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I like easy navigable homes, Dwemer ruins and vaults so I decided to combine these elements into one. I want to get in, drop my loot, categorize or display it, then get out. Simple as that.

The insides of the the vault, unfortunately, is not similar to the layout of vaults in the Fallout series. It is composed of a main hallway and each room distributed to each corner of it. I added teleport pads to further make navigation easier unless you like to walk through the hallway.

- 12 display mannequins
- 9 Large display cases
- 8 Small, dagger display cases
- 20 Weapon Rack Plaques
- 24 Book Shelves (With 12 books maximum each)
- Dragon Priest Display Busts
- The 9 Divines Alters
- A Spider Centurion Merchant (Invincible) who carries 10,000 gold
- A Sphere Centurion (Invincible) who patrols the main corridor
- Teleport pads to access the 4 main rooms (Entrance, Forge, Study and Bedroom). Press the button only once
- Forge (with all the upgrade stations), Alchemy and Enchantment tables
- Woodcutting Block, Tanning Rack and Cooking Pot

It is completely navmeshed (which allows followers to follow you in) and has rooms/portals applied.

Inspired mostly by my previous mod for Oblivion which shares the same idea, but is much more larger than this.