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This mod includes fourteen lore books in two files, one for modders and the other for players (see the notices below for which group you belong to.) Many of these were in OOO, so they may look familiar to veteran players. I wrote some others but they tended to be more documentary-type material that would not really fit into Skyrim 200 years after Morrowind/Oblivion, when most of these books were written. Only one ('The Art of War Magic, v. II') is a skill book. The following books are included:

A Brief History of War in Tamriel
A Brief History of Anvil and Piracy
An Inspection into the Costs of the Akaviri Invasion of Uriel V
The Crimes of the Imposter
The Practical Defense of Morrowind Volume I: Island Strongholds
The Hands of Almalexia
On Daedra Hearts
Transcript of a meeting of the High Council of Summerset, Cloudrest, 3E 341
House Hlaalu Stronghold Plans
The Imperial Navy
Khajiit Trophy Hunting
The Minerals of Morrowind
The Basic Guide to Telvanni Construction
The Art of War Magic, v. II

FOR PLAYERS: Use the Xuibooksplaced file. I have placed 2-5 copies of each book in the world in logical places. For those who want to see them all, one of each exists in the Arcanaeum, although you may have to hunt around a bit. Other places to look would be Castle Dour and the Thalmor Embassy for volumes that might interest those groups. A few others have been sprinkled lightly throughout the world. Given that most of these books are quite old and outdated by Skyrim's time, or of little interest or relevant to Skyrim's inhabitants, they should be rare. None have been added to merchant containers or levelled lists. You'll have to hunt them down on your own.

FOR MODDERS: None of these have been added into the world. This is a modder's resourceAnyone is free to use this in their work. Just merge the .esp. It'd be nice if you added my name to the credits, though. You'll find the books prefixed with XUI.