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Vale Skin Armour

I was rather sad to discover, after making my way to a cool new place called the Forgotten Vale, finding funny animals that would glow in the dark, and getting their pelts, that I could then do nothing but make regular leather. Seemed a bit disappointing. Thus began a learning journey with the CK and Google. Many thanks to those who post tutorials!

What does this mod do?
Once you have procured the Vale deer and/or sabre cat hides, you can craft a new item, Vale Leather, at the tanning station. It glows.

With your glowing leather (and a few regular leather strips) in hand, you can craft a full set of Vale armour, for now either Hide or Fur.

The hide armour has the same stats as regular hide armour. The crafting requirements are the same as regular hide except for the substitution of the new type of leather.

The fur armour has slightly modified stats, with a bit of a progression. The heaviest two have the most armour, the light a little bit less, and the superlight a little bit less again. Their crafting recipes are adjusted accordingly (more material means more armour).

Just vanilla armour meshes right now. For male, female, and all kinds of beasts.

Benefits of wearing Vale Skin armour
  • Impress your friends and colleagues.
  • Scare off enemies by pretending to be a woad warrior.
  • Play nice with the creatures of the Vale.*
  • Be your own night-light.
  • Make vampires jealous. Only their eyes glow.

*provided you have the necessary pacification spells.

Other things you might want to know
This mod adds all new pieces of armour, based off vanilla armour in the CK and vanilla meshes and textures from the original game, as well as Dawnguard. It also adds the new type of leather. Obviously, you will need both Skyrim and Dawnguard to run this mod.

There are no known conflicts, and really there shouldn't be, since nothing in the game is modified; only additions are made.

This mod works fine with my other vale mod: Vale Skin Armour. Both leather and power can be crafted with both mods running.

Instructions in brief
Download and extract the files from the .rar file. Place the files into your Skyrim data folder. Activate with your favourite mod manager. Play.

Change Log
  • Less glow (about half as much). While you still glow in the dark, you no longer shine in the light.
  • Fixes for the shield texture, so the metal no longer looks like bits were painted green.

  • Adds fur armour, in four different styles (heavy, medium, light, and superlight).
  • Fur textures are completely interchangeable. They are labelled A through D (heavy through light). To swap them, change the letters to match the one you want.
  • Compressed the textures better. Still a huge file, but better.
  • My fur shoe mesh is not behaving properly! But this happens even in game to my NPCs, so I'm not sure what's causing it. Any ideas?