by Davis237834 (as seen in the screenies) and upload that as a seperate mod.

Version 2.0:

Version 2.0 is here! the downloads are alot easier now as i have made all 6 variations in one big download for each of the Tartan Pattern, so you don't have to scroll for miles to find the one you want, ive also added 'Maclean Tartan' as a complete package too (Check Screenshots) and i am now working on MacGregor Tartan and RobRoy Tartan. these will be available in a 2.1 and 2.2 update of this file.

2.2 is here! Tartan Patterns are now as follows:

Ancient Buchanan Hunting Tartan
Stewart Black Tartan (Thanks DRWARRIORCELT for the name!)
McCandlish Tartan (thanks Endragor1 for the name!)
Carlisle Tartan
Maclean Tartan
MacGregor Tartan

Under Optional Files, there is a WIP for the RobRoy Tartan Patterns, it only contains the Scalemail undershirt at present, this will change whenever i get the time.

2.1 Update:

i have added an update file which simply just makes the Windhelm shield blank, i originally looked up 'Highland Shield' pictures, and found them always to be fairly blank... so the windhelm shield is now just wood, no painted texture :) i have not added a screenshot of this as there is literally nothing to screenshot! but this was upon request, red tartan with a blue shield is kind of silly...

im sure you gathered from the small description before you clicked on this that it was heavily inspired by Braveheart... and the stormcloaks are certainly much more fearsome with tartan on :D and much more enjoyable to slaughter as the legion! ahem.

anyway, this covers men and women in game, i have used a rusted chainmail undershirt on a red Tartan pattern as the main file, but there are 6 different undershirt varieties and currently 3 different Tartan patterns, (See Below) and im now just waiting on more requests for different Tartan.

Version 1.0:

below is a list of the Red Tartan Pattern Textures.

Main File (Rusty Chainmail)
Looted Imperial Vest
Noble Leather Studded
Vanilla Padded linen
Eastern Disk Mail
Scalemail Vest

below is a list of the Carlisle Tartan Pattern Textures.

Carlisle Rusty Chain
Carlisle Vanilla Padded Linen
Carlisle Scalemail
Carlisle Noble Studded Leather
Carlisle Looted Imperial Vest
Carlisle Disk Mail


Below is a list of the Green Tartan Pattern Textures:

Green Tartan Vanilla Padded Linen
Green Tartan Solitude Scalemail

as always im open to requests for texturing.