Pirate community - large cave level by James F
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Added: 13/03/2013 - 08:23PM
Updated: 13/03/2013 - 08:25PM

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Uploaded by mrjimmyos


Last updated at 20:25, 13 Mar 2013 Uploaded at 20:23, 13 Mar 2013

I tried to make a pirate community but never got the time to do something with it, however I have done all the main level bits and implemented some basic characters, but I do get crashing with some of them active in the level (you may or may not, or maybe you will delete them anyway, I think its some of the bar area ones that crash for me). The NPCs in the level are mostly semi-complete.

- A jail
- A vendor (I assume I finished him)
- HUGE cave area with boats n stuff
- Map markers (I did also modify the landscape a bit outside to accomodate the large ship door in the cave)
- A long stream
- Sleep areas
- A cave bar
- Dockyard
- 2 or 3 waterfalls (I should really remember this XD)
- Cool long set of stairs

So if anyones got any use for this level then feel free to do whatever with it, seems like a waste not to upload it!