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This is my first time publishing on Nexus.
Sutvaka is a Windhelm styled player home located near shearpoint between Whiterun and Windhelm. It has a Player home, a tower with a view, barracks for your staff, a prison, secret chambers and an escape route through a tunnel system. In these tunnels lives a smuggler who buys stolen goods. To enter Sutvaka, just drop the drawbridge and open the portculis. The buttons for both are behind a pillar to your right. One in front of the drawbridge and one after the drawbridge.
This medium/large sized player home is equiped with all the things you might need. But for a lot is hidden away in the secret chambers below Sutvaka.To get to these hidden chambers, go to the basement armory where a button is hidden. This button will open the secret door leading to the chambers. However the basics for sharpening and improving can also be found in the barracks.

Here's a list of what you'll find:

- Guards patrolling the grounds.
- a couple of chickens
- a Chopping block.
- a tower with a view.
- Dog follower
- Stable with horses

Main house.
- a living room with a steward/merchant with decent amount of gold.
- a maid/Assasin follower who is so poor that she cant even afford her own equipment. however, she is very stealthy.
- a dining room
- a kitchen
- a basement armory
- Master bedroom
- a guest bedroom.
- And the secret door which leads to the secret chambers.

- The basics for smithing.
- Beds for your staff.
- a door which leads to the prison.

- a portculis. On the basement side it can be opened with a lever. But on the tunnel side you have to use a pressure stone mounted on the wall near a candle (not perk sensitive, just walk up against it). Dont use the lever in the tunnels (ask Admiral Ackbar why).
- a room with a smuggler with a lot of gold. Door is also hidden and can be opened with a pressure stone on a wall.
- a secret exit.

Secret chambers.
- Plenty of weaponracks and mannequins
- a fully equiped smithy.
- Alchemy stattion
- Enchantment station
- And a vault

Everything is fully navmeshed so you can bring in your own followers.
The chests are safe to store your items.

There are no other mods required but i recommend: Amazing Follower Tweaks.

And the spouse to custom house mod if you want your spouse to live here. It can be dowloaded from nexus.

If you want to make full use of the prison i recommend

Made with the Modders resource pack from Oaristys & Tony67 which can be downloaded from nexus: (not necessary for play)

If you like the mod please rate and comment.
Also available on Steam workshop.

Q - I cant get into sutvaka.
A - To drop the drawbridge activate the pullbar behind the pillar to your right. Same with the portculis.

Q - I cant find Sutvaka
A - This one is actualy tricky and can be caused due to various reasons. A common reason is that you haven't let the mod manager properly load. Another reason can be a load order problem. So far i haven't found any mods that conflict with Sutvaka.

Q - I cant find the secret chamber.
A - In the basement armory of the main house (the room with the 2 mannequins and weaponracks) stands a chest. Behind that chest is a button mounted on the wooden pillar. This will open a secret door which leads to the chambers. Use a torch iff you cant see the button.

Q - The vault is locked and i cant find the lever.
A - The pullbar is located up on a wall to your left. Use a torch because it is hidden in darkness.

Q - How do i use a manual download?
A - Very easy to do:
1. Download the rar file.
2. Unpack the rar file.
3. Go to the following section of your computer (may differ on your system)
Computer > Local Disk > Program files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > common > Skyrim > Data.
4. Copy all the files into the data folder. Windows may ask iff its okay to overwrite the Meshes
and Textures folders, press Yes. It wont overwrite the folder but places the files.

Update Log
- Changed guard faction to normal to avoid bugs.
- Changed Dog to non essential so if you dont like him, now you can kill him.
- Removed Floating mountain in wilderness.
- Changed a couple of shelves in secret chambers.

- fixed the "skeeverbutt-bug"

1.7 b
- Fixed a small Navmesh issue.
- Fixed a few creation kit errors
- added face meshes and textures.

- Added an Aditional Vault with MaskBusts and Clawholders
- Replaced some shadowcasting lights.
- Added a third floor in the barracks with free beds for follower mods.
- Added a Bard in the barracks
- Added a small delay in one of the bridges to try to fix an issue.
- Added several more Idle markers for followers.
- Changed a value in the fence named Japang.

- added an extra button for second drawbridge
- fixed an dragon flythrough issue.

- Added a gatehouse + 2 guards
- Added a Vault in the secret chambers with 9 more mannequins
- Added 3 more weaponcases in the main room of the Secret chambers.
- Added a Library inside the secret chambers.
- Fixed the well rested bonus perk for the player bed. It wont show a message but you will get the perk.
- Changed the tunnels to include some new dangerous inhabbitants.
- Removed allmost all the lighting from the tunnels because lights inside a secret tunnel dont make sense.
- Added a questless character from which you must get the master key from. He is waiting for you at shearpoint.
I tried making a quest for it but couldn't get it to work.