KDCirclets by zzjay with World Models addon by harokyang
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Added: 16/03/2013 - 06:55PM
Updated: 22/03/2013 - 03:07PM

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Last updated at 15:07, 22 Mar 2013 Uploaded at 18:55, 16 Mar 2013

All update will uploaded to KDCirclets Redone in the future, since all my works are integrated there


If you love zzjay's KDCirclets Full mod and its new looking circlets, you may like this one

This mod added all the missing world models to each new circlet, so you can preview them in inventory and crafting list.
No more vanilla circlet model which make you confused and can't tell the difference until equipped


Full Changelist 1.0 (compared with zzjay's mod)
--world model added
--crafting list based on thefinn's KDCirclets Craftable and Mage Friendly mod(contain cloth and armored version in one esp file)
--all armored circlets can be tempered
--armored circlets give proper set perk bonus(glitch in thefinn's modification)
--fixed the issue that some circlets will turn invisible if the PC is underwater
--sapphire looks more blue
--slightly increased armor rate(the armor rate in screenshot is multiplied by armor bonus perk, and my light armor level is 96, so it may be lower in your game)
--the value is based on crafting materials, it won't be very profit but at least you can making money by crafting any kind of circlet
--modified weight, more reasonable compares to the vanilla circlet
--removed the chest in qasmoke world
--some texture file reference fix

zzjay's original mod is required before install my addon
please download and install this addon mod with NMM

use NMM to remove it

I didn't include the crafting book in thefinn's version since you can see them in crafting list now thanks to the world models
And you cannot install thefinn's version to get the book since both mods modified the same esp file

Known Issues
If you installed the Mage Friendly version, and then turn to this addon, you may find the your circlet become armored. It's because I modified esp file based on armored version. Please use the forge to create a new one for your mage

no beast race version, not planed yet


Thanks to zzjay and thefinn for this nice mod