Paradise Halls - Slavers Hideout Add-On by Emotika
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Thank you all for being so supportive!
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This mod is a simple player home for Layams Paradise Halls mod.
Its a good place to store your slaves from where they cannot escape.

It has two floors without any loading screens (Inside), and it is neatly decorated.
The top floor contains a single bed and a table where you will find an important note and key.
The basement contains a sort of jail cell. If you tell your slaves to wait inside the cell, and
quickly close it, they will not be able to walk out even though the door is always unlocked after using the key.


Paradise Halls - Skyrim Slavery WIP
Always use the newest version of PH when using the newest version of my mod.


(If you have an older version installed.)
Very Important! Make sure you don't have any slaves in the Hideout
when you update, or something unexpected and bad will happen.
If you do, please follow them outside and save.

Then you can safely follow these instructions:
If you use NMM then uninstall and delete the old version in the Mods list, then download the newest version and install.

If you install it manually then just replace the old SlaversHideout.esp file with the new one.


NMM Installation (Recommended) - Download and install the file through the Nexus Mod Manager

Manual Installation - Extract the .esp into your Data folder in your Skyrim directory
(Example: C:/Program Files(86x)/Steam/SteamApps/Common/Skyrim/Data)

Remember to load it after Layams Paradise Halls in the NMM or Skyrim Data Files.

Orlongs Hearth (Conflicting with the location)
Hunters Cabin of Riverwood (Conflicting with the location)

If you find any other incompatibility issues with the mod,
please tell me about them in the "Report Bugs" topic in the "Forums" section.


Q: Where is the Hideout?
A: It is just outside of Riverwood on top of a small hill. The location has a map marker you can teleport to right after installing the mod. If you still cannot find it, I posted an image of the location on the map in the "Images" section.

Q: How did my slave get out of the jail cell?
A: This rarely happens, it only happened once to me. Just follow the slave inside of the cell again, tell them to wait and quickly close the door behind you. I do not know why this happens, but I would guess it is because of the percentage chance of a slave trying to escape in the Paradise Halls mod. Like I said, this rarely happens.

Q: I can't get my slaves down the ladder/They're outside of the jail cell/Something unexpected:
A: If you bring more than one slave into the Hideout at the same time it might become difficult to bring them down the ladder. Try bringing only one slave into the Hideout each time, store them in the cell, then pick up the next slave outside and do the same. Also sometimes weird things might happen when you have around 4+ slaves in the Hideout, like the occasional slave being almost forced out of the cell door. This is because the area (or Navmesh) is crowded. Consider reducing the amount of slaves you have in your jail cell if having many at once complicates it for you.

If you find any other bugs, please report them in
the "Bug Reports" topic in the "Forums" section.

If you need help with something, or have any questions,
you can let me know in the "Comments" section.

Planned Features
- More as I get new ideas
(Be sure to comment and send me PM's if you want anything implemented)

You are not allowed to alter this mod in the Creation Kit and upload it as your own.
If you'd by any reason want to, please ask me for permission first.

Last Note
Please leave feedback and ideas for what you would like to be implemented.
If you really like this mod, please give kudos and/or endorsements to Layam for
his Paradise Halls, and me for my add-on if you feel like it.

Layam. (For PH and giving me permission)
sh4d0ff. (For his Russian Translation)
Hegemont. (For his Polish Translation)
Emotika. (Me)

Version 1.4.0
- Calling it 1.4.0 because of it being a much more stable version
- Fixed a major issue with the whole player house resetting
making the slaves inside occasionally disappear

Version 1.3.2
- Changed the Note in the Hideout to a more immersive backstory,
rather than "your father was a slaver"
- Removed the "Rat" in the cell because I thought it was in the way

Version 1.3.1
- Removed the equipment in the chest that supposedly caused the CTD's

Version 1.3
- Made the mod compatible with Layams PH V0.7 and up
- Replaced the Slaving Equipment in the chest to some of the new Slaving Equipment from PH V0.7
- Created a Map Marker for easier travel to the Hideout

Version 1.2
- Added a cooking pot
- Added a map
- Added some bones in the jail cell
- Added a tiny skeever called Rat to the jail cell to make it seem more filthy

Version 1.1
- Moved jail walls closer to ladder for more space in jail
- Moved chest to the top floor
- Fixed the flickering walls issue
- Removed an uneccesery lantern in jail that was bugged
- Furnished the jail some more

Version 1.0
- First version is called 1.0 since I think it is stable enough
- Slavers Hideout is furnished and pretty much complete
- Slavers Hideout is linked to the world
- Slave Jail Cell is built and is stable