Heavy Legion armor retexture by Gulch
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Added: 11/12/2011 - 02:59PM
Updated: 11/04/2013 - 08:52PM

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--Quick info--
Version 1.1 released. New uploaded pictures are in vanila colors no FXAA!!

Version 1.1

- complete retuxture of male and female Heavy legion armour in resolutions 1024 and 2048
- boots, gauntlets and helm retuxtured too in same resolution. (BEWARE...if you use gauntlets and boots from this mode, it will change it on Solitude Stormcloaks too!)
- if you want to remove gauntlets, boots or helm look at uninstaling info down there

Another mode, what im working on. Some points.
- if you want it, download it and use it
- if you dont want it, dont use it
- im amateur, dont expect any profesional work. Im doing what i until now lerned.

If you want to see my other mods lets go on:
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Just download it and unzip to DATA folder in your Skyrim directory.

Go to directory where you have Skirim instaled, than to data/textures/armor/imperial and then F or M (F - female, M- male) Delete files what you want and dont forget to map file with _n on the end of file title too!

Females in directory F - female version of this armor - map for female version

Male in directory M - body male armor - map of body male armor - helmet - map for helmet - gauntlets - map for gauntlets - boots - map for boots