Bryns SPF42 Vitality for your face and skin by baduk
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Bryn's SPF 42

Current version: 0.4b

Normalmap is for female nord by default.
Read installforraces.txt guide for easy installation on other race If desired.
Because of this, manual installation is recommended.
Textures are 2048x2048 resolution, compression is not possible due to artifacting.
I can upload 4096 or 8192 versions if they are desired. (for crazy monitor people or modders resource)
I changed my color texture maps on screenshots cause on my current enb settings intended patches of pigmentation instead appear to be dirt.

With rounded normalmaps, the dark/light areas of your face are still very strongly contrasted.
Under different lighting conditions, your face will look different, and sometimes you become ugly.

This normalmap aims to address this issue while remaining true to the human form. It controls how the light/dark regions change with the lighting conditions due to having more angular lines.

  • This is an all new original normalmap/spec map for your chars head.
  • It is not derived from other available existing normalmaps.
  • Baked at 8192x8192 resolution with hand sculpted highpoly head mesh.
  • Skinlike pore appearace you can see.(realistic small size of course)
  • More angular style of facial shape.
  • Painstakingly designed to improve the light/dark of your face as you are illuminated by lights from different angles.
  • Specular map based on combination of green channel of normalmap and blue channel of a tangent space normalmap baked from same meshes.
  • Neckseams prepatched with UNP texture blender library resource.
  • No neckseams.
  • No compatibility issues. (if you change your face texture, reinstall this mod)

Helmets not recommended.

Please adjust your makeup for best results.


Author uploaded pictures are using:
  • ENBseries for skyrim v0229 by Boris Vorontsov (its my own WIP preset, Changing... Changing...)
  • Also sporting my new settings in Kermles' Advanced Post Processing Suite.
  • UNP body by dimon99
  • SG Female TExtures Renewal from Hello Santa (color texture for head and body)
  • Pure Black _SK maps (ENB has all the sss u need)
  • Ponytail Hairstyles by Azarkiowa
  • BFG - better facegen by radioragae
  • Eyes of beauty or ghogiel EYE replacer by Lograam or Ghogiel respectively.
  • Ashara princess of the Woods for UNP by SydneyB
  • Makeup Tweaks by HHaleyy
  • Barbarian skin less veins normalmap by HoneyVanity and xs2reality (Customized, but u dont see that part)
  • Pictures shown are with my 2048x2048 resolution texture version.

go in:
(your installation location)\\steam\\steamapps\\common\\skyrim\\data\\textures\\actors\\character\\female\\


Just delete the 2 files from where you placed them or overwrite them with another mod.


TES V Skyrim

Recommended mods:

(You can find some presets for latest binarys on nexus if preferred)

And the cosmetic mods I listed above.(Some require UNP)

Whichever body and color textures you want!(just make sure not to overwrite this mod files.)

  • Thanks to SvarogNL and Caliente for your neckseams vanishing resources.
  • Thanks to Nuska and Sheepandshepherd for your tutorials that got me started with the basics on object space normalmaps.
  • Thanks for Nexus and Bethesda.
  • And thanks for feedback that helps me improve the mod!

Tools Used:
  • Blender
  • Zbrush
  • Xnormal
  • Photoshop


  • 0.4b
  • Added detail between eyes.
    Adjusted nose, cheeks, brows to fit.
    Various smaller adjustments.
    Reapplied neckseam compatibility resource.
  • 0.35b
  • Improved nose shape.
    Raise and tightened the periorbital crease.
  • 0.34b
  • Fix too shiny nose.
    Fixed file format specular map data size.
  • 0.33b
  • Above cheek region definition.
    Adjusted lips.
    Tweaked nose shaping.
    Improved specular map creation.
    Added 1024x1024 performance version.
  • 0.32b
  • Reshape nose.
    Move cheeks up and forward.
    Numerous small adjustments.
  • 0.31b:
  • New darker specular map with 2 tone colors.

    Changes to specular map:
    darkened various highlights

    Slight changes to normalmap:
    Front slope of cheek hollow
    Soften inner brow line
    Smoother laugh line at edges
    Straighten jaw line behind chin
    Smooth curve of lip and improved lip detail
    Improved behavior around eyes
  • 0.3b:
  • Added optional darker specular map.
    Added darker version of specular map under optional files to address too shiny skin.
    Added specular map based on normal.
    Lots of changes to shape I think it looks better now.

  • Updates coming, please track file.
  • Suggestions, screenshots wanted.

Nexus only cause i want to support nexus.
Please use this file but let me know cause i wanna see and also credit pls.
All content created by myself except for neckseam compatibility resources credited above.