Ancient Nord Female Retex - For Aela the Huntress by Roborabbit
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Added: 11/12/2011 - 01:05PM
Updated: 11/12/2011 - 01:09PM

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This is only the female version. I made this originally so that Aela the Huntress (my wife) would look better while walking around my house. However, I like how it turned out so now I'm using on female characters o.O

Given it a bit more colour.
Changed the colour of the jewels that are in the armour to blue (my favourite colour).
Made the patterns on the armour more visible.
Made the leather look more realistic (in my opinion)
Completely new normal map.
Inadvertently made the gems glow in the sun, the have a subtle glow in the sunlight... o.O (don't know how I did that).

See screenshots for a better understanding of what I have changed. The chainmail looks especially good in-game with the new normal map, which unfortunately the screenshots do not show very well :/

Constructive criticism, feedback and ideas are welcome.


Feel free to add these to any mods, please give me credit as the original author of the retexture.


Bethesda for the Original Textures.