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Skyrim: Skooma Overhaul


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About this Mod

So Far This Is The Most Accurate Lore Friendly Skooma Mod There is out there!

This is a Lore Friendly Mod That Brings Skooma's That were originally only Mentioned in Skyrim & TES("The Elder Scrolls") Lore and Brings them into Skyrim.
This Also Brings Back the Crazy Speed Boost Effect From Previews TES Games, Oblivion & Morrowind.

Skooma Info

The Skooma's Added are :
Root Skooma.
Leaf Skooma.
Berry Skooma.
High-Grade Skooma.

Added Indigence :
Nightshade Berry
Nightshade Root 

Edited Items :
Empty Skooma Bottle
Quest Skooma's

To Make Skooma of your choice You Need the Alchemy Level Perk(s) Needed to make the Skooma of your Choice
Currently Skooma is Made at a Cooking pot Under the Misc Section.
(I Plan to Make it Craftable At an Alchemy Table if Possible).

Update Info

Craftable Skooma 2.4
Craftable Skooma 2.2
1.Added 2 New Skooma's
2.Added New Recipes For new Skooma
3.Added New 2 New Ingredients.
Nightshade Berries and Nightshade Roots.
They can only be bought from Alchemy Stores for now and are a Rare ingredient.
Craftiable Skooma 1.9
1.Fixed Addiction [Note: there is no cure for Skooma Addiction]
2. alternate: Requires Alchemy Skill perk to make the Skooma.
lvl-20 perk for leaf Skooma
lvl-40 perk for Skooma
lvl-60 perk for high-grade Skooma
1.7.5 Removed Addictive Properties[Fixing it]

Craftiable Skooma 1.7
1.Added New Foods From land of Elsweyr.
2.Added Addictive Chance to Skooma & anything using Skooma.
3.Fixed Price.
Craftiable Skooma 1.4
1.Added New Model for Empty Skooma Bottle.

Craftiable Skooma 1.3
1.Fixed Recipes.
2.Changed so you make it at Cook pot Instead of Alchemy Table.
3.Added More Grain Mills.
Mills Currently Placed at:

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