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New Cooking Recipes is a mod I add to now-and-again when I think of things. This was just a fun mod I wanted to do to add a little variety and make me want to cook more. Recipes and benefits are considered with lore in mind.

Does NOT require any DLCs Does not conflict with any DLCs -- I have them all myself, no problems.
Hearthfire option!
Steam Version
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I'm open to suggestions and inspiration for future recipes! Also, if anyone would like to help by doing some new meshes that are unique for me, I'd greatly appreciate it. I am only beginning to make simple textures, but I can't do meshes, least not yet :(

Breakfast Foods:
French Toast - uses Hearthfire mesh
Omelette - new texture

Soups and Stews:
Meat Chili - Beef, Chicken, 2 Tomato, Garlic
Vegetarian Chili - Carrot, Leek, Mammoth Cheese Bowl, 2 Tomato, Garlic
Clam Chowder (new texture) - potato, slaughterfish egg, spiky grass, leeks, clams
Herbal Fondue (new texture) - Ale, Goat Cheese Wheel, Frost Mirriam, Garlic
Seafood Stew - Clam Meat, Horker Meat, Salmon, Garlic, Spiky Grass
Hearty Swamp Gumbo - Flour, Alto Wine, Leek, Garlic, Mudcrab Chitin, Swamp Fungal Pod
Woodland Stew - Nord Mead, Bleeding Crown, Pheasant, Rabbit, Garlic, Lavender

Teas: Besides the ingredients below, you'll also need a Tankard, and Water (added in this mod, there is a "Water Barrel" right next to the well in the center of Whiterun with 10 Waters in it, and it respawns).
Battle Tea - Dragon's Tongue, Hanging Moss, Luna Moth Wing
Lavender Tea - Lavender
Mage Tea - Jazbay Grapes, Moon Sugar
Wildflower Tea - Red, Blue, and Purple Mountain Flower, Tundra Cotton

Sailor's Grog - Ale, Slaughterfish Scale, Spiky Grass
Hunters Courage (new texture) - Ale, Spider Egg, Mora Tapinella, Purple Mountain Flower

Sweetroll (existing dish, now you can make it!) - Flour, 2 Chicken Eggs, Sugar, Honey

New Ingredients Added:
Maple Syrup - new texture
Small Milk - new texture
Large Milk - new texture

How to Cook:
- Three recipe books are on the front table of Breezehome
- Go up to any cooking pot and they will appear.

How to Get New Ingredients:
- Certain food or ingredient barrels have a chance to have them.
- Most (not all) innkeepers have a chance to sell them.
- 2 new ingredient barrels (flour and sugar) on a wall shelf.
- Sugar, Flour, Milk, Honey ingredients have been added as random world loot.

Item Lists Modified:

- Recipes for Clam Chowder and Sweetroll, as well as flour, sugar, and milk are NOT same as those in Hearthfire, they are specific to this mod, which I made before getting Hearthfire (maybe even before Hearthfire came out, not sure). I will probably make a HF version where they are the same ingredients.
- Several of the meshes (ie. barrels, bowls) used in this mod are replacements from the mod Static Meshes Improvement Mod (SMIM). This happened automatically when I archived, and I'm not sure how to include the original ones instead, or if it's possible. Credit to the author(s) for those meshes.
- I will NOT be making compatibility versions for Realistic Needs & Diseases, or any other food mods, as I have no interest whatsoever in getting that mod myself, much less examining it in CK and making mine work with it. If someone else would like to make a patch, you may do so, but credit me and link back to this mod.

Please comment and rate if you like this mod ^_^ Thanks!

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