Summon Sanguine by Dusa
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Added: 16/03/2013 - 08:44AM
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Last updated at 8:44, 16 Mar 2013 Uploaded at 8:44, 16 Mar 2013

The goal of this mod is, to add the possibility to conjure Sanguine as Follower.
Simply find the Spellbook in Pinewatch.

The Spellbook is "hidden" (not really ;) next to the door of Pinewatch (see images/screenshots for details)
After you've learned the spell, you can find it in your magic menu (Conjuration).

It's meant to be a fun-mod, therefore he is overpowered, be careful! ;)

It's NOT necessary to complete the drink contest with Sam, this mod runs completly independent from the quest.

Q: Any special Requirements (DLCs)?
A: Nope

Q: Any possible Conflicts?
A: Nope, since the changes are duplicates with other ID's there shouldn't be any issues.

Q: The summoned Sanguine is a little bit overpowered
A: Yes, he is, that is on Purpose

Q: Unrelenting Force hits me
A: Yes, it's fun ;) (which means, it's on purpose)

Q: Where is the Spellbook?
A: You can find it next to the door of Pinewatch, between Falkreath and Helgen (see images for details)