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Lizia Half Dryad-Elf Companion

Lizia has a standard skills and armors from, Half Dryad-Elf Races. she is an archer uses magic to summon Spriggan to help. If you are sitting on a horse she can steal another horse if located some near and drive behind you

1 version - standard version
In the standard version, She is a standard companion with the ability to marry. she can be found in Riverwood camped at the entrance to the village.

2 version - auto follower version
The auto follower wersion - she will find you and will follow you. If you want to use her healing skills do not add her to the team. Let her walk behind you without a team.


To use this mod you must first install the Half Dryad-Elf Race


One spell and follower AI package based on miria mod

Unique Female Followers by mayatola

The rest is implemented in my mod Half Dryad-Elf Race